This is The New Version of Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks Called Fantasy in the Sky: An New Journey Which Will Be Replaces Remember...Dreams Come True at Disneyland in California and The Enchanted Fireworks at Disneyland Paris. The Show is Hosted by Nicole Anderson.

The Show

The Show Begins with Over the Rainbow (Performed by Faith Hill) and Nicole Anderson Said:

"Since the beginning time the stars have inspired us to wonder, and to open our hearts to the beauty of the sparkles in your imagination, for imagination is a small world, and remind us that dreams come true, so case in the sparkling stars to that magical place, that only you could Wish Upon a Star"

The Next Song When You Wish Upon a Star (Performed by Emily Osment) plays and Nicole Anderson says:

"Dreams can come true, and when you share them ... imagine the possibilities" The Select Songs and Themes is Heard Happily, But the Villains Don't Want the Fantsy and They Want the Fantasy into the Nightmare.

Then Nicole Anderson Ask Tinker Bell, Cosmo & Wanda to Restore Sleeping Beauty Castle (At Disneyland Anaheim and Euro Disneyland) and Cinderella Castle (Tokyo Disneyland) With Following Songs Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy & The Gang and When You Imagine.


Nicole Anderson as Herself/Host

Mae Whitman as Tinkerbell

Ken Page as Oogie Boogie

Frank Welker as Percival C. Mc Leach

Pat Carroll as Ursula

Corey Burton as Captain Hook, Shere Khan, Smee

Daran Norris as Cosmo

Erice Idle as Dr. Nigel Channing

Susan Blakeslee as Wanda, Lady Tremaine & Maleficent

Willia Holland as Aqua

Jesse McCartney as Ven

James Woods as Hade

Keith David as Dr. Faciller

Ned Beatty as Lotso

The Songs/Themes

1. Fanfare

2. Over the Rainbow

3. When You Wish Upon a Star

4. Fantillusion Theme

5. Star Wars Theme

6. The Wonderful Things About Tiggers

7. Mickey Mouse March

8. Simple & Clean (From Kingdom Hearts)

9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice

10. Jafar Theme

11. Poor Unfortunate Souls

12. Theme from Jaws

13. Friends on the Other Side

14. Hellfire

15. Transformation Theme for Happy Ending

16. Wishes Theme

17. Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy & The Gang

18. When You Imagine

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