Disney Tennis Superstars is an upcoming sports game for 2023 of all the Disney Channel characters and Disney XD.






Characters Series English Voice Actor Spanish Voice Actor French Voice Actor

Japanese Voice Actor

Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Scrooge McDuck+ DuckTales
Huey, Dewey, and Louie* DuckTales
Webby Vanderquack* DuckTales
Launchpad McQuack+ DuckTales
Mrs. Beakley+ DuckTales
Chip n' Dale+
Elena* Elena of Avalor Aimee Carrero
Mal Descendants Dove Cameron
Evie Descendants Sofia Carson
Carlos Descendants Cameron Boyce
Jay Descendants Booboo Stewart
Uma* Descendants China Anne McClain
Rapunzel Tangled Mandy Moore
Eugene Tangled Zachary Levi
Maximus & Pascal+ Tangled N/A
Hiro Hamada Big Hero 6
Baymax Big Hero 6
Go Go Tomago Big Hero 6
Honey Lemon* Big Hero 6
Wasabi* Big Hero 6
Fred* Big Hero 6
Star Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Marco Diaz Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Milo Murphy Milo's Murphy Law
Zack Underwood Milo's Murphy Law
Melissa Chase Milo's Murphy Law
Cricket Green Big City Greens
Tilly Green Big City Greens
Billy Green+ Big City Greens
Gramma+ Big City Greens
Anne Boochuny* Amphibia
Sprig+ Amphibia
Luz* The Owl House
Eda* The Owl House
Sprucia Wilds Sprucia and Gilli
Gilli Wilds Sprucia and Gilli
Prince Charles* Sprucia and Gilli
Prince Arthur* Sprucia and Gilli
Lord Draven Sprucia and Gilli
Draven Jr.* Sprucia and Gilli
Viola Miller Viola the Scandalous Pop Star
Monique Wilson Viola the Scandalous Pop Star
Claire Thompson Viola the Scandalous Pop Star
Liam Davis Viola the Scandalous Pop Star
Ming-Yu Ping Viola the Scandalous Pop Star
K.O. Pam K.O. Pam's Hyper Adventures
Snort McPiggson K.O. Pam's Hyper Adventures