From the Creators of "Clash of The Titans", and "Jurassic Park" comes one of the most Exhillerating Sci-Fi Story known as "Dragons Vs. Dinosaurs"


Michael Rosenbaum - Prince Jerrik

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Princess Florana

Zach Shada - Perixes

Brian George - King Neracles

Brian Donovan - Kravos

Vinnie Jones - King Borvax

Miguel Ferrer - Mordaxe

Maurice LaMarche - Prince Groice

Kath Soucie - Whinneoa

Cree Summer - Queen Geatita


Keith Szarabajka as King Orperion, main antagonist

Dinosaurs and Dragons


Tyrannosaurus Rex - King Borvax's

Triceratops - Centurians

Stegosaurus - Battle Carriers

Ankylosaurus - Jousters

Raptors - Search and Rescue / Scouts

Ptrodactyls - Air Attack

Pachycepholosaurus -Side Attackers

Carnotaurus - Prince Jerrick


Water Serpents

Chinese Wind Riders

Volcanic Infernos

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