This is the Gemini Remake of EPCOT Center in Florida with Old Attractions Will Be Back and Some New Attractions Appears.


Soarin Will Be Demolished to Make Way for The Return of Kitchen Kabaret

Ellen's Energy Adventure Will Be Replaced by Miley Cyrus' & Donald Duck's Energy Trip

Journey Into Imagination with Figment Will Be Rehab Which Will Be Featured Doc Brown, Minnie Mouse and Demi Lovato

The Land Will Be Also Rehab with Newer Attractions

The Old Wonders of Life Building Will Be Replaced by Sora, Donald & Goofy: The Ride

The Living Seas Will Be Featured Characters from Spongebob Sqaurepants

List of Attractions:

Future World East

1. Spaceship Earth - Ringo Starr takes you through 40,000 years of human communication, from the grunts of cavemen, to the e-mails of tomorrow.

2. The Panasonic Earth Station - EPCOT Center dining reservations, get information on Walt Disney World activities, and explore the park with The WorldKey Information Center.

3. CommuniCore II West - Visit such exhibits as The Toucan and Parrot Electric Ullitilly Show, Playstationland, and More.

4. CommuniCore II East - Visit such exhibits as Be Smart with Brenda Song & Ludwig Von Drake, The Computer Show with The Muppets and More.

5. Miley's Energy Adventure - Starring Miley Cyrus and Her Boyfriend Donald Duck, this multimedia attraction takes you on a trip from the eras of the Big Bang, and dinosaurs to the present, exploring what powers the universe, and our daily lives.

6. Sora, Donald & Goofy: The Ride - Join Sora and His Friends on This Adventure, But Watch Out for Maleficent and Other Disney Villains.

7. New Horizons - Go on an incredible journey through the lifestyles of the future to come.

8. Test Track - Strap yourself in for one of Disney's fastest attractions. At 65 miles per hour, Test Track is a high-octane thrill ride in which riders are automotive test subjects braving unpredictable terrain, including an environmental chamber, and 50-degree curves!

9. The TransCenter - Preview the future's transportation innovations today. Exhibits showcase the state of the art in transportation technology.

Future World West

1. Captain EO - Watch a 3D film that follows Captain EO, and his crew on a mission to rescue the planet through the gift of music, dance, and light.

2. The Imageworks: The Pictures of 24 Hours - Let your imagination run wild through fun, interactive play areas.

3. Journey Into Imagination with Figment & Friends - Join Doc Brown, Demi Lovato, Minnie Mouse and the loveable and fun-loving Figment on an imaginative ride through the creative process. You'll also learn how all innovation comes from "One Little Spark," the magical quality of imagination that dwells inside each of us.

4. The Imaginationland U.S.A. - Discover some of the greatest imaginations of all time.

5. Kitchen Kabaret - Join your hostess, Bonnie Appetite, for a tuneful, tasteful, song-and-dance salute to good nutrition, featuring an Audio-Animatronics kitchen full of fantastic foodstuffs.

6. Camp Rock: The Final Jam Revue - Join Mitchie Torres and Her Friends on This Musical Flim in The Land Theater. Featuring Songs Like Can't Back Down, This is Me, It's On, We Rock and More.

7. Listen and Living with The Land - This engaging, 14-minute boat ride travels through the American plains, the rainforest, the Arctic/Antarctic, and the African desert to explore how innovative technologies permit food growth while preserving the environment.

8. The Living Seas with Spongebob Sqaurepants - owly descend into the ocean in "clamobiles" on a gentle ride where you observe characters from Spongebob Squarepants, as They Stop Plankton from Stealing the Karbby Patty Formula.

9. Starfish Talk with Patrick Star - Have an in-depth chat with Patrick Star. Engage in live, unrehearsed conversations with this denizen of the digital deep who talks, jokes, and even recognizes Guests.

World Showcase East

1. Grand Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros - Take a gentle boat ride through the pyramid-shaped México pavilion to see the country's breathtaking landmarks as Donald Duck gets distracted by the sights. Will he join friends Panchito Pistoles, and Jose Carioca in time for their concert?

2. Amigo Pepe's - View some of the finest art from Mexico.

3. Maelstorm - Take a voyage on a high-seas Viking ship from modern-day, to historic Norway. Troll-tormented riders must hold on tight for surprises on the stormy North Sea-including polar bears, and pirates!

4. Shanghai Disneyland Gallery - See what The Shanghai Disneyland Resort has to offer.

5. Hong Kong Disneyland Gallery - See what The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has to offer.

6. Reflections of China - Reflections of China is a lush 13-minute film shown in stirring Circle-Vision 360°. China's mythical beauty is captured in sweeping photography of the Great Wall, Shanghai, and other epic locales.

7. The Disneyland Resort Gallery - See what The Disneyland Resort has to offer.

8. The American Adventure - Ben Franklin, and Mark Twain tell an inspirational story of America, and its people.

9. The Walt Disney World Gallery - See what The Walt Disney World Resort has to offer.

World ShowCase West

1. Meet the World - Revolve on a carousel through time, and relive Japan's fascinating encounters with other cultures.

2. The Tokyo Disneyland Gallery - See what The Tokyo Disney Resort has to offer.

3. Impressions de France - Embark on a virtual tour of France with this 18-minute movie projected onto 5 adjacent screens. Featuring classical music, and scenes of world-renowned locales, Impressions de France celebrates the beauty, and history of the inimitable country of France.

4. The Disneyland Paris Gallery - See what The EuroDisney Resort has to offer.

5. O Canada - Emmerse yourself in this engaging 18-minute film screened in a glorious Circle-Vision 360° presentation. Narrated by Nicole Anderson, O Canada! captures the cities, culture, people, and rich landscapes of The Great White North.

6. Disney's World of Color - World of Color weaves water, color, fire, and light into a kaleidoscope of fantasy, and imagination. More than 1,000 jets of water form incredible shapes in time to the music as Disney characters come to life on a shimmering veil of mist.

7. Sinbad's Storybook Voyage - Join Sindbad the sailor, and his loyal tiger cub Chandu for heartwarming adventure! You’ll find the greatest treasure of all by following the “compass of your heart.”

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