Dave Owens is an action-adventure fantasy television series about a young teenage sorcerer name Dave Owens (David Henrie), who has a phoenix-like spirit beast sealed inside him called the "Fherix". The series follows Dave as he learns to be a sorcerer, inheriting the powers of his deseaced mother ans father, and follows a path to become a worldwide heroic sorcerer by saving the world from notorious evil powerful sorcerers that attempt to capture Dave and gain the powers of the Fherix to commence their evil plan: World Domination: upon mankind and the sorcerer world.


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi and Thriller

Music by

Thomas J. Bergensen and Nick Phoenix

Soundtrack Album

music soundtrack score album of Dave Owens

Track 1 - "Stop Searching" by Valencia

Track 2 - "Secrets" by One Republic

Track 3 - "The Wind" by the Fray

Track 4 - "Faith" by Taking Back Sunday

Track 5 - "The Gravity" by Sparks the Rescue

Track 6 - "Diamond Eyes" by Deftones

Track 7 - "Life Starts Now" by Three Days Grace

Track 8 - "Get Nice!" Zebrahead

Track 9 - "Under" by Breaking Point

Track 10 - "Survive" by Rise Against

Track 11 - "Autumn" by Sparks the Rescue

Track 12 - "Useless" by Cavo


David Henrie as Dave Owens

Joe Jonas as Jonny Garson

Ashley Benson as Becky Simmons

Nick Jonas as Sam Williams

Trevor Jackson as DJ Jameson

Selena Gomez as Sarahj Gibson

Roshon Fegan as Rocky Lopez

Summer Bishil as Kinta Lopez

Adam Irigoyen as Zeeke

Taylor Lautner as Zack Collins

Vanessa Hudgens as Katherine Queen

Tyler Posey as Clint Harrison

Anthony Hopkins as Merlin

Nicolas Cage as Brent Barson

Penn Badgley as Ryan Owens

Laura Dern as Fiona Gibson

Ian McShane as Mifoni

Michael Jai White as Andre Jameson

John Malkovich as Kenjo

Michelle Yeoh as Zamia

Danny Trejo as Ozark

Lucy Hale as Patrisha

Kevin G. Schmidt as Steve

Jesse T. Usher as Jensen

Patrick Dempsey as Max Torvist

Danny Devito as Parco (voice)


Sonu Sood as Armada

Christopher Lee as Zenth

Dev Patel as Toby

Jake Abel as Tyler Yarnes

Steven Strait as Tristan Yakuza

Ron Perlman as Sonar

Helena Bonham Carter as Victoria

Collin Chou as Zikaku

Scott Caan as Hiru

Alice Krige as Morgana Le Fay

Rufus Sewell as Grumlin

Sebastian Stan as Saiko

Matthew "Mdot" Finley as Kido

Mila Kunis as Tiera

Jareb Dauplaise as Jerobu

Sorcerian Beasts










Season 1

Episode 1: Enter Dave Owens: In a modern-world of Sorcerers, Dave Owens (David Henrie) is a fifteen-year-old slacky ordinary teenager who dreams of being known as a hero of saving the world from evil. One day, Dave is followed and chased into an alleyway by a monstrous wolf-like demon. The demon corners Dave, who is then confronted by Max Torvist (Patrick Dempsey), who threatens to kill Dave if he doesn’t handover the Dragenix, which is seen around Daniel’s neck yet he doesn’t know what Max is talking about. Dave is rescued by his uncle Brent (Nicolas Cage) before the demon, ordered by an irritated Max, could devour him. Before Brent and Max engaged in an ensuing fight, Max reveals to Dave that a powerful phoenix-like spirit beast called the “Fherix” is sealed inside of him. It is revealed that Dave is a worldwide famous sorcerer in the Sorcerer World, like his parents, and is now wanted by other sorcerers who will stop at nothing to capture Dave and take control of the Fherix’s power. Brent orders Dave to run away but he refuses to leave and stays to help fight Max. In his anger, Dave creates his first powerful blue energy plasma blast and shots it at the demon, seemingly killing it and impressing both Brent and Max, who then tries to capture Dave but stopped by Brent.

