Future generation:Totally ten Vol:1

In the 2035, the city was peaceful until taken the city by Group of G-nex. The Leader was Unkrown and his second-in-command,The Hood was no long as Super street trug. He still has a power. It's up to they's Kids were grow up to fight and search.


Primary Characters

  • Kenny Tennyson (Voiced by Yuri lowenthal) - Ben & Sam's Son and Cammy's Brother. He is power of Onimatix.
  • Cammy Tennyson (Voiced by Jennifer Hale) - Ben & Sam's Daughter and Ken's Sister. She is member of WOORP Spies.
  • Kyle (Voiced by) - Blame (deceased) & Clover's son and Ken's best friend.
  • Devlin Levin (Voiced by) - Kevin & Gwen's son and Ken &Cammy's Cousin. He is a Human/Osmosian like his father.
  • Amy Levin (Voiced by) - Kevin & Gwen's Daughter and Ken & Cammy's Cousin.She is a Human/Anodite like her mother.
  • Alexa & Maria Mystery (Voiced by) - Martin & Alex's Twin Daughters. Alexa,she is a Quiet Fighter & Maria,She is a Funny & cute.
  • Ryuk Kurosaki (Voiced by) - Ichigo and inoue's son. He is power of Shinigami and take his father places. When Cammy fell in love with him.
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Minami (Voiced by) - Itsuki & Kate's Daughter. She is unkrown until they find her secret.
  • Kce Kuran/Tennyson (Voiced by) - Kaname (deceased) & Yuki(deceased)'s Daughter. She is a half-human (Morning) and Half-Vampire (Night). Until she became adoptive sister from the Tennysons after Yuki's death.

Returning Characters

  • Ben Tennyson aka Ben 10,000 (Voiced by Sean Donnellan) - Ken & Cammy's Father,Kce's Foster father and Sam's Husband.He is full-time hero,more muscular, and sports a full-beard. He is fight crimes,save the Inneconts and protect their family.
  • Samantha "Sam" Tennyson (Voiced by Jennifer hale) - Ken & Cammy's mother,Kce's Foster mother and Ben's wife. She is retired as WOORP spies and became scientist. She is Love/hate with her husband,Ben. they were married 15 years ago. She spane time ones with her daughter,Cammy. and his son Ken to protect.
  • Gwen Levin (Voiced by) -
  • Kevin Levin (Voiced by) -
  • Clover (Voiced by) -

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