This is The German Version of Disneyland (Also Known as Disneyland Anaheim Berlin) Which Will Have All Attractions from Disneyland, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Other Disneyland Parks Will Be in Two Different Language Like English and German.

Fun Facts

Main Street U.S.A. Will Be Similar to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Paris' Version of Main Street U.S.A.

Adventureland Will Be Similar to Hong Kong Disneyland, With Buildings That Based on Disneyland's New Orleans Square.

Frontierland Will Be Look Like from Walt Disney World's Frontierland.

Liberty Square Will Be Similar to Disneyland's Unbuilt Land Called Edison Square and Liberty Square.

Critter Country Will Be Similar to Disneyland's and Tokyo Disneyland's Critter Country.

Fantasyland Will Be Combination of Disneyland's Fantasyland Version of Bavarian Village and Walt Disney World's Fantasyland Version of Medival Theme Area.

Sora's Starland Will Be Based by Mickey's Starland from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrowland Will Have the 1967 Style of Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

All Attractions from Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Will Be in English and German.

The Park Will Have Nighttime Shows and Parades Like Fantasmic! (Located in Frontierland's Rivers of the Far East), Main Street Electrical Parade: Dreamlights, Disney Dreams from Disneyland Paris (Which Will Be Located in Tomorrowland's Galaxy Amphitheater), Fantasy in the Sky: An New Journey Fireworks Spectacular and The Magic, The Memories and You.

The Park Will Have Daytime Shows and Parades Like The Wonderful World of Disney Parade (Originally From Disneyland Paris, Retitled as Kingdom Hearts and Walt Disney: Magic on Parade) and More.

List of Attractions:

Main Street U.S.A.


1. Disneyland Berlin Railroad (Main Street U.S.A.)

2. City Hall

3. Main Street Vechiles (Fire Engine, Horse-Dawn Trolley, Paddy Wagon and Ominbus)

4. Main Street Cinema

5. Kingdom Hearts and Walt Disney: Magic on Parade

6. Main Street Electrical Parade: Dreamlights

7. The Disneyland Story

8. The Disney Gallery

9. The Plaza Swan Boats

10. Penny Arcade


1. Emporium

2. Candy Palace

3. China Closet

4. Disneyana

5. Penny Arcade

6. Storybook Shoppe

7. Disney Showcase

8. Main Street Pin Shop

9. Main Street Magic Shop

10. New Century Jewelry

11. 20th Century Music Company


1. Walt's: An American Restaurant

2. Plaza Inn

3. Refreshment Corner

4. Casey's Corner

5. Ice Cream Shop

6. Sweetheart Cafe

7. The Crystal Palace



1. Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

3. Jungle Cruise

4. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

5. Indiana Jones: Temple of the Crystal Skull

6. Adventure Isle


1. Adventureland Bazaar

2. Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost

3. South Seas Trader


1. Bengal BBQ

2. Tiki Juice Bar

3. Indy Fruit Cart

4. Club 55

5. Cafe Orleans

6. French Market

7. Blue Bayou

Liberty Square


1. Haunted Mansion

2. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Russo Family Adventure

3. Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln


1. The Heritage House

2. The Yankee Trader Gourmet Shoppe

3. Paul Revere's Candle Shoppe

4. The Silversmith

5. Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

6. Alex Russo's Magic Shop


1. The Liberty Tree Tavern

2. Sleepy Hollow

3. The Liberty Square Market

4. The Colubmia Harbour House

5. Lincoln's Place

Critter Country


1. Splash Mountain

2. Camp Rock: The Final Jam Revue

3. PB&J Otter: The Ride

4. Sora the Keyblade Master Hoedown

5. Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes


1. Brer Rabbit's Swinging Arcade

2. The Final Jam Gift Shop

3. Professor Barnaby Owl's Photograhpic Art Studios

4. Critter Country Plush


1. The Golden Otter Lodge

2. Harbour Gallery

3. Mooseburger Lodge

4. Brer Bar

5. Critter Country Fruit Cart



1. Country Bear Jamboree

2. Pecos Goofy Frontier Revue

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

4. Mark Twain Riverboat

5. Sailing Ship America

6. Admiral Joe Fowler Keelboats

7. Fantasmic!

8. Frontierland Shooting Gallery

9. Western River Expedition

10. Disneyland Berlin Railroad (Frontierland)


1. Country Bear Band Wagon

2. Bearly Country

3. American Rifle & Gun Shop

4. Calico Katie's Pantry Shop

5. Chicken Plantation


1. Hungry Bear Restaurant

2. Mile Long Bar

3. Conestoga Fries

4. Rainbow Horseshoe

5. Lucky Nugget

6. Stage Door Cafe

7. River Belle Terrace



1. Disney Castle

2. Disney Castle Mystery Tour

3. The Mickey Mouse Revue

4. Pinocchio's Daring Journey

5. Peter Pan's Flight

6. Disney Castle Carrousel

7. Casey Jr. Circus Train

8. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

9. Storybook Land Canal Boats

10. Fantasia Gardens

11. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure

12. Mattherhorn Bobsled

13. Pixie Hollow

14. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

15. The Disney Channel Fairytale Adventure 3D

16. Alice in Wonderland

17. Mad Tea Party

18. Skyway to Tomorrowland

19. It's a Small World

20. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

21. Snow White Grotto


1. Disney Castle Candy Shop

2. Once Upon a Time Store

3. Sir Mickey's

4. Fantasy Gift Faire

5. Harmony Faire

6. Small World Toy Shop


1. Queen Minnie's Dining Room

2. Pinocchio's Village Inn

3. Small World Ice Cream

4. Toad Hall Restaurant

5. Pizzeria Bella Notte

6. March Hare Refreshments

7. The Old Mill

Sora's Starland


1. Mickey's House & Meet Mickey

2. Minnie's House

3. Sora's Mansion

4. Sora, Donald & Goofy: The Ride

5. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

6. Miley Cyrus' Musical Concert

7. Chip's & Dale's Treehouse

8. Gadget's Go Coaster

9. Sora's Magical TV World

10. Snoopy's Doghouse Adventure

11. Donald's Boat

12. Disneyland Berlin Railroad

13. Starland Hall of Frame


1. Starland Delivery Company

2. Gag Factory

3. Starland Five & Dime


1. Dinghy Drinks

2. Toon Pop

3. Out of Bounds

4. Good Time Cafe

5. Miley's Snack Wagon

6. Mickey's Treehouse

7. Sora's Pop-a-Lot Popcorn

8. Pluto's Dog House

9. Toon Up Treets

10. Kairi's Frozen Yogurt



1. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

2. Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

3. Rocket Jets

4. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

5. Space Mountain

6. Captain EO

7. Autopia

8. It's Dance Tomorrowland

9. Circle Vision 360 Theater (Featuring America the Beautiful, O Canada and Reflections of China)

10. Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast

11. Stitch's Great Escape

12. Disneyland Berlin Railroad (Tomorrowland)

13. Starcade

14. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarnie Voyage

15. If You Had Wings

16. Skyway to Fantasyland


1. Radio Disney and Disneyland Forever CD Mixer

2. Olie Polie's Candy Shop

3. Tomorrowlanding

4. Imageworks


1. Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

2. Endor Fries and Burgers

3. Lunching Pad

4. Tomorrowland Terrace

5. Pan Galactic Pizza Port

6. Lite Bite Satellite

7. Soft Landing

8. Cool Station

9. Star Cafe

Park Hours

Spring: 9AM-11PM

Summer: 8AM-12AM

Fall: 8AM-9PM

Winter: 9AM-1AM

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