Episode 2: Tough Love: Brent plans to train Dave to fully master and control his powers. The next day, Dave tries to woo his childhood crush Becky Simmons (Ashley Benson), who is a young skilled sorceress, but he hesitates. Meanwhile, Brent transforms into a white kitty-cat and sneaks into the cheerleaders’s locker room where he begins spying on them getting dressed. When the girls find and begin petting him, Dave, knowing Brent would be up to his no good nasty perverting games, appears causing Brent to transform back to his normal self. At McDonalds, Dave is seen asking his best-friend Sam Williams (Nick Jonas) how he can get the girl without hesitation. Sam tells Dave about him having confidence and most of all guts and without having anymore hesitation. Feeling confident in himself, Dave creates himself a clone-like dummy and plans to impress Becky by pretending a kid to be getting bullied and he will come to the kid’s aid and defeat the bully. However, the plan fails when Brent, still angry for Dave getting him caught in the Cheerleaders’s locker room, turns the fake man into a walking-dancing scarecrow scaring both the kid and Dave away leaving a wondering Becky confused. At school, Dave then tells Becky of his love feelings for her. And of surprise, Becky reveals Dave that she too has love feelings for him as well, claiming him to be a wonderful nice person and could never tell him that. Dave and Becky share a kiss, while Brent repeatedly tries to spy on the cheerleaders once again, this time transforming into a different cat but ends up in the boys’s locker room.

Episode 3: Sorcerer Assassin: Max hires Zakubo (Johnny Messner), a ruthless sorcerer assassin, to kill Dave Owens and retrieve the Dragenix from him. Meanwhile, Dave, Sam and Becky are seen trying to convince Brent to drive them around. It is revealed that Brent, because of Dave, was caught and kicked out of the national sorceress hot springs for spying on women and is still angry at Dave for it. Very annoyed of them asking over-and-over, Brent tries to flee but is repeatedly followed back-and-forward by the teens as they keep asking him to drive them around. Tired, Brent then summons Parco, a talking golden retriever, and then teleports the teens on top of a moving cloud in the sky where he then takes a stone of a dragon and transforms it into a real dragon named Lavol. Lavol takes Dave, Becky, Sam and Parco, ordered by Brent to keep watch over them, and flies them around in to the clouds in the sky. When arriving in a small town, the teens find everyone dead. They are suddenly confronted by Zakubo, who was stopped by Brent before he could execute Dave. Brent and Zakubo engage in battle, during which, the teens are attacked by a group of undead zombie-like creatures being commanded by Zakubo. Lavol kills the creatures, burning them with his powerful fire-breath. When thousands of more creatures arrive, Brent kills them all using one of his powerful plasma energy force-field however ends up using nearly all of powers becoming weak. Dave fights Zakubo, while Sam and Becky gets Brent to safety for him to recover his powers and strength. In the ensuing battle, Zakubo creates a clone of “himself” and begins pummeling Dave, while the real Zakubo confronts Brent threatening to kill both Becky and Sam if he tries to help Dave. Sam tries to distract Zakubo giving Becky the chance to try and help Dave but is severely injured by Zakubo’s blast. Zakubo knocks out Becky, causing Dave, angry of seeing his friends being hurt, to unleash the power of the Fherix shocking Brent and Zakubo.

Episode 4: Dave’s Determination: After unleashing the power of the Fherix, Dave begins attacking Zakubo, however, ends up attacking Brent as well. As Brent tries to stop Dave, Zakubo escapes. Brent, along with the unconscious Becky and wounded Sam, teleports to a far away distance as the uncontrollable Dave unleashes a powerful shockwave blast and obliterates the town. As morning arrives, Dave wakes up to find himself being attended by Brent, who then shows Dave a gigantic crater, from which he destroyed, but decides not to tell him that he was the one responsible of creating it. Dave then apologizes to the now awakening Becky and recovered Sam promising to never let anything happen to them again. Brent takes Dave to an old ruined pillar-like training field planning to teach him how to fully master and control his powers; he also begins teaching Becky and Sam to harness their power as well. For the past couple of hours, Dave had only manage to successfully take control of his plasma blasts and use other magic, yet, fails to learn how to create force-fields and control element powers of Fire, Water, Wind, Lighting, Earth, Ice and Medal. Meanwhile, Zakubo begins attacking and murdering citizens around other cross towns and villages. The following day, Dave finally manages to create force fields and control his plasma energy element blasts. Afterward, Dave is then approached by Zakubo who reveals to have come to reasons with Dave in the hopes for his assistance to take over the world. Dave refuses and an ensuing battle emerges, in which, Dave seems to have the upper hand and overpowers Zakubo. Dave then leaves a wounded Zakubo for dead but when Zakubo tries to kill Dave from behind Lavol appears and kills Zakubo, devouring him. Lavol takes Dave and flies him around the sky for his success of defeating Zakubo and the two quickly begun to bond a friendship.

