Fast and Fourious is now a series cause of the last flim. The series will have the look and stylebof Speed Racer the Next Generation and Speed Racer Lives the webtoon. It will also look have a little style of Delliah and Julius.


  • Dominic Vince O'Conor - Is a 17 year old you loves streer racing and has done street racing all his life. He is Brain O'Connor's son that has been trained and raised by Uncle Domic. Because Brain went missing but Mia didn't she helped rasie her son. The only person who knows where O'Conor is is Domic .MIa thinks Brain is dead. He has been in jail for three times and the last one time he was sent to The O'Conor And Toretto Acedamy now cause his mother Mia sent him. Uncle Dom is the owner and headmaster there he also gave him a 2013 Dodge Challenger that looks like a future car. Jonni Domic son was the best racer at the Acedamy but NOT anymore because of Dominc he is the second best thats why the two cusions are rivals. He is also rvials with Nico Vince son who also goes to the Acedamy now.

•Samuel Torreto- Is a 16 year old he is the X of the series he was the head racer tell his cousion came to the adacmey. But he dates Jessica for the half of season 1 but not much of season 2. He loves cars and racing with pros loves a challenge and wonts a baby bother to teach stuff to.

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