Death of Arachnid-Man
Death of Arachnid-Man is a huge comic book event featuring the Death or Arachnid-Man.


Noah has been Arachnid-Man for two years and is now 18-Year-Old. A new villain named Demon emerges and is very, very powerful and slo threatining the safety of Noah's family so Arachnid-Man must fight to the death with him. In the final issue Arachnid-Man ends up killing Demon but dies in the process by dying of bloodloss from getting stabbed and beaten too badly. He dies in his mothers arms.


Malachi Martin/ Writer

Mark Bagley/ Pencils

Mark Bagley/ Inks

Justin Ponsor/ Colors

Richard Starkings/ Letters

Brian Smith/ Assistant editor

Ralph Macchio/ Editor

Joe Quesada/ Editor in Chief

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