For 2 years, Marcus Frederick had Kale Derek arrested several times when she has been bumping into cars, causing too much damage. Now, she has trouble trying to drive, and Bobbi Rain must find a way to solve who probably drugged her, before she dies.


March 1, 2013


  • Marcus Frederick (Jeremy Renner) - a detective of the San Francisco Police Department, in the end, gets transfered to the Tennessee Police Department!
  • Bobbi Rain (Amanda Bynes) - a victim of a drug that causes her to crash into cars, and fears that she may die, in the end, dies from the drug and bids a thank you to Marcus
  • Georgina Rain (Wendie Malleck) - Bobbi's mother, in the end, moves to northern California!
  • Jack Rain (Patrick Stewart) - Bobbi's father, in the end, thanks Marcus for solving the Mystery!
  • Juliana Rain (Ashley Tisdale) - Bobbi's twin sister, who was believed by Bobbi to be a suspect thinking she was jealous, she is the main antagonist!, in the end, gets arrested for murder and has a life sentance!
  • Leo Cree (Cillian Murphy) - a drug dealer at the party, that Bobbi was at!, in the end, was killed by Juliana!
  • Dr. Vernon Mace (Patrick Dempsey) - was adviced by Marcus to help Bobbi drive carefully, uses the same tone as his character, Dylan Gould from Michael Bay's Transformers Trilogy, in the end, thanks Marcus for all of his hardwork!
  • Kikki Voight (Betty White) - an old woman who robbed Marcus from his breakfest, she got shot by Leo for shooting Bryce
  • Bryce Bruno (Colin Farrell) - Marcus's partner and best friend in the San Francisco Police Department, was shot by Kikki, when she had Marcus's breakfest and was putting money in a car
  • Chief Jonathan Mathiss (Gerard Butler) - the chief of the San Francisco Police Department, in the end, gets killed by Cree!
  • Kale Derek (Bruce Willis) - friend of Marcus!, in the end, retires to Florida!

Plot ???

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