'INVISIBLE DIMENTION COMPANY' create their 3rd Doctor Who animated series. Following the adventures of the lonely timelord and his fearless companions. The show makes 4 seasons. Starring the 13th Doctor from the previoius show, Doctor Who: The Quest. It lso features the non canon Australian version of K9 as one companion nd the others are Carrie and Liam, a brother and sister who the doctor saves from there horrible home planet that was going to destroy itself. They depart at the end of season 2. In the opener of season 3 it is revelaed the Doctor has already moved on to a new companion, Jess, His great great grand daughter who is 76% human and 24% Timelord, this is because she is Susans' (the doctos grand daughter) grand daughter. It is never revealed how they met or if the doctor met Susan again. They are soon also joined by Toby, a teenager who is kidnapped by Pirates and saved by the Doctor. He dissapears after season 3, without an explenation, and is replaced by Gray, a science whizz who kidnaps the Tardis and then joins the Doctor on his travels.

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