Dr Strange the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel universe and the movie may release in 2014.


  • Jude Law - Dr Strange
  • Sung Kang - Wong
  • Anna Torv - Clea
  • Lena Headly - Umar
  • Ron Perlman - Dormammu
  • Hugh Laurie - Baron Mordo
  • Gordon Liu - The Ancient One (Yan)
  • Bruce Spence - Eternity (Cameo)
  • MacKenzie Crook - Nightmare
  • Amanda Seyfried - Enchantress (Cameo)
  • Michael Jai White - Blade (Cameo)


Dr Stephen Strange once a noted physician who lost his career after getting into an accident. Lost a fortune because of his divorce and now lives a life of misery and isolation.One day while returning home he gets caught in middle of a Clea and Baron Mordo fighting some mystic creatures.Dr Strange tries to help Clea by passing her sword and he slays a demon on his own.Impressed by his act of bravery Clea takes him to the monastry located in far side of the world where is meets the ancient one.Clea beleives that he has come to fulfil the prophecy of killing Shuma Groah while Baron Mordo beleives that he is the one who will release Shuma Groth. During his traning session some creatures under command of Umar attack the monastry and destroy it. Strange goes after them on his own but is unable to pass and gets caught in the dream realm.While Clea attempts to rescue Strange from the dreamrealm where is is tormented by the insane owner of the realm who calls himself Nightmare.Strange makes a deal with Nightmare that if he defeats him then he'll let him go and will have to assist him in his fight with Dormammu.During the Battle Clea is successful to enter the Dreamrealm and she gets confronted by her nightmare about Clea being her mother.

Strange wins Nightmare promises him to assist him in his battle against Dormammu. He travels to Darkrealm to confront Dormammu and Umar and big battle occurs and ultimatly Strange knocks out Dormammu when nightmare takes control of him and traps him into the dream realm.

They return to the monastry and The Ancient One declares Dr Strange the Sorcerer Supreme.After which he returns to earth with Clea.

During credits Baron Mordo summons Enchantress and tells her if she helps him in his cause then he will help them in their cause.

After Credits Blade kills a Vampire and Dr Strange watches him secretly talking to Clea about they need defenders to protect the earth.

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