The Fantasyland Theater at Tokyo Disneyland (Where The Mickey Mouse Revue Used to Be) Will Have Two 3D Films, Instead of One. So, Mickey PhilharMagic Theater Will Be Renamed Called Fantasyland World Preimere Theater. That Way, Mickey PhilharMagic Plays in the Daytime/Early Afternoons and The Disney Channel FairyTale Adventure 3D Plays at Late Afternoons Until the Lastest Tokyo Disneyland Park Closing. The Two Films Will Be in English and Japanese, Depending When the Guest Visits the Park.

List of Films

Mickey's PhilharMagic (Playing in Early Mornings to Afternoon)

The Disney Channel FairyTale Adventure 3D (Playing in Late Afternoon to The Park Closing)


On a Preshow for The Disney Channel FairyTale Adventure 3D, A Disney Short Called Working for Peanuts Will Be Playing in 3D and Japanese Subtitles and English Track. Since the American Preshow of The Disney Channel FairyTale Will Not Coming to Tokyo Disneyland.

Mickey's PhilharMagic Will Be Updated with New Characters and Scenes.

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