Deb is an Irken being from Irk and a recurring character on Kid CRAZY (series) , and Zed's love interest
Deb the Irken

Deb the Irken


Deb was born on the planet Irk 10 earth years ago, then her family decided to go to then convention on conventia, but the mship holding Deb and her family was hit by an asteroid and crashed on earth about 30 minutes befor Zed's family crashed on nearth, then 10 earth years later, she transferrdd to Zed's elementary sschool, and fell in love with Zed (with the feeling being mutual)


Deb's disguise consists of a long redhead wig, and teal iris coored contact lenses

Deb the Irken-disguised

Deb in her disguise


Deb's voice is provided by Grey DeLeslie

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