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Enter the Tiger's Claw is a French-German-Japanese animated TV series created by Boyzinbed.

The series centers around Chang, a young worker who is chosen by an old martial arts master to host the six animal spirits and search for a mystic artifact called the Tiger's Claw.

The series is set to air in the fall of 2012 on M6 and Télétoon in France, RTL2 and Disney XD in Germany, TV Tokyo and Disney XD in Japan and YTV in Canada.


1000 years ago, a dark spirit brought great darkness and disaster to the Halo Village, but six animal spirits used the Tiger's Claw to seal away the dark spirit's cruel power but were sealed away separately in the process.

After that, a destructive earthquake strikes the area every 300 years, each one more destructive than the last. This is actually the dark spirit, called the Black Nostradamus, attempting to break free of the seal. But these can be stopped and the Black Nostradamus can be permanently defeated by the Tiger's Claw, a mystic artifact carried by warriors learning the mystical art of Pi, the spirtiual art of transformation.


MoRe to come...

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