Episode 5: The Sorcerer Exams: Brent is invited to a meeting conference by the Sorcerer Allegiance, Mifoni (Ian McShane), Andre Jameson (Michael Jai White), Kenjo (John Malkovich), Zamia (Michelle Yeoh) and Ozark (Danny Trejo) – seven great sorcerer leaders of the earth. At the conference, Merlin (Anthony Hopkins), leader of the Sorcerer Allegiance, reveals the time has approached for the Sorcerer Exams; a deadly task tournament where young sorcerer candidates will fight and compete against each other until only one will become a talented-skilled mastered sorcerer. When Brent recommends Dave to participate claiming he’ll become strong like his parents, Andre argues over Dave participating claiming the boy will never handle the tournament and we’ll end up like his deceased parents; this angers Brent, who then challenges Andre to a battle and Andre accepts and the two have mad a bet; if Brent wins Dave shall participate in the tournament but if Andre wins Dave shall not only participate in the tournament but lose his powers completely. After a short brief match, Brent overpowers Andre and wins the bet proving him wrong, therefore, Merlin now claims Dave to enter the sorcerer exams leaving an angry Andre to storm out of the meeting before it ends. After learning he has to enter the tournament, Dave bids farwell to Becky and Sam, whom surprise Dave by telling they’ve entered as well.

Episode 6: Old Close-Friends: Dave, Becky and Sam are teleported to the sorcerer allegiance conference chamber room, where a hundred candidates are there as well. Among them are DJ Jameson (Trevor Jackson), Andre’s nephew, Kinta Lopez (Zendaya Coleman) Kinta’s older brother Rocky (Roshon Fegan), Zeeke (Adam Irigoyen), Rocky’s best-friend, Zack Collins (Taylor Lautner), and even Tyler Yarnes (Jake Abel). Dave, Sam and Becky are befriended by Zack, Kinta, Rocky, Zeeke and Tyler, who reveals to have taken the exams before. Other candidates including DJ claim to not like Dave, wondering what makes him so special to Merlin and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance. While there, Dave runs into Jonny Yakuza (Joe Jonas), his old best-friend. It is revealed that after Jonny’s family and clan were killed, Jonny vowed to find the murderer and kill him refusing to talk to anyone even Dave, who still wishes for Jonny to be his friend again. Merlin appears and reveals the candidates they’re three dangerous tasks of the tournament; first they must go through the huge Deadly Forest of man-eating beasts and cursed booby-traps; second they must race through the Valley of the Sands which is an old ruined pillar-like temple desert city booby-trapped with poisoned arrows and guarded by a ten-headed dragon; and third they must enter the Templex, the remaining candidates will fight in a preliminary round until some remaining will commence to the final rounds, which will be the last exam where the last candidate will become the talent sorcerer.

Episode 7: Let The Games Begin: The Sorcerer Exams begins; all the hundred candidates race each other into the Deadly Forest. In the gigantic forest, screams are heard from other candidates including some being killed by beasts, poisonous planets and even cursed hidden traps. Merlin comforts Brent, who is worried about Dave and his friends. He tells Brent to put his faith in Dave, believing he and his friends will pass through the Deadly Forest without fail; Merlin states that “comrades” are what makes sorcerers strong for anything. Elsewhere, several candidates like Jonny, Tyler, DJ, Zack, Rocky, Kinta, and Zeeke, have manage to avoid dangers – in the meantime – Dave and the others seem to have trouble as a paranoid Dave leads them through dead ends. Later when stopping for a break, the trio discovers a ruin sanctuary. They investigate, only to be ambushed by a group of candidates. They are helped by Jonny, who subdues them. Dave tries to convince Jonny to stay with them, but Jonny denies his request and leaves. Meanwhile, two sorcerer medical officers inform Merlin and the sorcerer allegiance about the mysterious horrified murders of five kids. When showing the decomposed bodies of the children, this shocks Merlin and everyone as they realize the attack are from Grumlin.

