This is the first episode from the Season 16 of Family Guy and a TV Special of 50 minutes where Diane Simmons' returns to get revenge on Tom Tucker and all Quahog's Citizens.The main
Diane's revenge
protagonists will be Peter Griffin,Stewie Griffin,Lois Griffin,Brian Griffin,Tom Tucker, Tricia Takanawa, and Joyce Kinney.


  • Peter Griffin
  • Stewie Grffin
  • Tom Tucker
  • Joyce Kinney
  • Brian Griffin
  • Lois Griffin
  • Tricia Takanawa

Supporting Characters

  • Cleveland Brown
  • Chris Griffin
  • Meg Griffin
  • Brian Griffin
  • Joe Swanson
  • Glenn Quagmire
  • Seamus levine
  • Mort Goldman
  • Neil Goldman
  • Jerome
  • Consuela
  • Dr. Hartman
  • Bonnie Swanson
  • Ollie Williams
  • Irene Takanawa (She got killed by Diane Simmons)
  • James Woods (He sacrifice himself for save Peter Griffin from a bullet fired by Diane Simmons)


  • Diane Simmons (Resurrected, later killed by Tricia takanawa)


  • In this movie, Diane Simmons dies killed by Tricia Takanawa.
  • Tricia wants to pay her revenge for her mother's death and she can't stop crying
  • Peter, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Joe, Cleveland, Tom Tucker, and James woods have a death battle against Diane simmons