1605 years after the events of Beowulf, Ryan Keiser, a descendant of Beowulf must face the Golden Man, who is playing in the form of Drake Simmons.


  • Ryan Keiser (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) - descendant of Beowulf
  • Tina Taylor (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - ???'s love interest
  • Mayor Samuel O. Vincent (Anthony Hopkins) - the descendant of King Hrothgar
  • Dr. Britney Zylene (Angelina Jolie) - the descendant of Grendal's mother
  • Dorian Jeacobs (Crispin Glover) - the descendant of Grendal's father
  • Drake Simmons (Travis J. Gould) - the main antagonist
    • Man-Dragon (Travis J. Gould)
  • Butch Quartz (Mark Hamill) - Drake Simmons' right-hand man


A Mistake was made in the past, and must be fixed, and Keiser must fix it, along the way to Herot Town, he befriends Dorian Jeacobs, and must solve a mystery of one Character, the Man-Dragon!

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