Dragon Story the TV Series is a 2012 animated program that aired on ABC Family.


Fire Dragon and the gang have adventures and great comedy fun.

Current Dragons (As of July 2012)

  1. Fire Dragon (Male) (Main Character)
  2. Forest Dragon (Male)
  3. Air Dragon (Female)
  4. Water Dragon (Male)
  5. Magic Dragon (Male)
  6. Firestorm Dragon (Male)
  7. Eagle Dragon (Male)
  8. Scorpion Dragon (Male)
  9. Athletic Dragon (Male)
  10. Charm Dragon (Female)
  11. Titan Dragon (Male)
  12. Planet Dragon (Male)
  13. Life Dragon (Male)
  14. Wild Dragon (Male)
  15. Forestfire Dragon (Male)
  16. Fruitful Dragon (Male)
  17. Fairy Dragon (Female)
  18. Parakeet Dragon (Female)
  19. Poison Dragon (Male)
  20. Familiar Dragon (Female)
  21. Genie Dragon (Male)
  22. Trickster Dragon (Male)
  23. Mindvolt Dragon (Female)
  24. Seabreeze Dragon (Male)
  25. Mist Dragon (Female)
  26. Island Dragon (Male)
  27. Atlantis Dragon (Male)
  28. Serpent Dragon (Male)
  29. Carol Dragon (Female)
  30. Wizard Dragon (Male)
  31. Mistmoth Dragon (Female)
  32. Diamond Dragon (Female)
  33. Crusader Dragon (Male)


Dragon Story the Series/Episodes

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