List of characters from DragonVale The Animated Series. There are 83 dragons currently on the show.

Main Elements

Plant Dragon: Plant Dragon is Fire Dragon's best friend since birth. He is green and can use his nose as a radar.

Earth Dragon: Earth Dragon is brown and is not a flying dragon. He's brown in color and doesn't fly. The dragons tried to teach him to fly but he fails.

Fire Dragon: Fire Dragon is the main character of the show. He's red and can fly with his adult form. He has a crush on a future new element/fire dragon.

Cold Dragon: Cold Dragon is a dragon that hatched in an igloo. He's white in color.

Lightning Dragon: Lightning Dragon is yellow in color. He can save energy with his power.

Water Dragon: Water Dragon is a swimmer at Dragon Lake. She swims around with her marine friends.

Air Dragon: Air Dragon is a great flyer. He flies around the universe and always knows about everything.

Metal Dragon: Metal Dragon works at a store that sells metal stuff. He builds new things made out of metal.


Tree Dragon: Tree Dragon is a wise friend to the dragons. He grows food for the birds.

Flower Dragon: Flower Dragon lives in a garden. He can take seeds from the person and nurses them till they grow.

Lava Dragon: Lava Dragon is a friend of Fire Dragon. He helps them on their adventures.

Moss Dragon: Moss Dragon is a shy fellow. He always get scared of anything but at least Bloom is helping him.

Poison Dragon: Poison Dragon is a goofy gabber. He makes poison juice and puts in fire to make poison fire.

Mountain Dragon: Mountain Dragon is a very fluffy dragon. He has white fur but when he grows up, He has brown skin.

Blue Fire Dragon: Blue Fire Dragon is Fire Dragon's cousin. He is the blue version of Fire Dragon.

Frostfire Dragon: Frostfire Dragon lives in a log cabin. He always keep himself warm but doesn't like hot days.

Lichen Dragon: Lichen Dragon lives at a swimming pool. He is Water's swimming coach.

Evergreen Dragon: Evergreen Dragon was born in a forest. She's a pinecone expert and makes new things from pinecones.

Cactus Dragon: Cactus Dragon always eat anything. He has a big heart on the inside but happy on the outside.

Ash Dragon: Ash Dragon is hatched in an abandoned house. He goes to places and can help the others out when he can do it.

Firefly Dragon: Firefly Dragon is a perfect nightlight. At night Firefly and his brothers and sisters make a nighttime show before the dragons go to bed.

Scorch Dragon: Scorch Dragon is one of Fire Dragon's friends. He is red like Fire and can play the bongos.

Crystal Dragon: Crystal Dragon is the son of the oldest dragon. He and his gemstone siblings make colorful things out of gems.

Quake Dragon: Quake Dragon is gray in color. He has a big tail because of his small size. When he goes to his adult form, He's tall.

Storm Dragon: Storm Dragon is the weather reporter. She can tell the dragons what weather it is. It will be either Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy or Snowy.

Ice Dragon: Ice Dragon is a snow cone owner. He works with his friend Iceberg Dragon.

Iceberg Dragon: Iceberg Dragon is Ice's partner for the snow cone shop. He makes the snow while Ice gets the cones.

Mud Dragon: Mud Dragon lives in a house full of mud. He is always covered in mud and sleep in a bed full of mud.

Swamp Dragon: Swamp Dragon is a mascot of the swamp. He lives his animal friends including frogs.

Seaweed Dragon: Seaweed Dragon is a swimmer and is Water's friend. She can do a butterfly stroke while swimming.

Current Dragon: The Current Dragon works at a video game store. He can use his power to play video games. He is Water's cousin.

Plasma Dragon: Plasma Dragon is blue and also works with Lightning Dragon. He doesn't like getting shocked by water. He is Lightning's cousin.

Sonic Dragon: Sonic Dragon is Lightning's sister. She acts like a bat.

Snow Dragon: Snow Dragon is always playing the flute. He plays it doing winter parties.

Blazing Dragon: Blazing Dragon is red in color. He can help the dragons and acts him as a guide.

Willow Dragon: Willow Dragon is Plant Dragon's girlfriend. She always try to kiss him but another dragon hit him with a frying pan.

Pollen Dragon: Pollen Dragon lives at a garden. He grows food and other type of snacks for the dragons. He also works at a snack bar.

Fog Dragon: Fog Dragon makes the world foggy. He makes sure everybody doesn't turn cloudy.

Sandstorm Dragon: Sandstorm Dragon is Air's brother from the desert. He's always protecting his collection of sand dollars.

Dodo Dragon: Dodo Dragon is Earth's little sister. She is very helpful to the dragons.

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