Episode 8: Jonny vs. Grumlin: Merlin explains that Grumlin was his first apprentice and former member of the Sorcerer Allegiance. Grumlin became evil when he began placing Plasmic Venom, a cursed dark evil dragon-like mark that makes the caster of the spell control his opponents giving them endless powers of darkness, on his students whom all have died from being unable to withstand and control the plasmic venom; Grumlin had then joined alliances with Merlin’s known powerful deadly enemy, Morgana Le Fay, to help her destroy the world. Jonny, meanwhile, is suddenly attacked by a demon-like lion. Jonny kills the demon only to discover it was ordered by Grumlin (Rufus Sewell), to seek him out. Grumlin, believing Jonny can be of use, asks him to help capture Dave and retrieve the Dragenix. Jonny refuses and questions why Grumlin is after Dave. Grumlin reveals his plan to obtain the Dragenix to free Morgana Le Fay, who has been imprisoned inside the necklace for nearly twenty-five years by Merlin and Dave’s parents. Grumlin summons a giant viper-like serpent to attack Jonny, planning to force him into telling Dave’s whereabouts. Jonny is able to kill the serpent and battles Grumlin. In the ensuing battle, Grumlin overpowers Jonny, who is saved by Dave from being killed.

Episode 9: Dave vs. Grumlin: When Dave appears and saves Jonny, Jonny warns him to flee, but Dave refuses refusing to abandon his best-friend. Grumlin summons serpents and orders them to kill Dave and retrieve the Dragenix form him. After managing to trap and kill the serpents, Dave fights Grumlin while Jonny watches on. Brent, who is worried about Dave being found by Grumlin knowing he will kill Dave and release Morgana, heads into the deadly forest to find and bring Dave back hoping he’s not too late. In the battle between Dave and Grumlin, Grumlin easily avoids Dave’s attacks and forces the boy to flee with his life. Grumlin corners Dave on a lake where he summons a giant water serpent horrifying Dave. When Dave tries to flee, Grumlin orders the serpent to kill him and bring back the Dragenix. The serpent is about to kill Daniel when Jonny appears, saving Dave and killing the gigantic beast. Before they continue the battle, Jonny’s eyes turn blue from his unleashing the Matrix.

Episode 10: Matrix in Action: After Jonny unlocks and unleashes his Matrix, Grumlin is shocked and surprised while Dave wonders what the Matrix is and what it’s capable of. Jonny explains that only members of the Yakuza clan is capable to using the Matrix and that only he remains alive to use it. The Matrix is a powerful rare mode that allows the user to either repeat or copy an enemy’s attack or abilities. It also allows the user to gain the abilities of super speed, agility, reflex and even stamina. Grumlin also tells that the Matrix can evolve into other mode forms; however, there are risks of doing so that could involve becoming pure evil. Jonny battles Grumlin, in which, he begin to gain the upper hand on him. Grumlin summons serpents to distract Jonny while he goes after Dave. As he does, Grumlin begins mocking Dave’s parents of their failure to protect them from the hands of evil; in his anger Dave emerges into the power of the Fherix and engages Grumlin. After an ensuing battle, Dave defeats Grumlin, however, his body is revealed to be a fake. The real Grumlin emerges out of a dead serpent and is about to put a plasmic venom on Dave, but Jonny jumps in the way and is paralyzing on his right arm from the plasmic venom.

Episode 11: Destroy the Venix: Jonny falls unconscious and Dave is subdued by Grumlin, who takes the Dragenix from him. Before Grumlin could kill Dave, Brent appears and saves Dave while Grumlin flees. Dave and Brent rushes Jonny to the sorcerer allegiance hospital where he is examined by the medical officers. While they are attending Jonny, Brent and Dave gets into a tense argument with Andre, who attempts to put Jonny out of his misery and for Dave’s failure to stop Grumlin from taking the Dragenix. Merlin stops Brent and Andre from battling each other and comforts Dave that Jonny must now destroy the plasmic venom’s evil source in order for him to overcome the venom’s curse that will completely taking over his body and soul. In his subconscious, Jonny encounters the plasmic venom’s evil source known as the Venix. The Venix tells Jonny that since he is the only person, out of thousands, to have survived its curse, he is distant to harness and control its power instead of it controlling him. Jonny refuses the Venix’s request and destroys it.

Episode 12: Back in Action: The 12th and final episode takes place after episode 11. Jonny awakens from his subconscious; Dave begs Brent and Merlin for Jonny to continue the sorcerer exams with him. Sensing a new hidden, but bizarre, power within Jonny, Brent and Merlin allows the two to continue in the exams. Dave and Jonny are transported back to the deadly forest, where they travel back to the awaited Becky and Sam. Jonny decides to stay with them. The trio is then approached and confronted by three candidates Dasu (Tom Felton), Cavo (Brandon Mychal Smith) and Kia (Meaghan Jette Martin). Kia places Jonny under a sleep spell, Dasu defeats Sam and knock outs and take Dave captive. Dasu reveals their plan to gain the powers of the Fherix, hearing rumors of its incredible unstoppable power. Determined to save her friends, Becky tries to fight off Dasu, