EC'S The Team is just like the movie but 10 times more funny, and action , love and lost and death. Now have been a team for half a year now but still not getting along with each other.The Supahboy main protagonist of the adventures around Earth and the galaxy. Cartoon Network will show new episodes every Tuesday and Fridays at 10/9c but Disney XD wonts to show recaps and The CW is going to have season two when it starts airing.


The series will follow The Team Of Justice with new teammates, new love, lost and more funny, more deaths. But it also will show more into the back ground of Jayson Kent and more heroes to come.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 TBA August 7, 2017 TBA


  • Tyler Posey asJal-El/Jayson Kent/Blue-Boycout
  • Luscas Grabeel as Prince Tom Wayne/The Robin
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy as Princess Laurel Wayne/Wonder Girl
  • Vanessa Morgan as Imra Alexis Staar/Power Girl
  • Doc Shaw as T'omm J'onzz/Maritn Boy
  • ???? as La'gann/Lagoon Boy
  • ??? as Ta'gann/Chitauri Boy
  • Michael Trevino as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

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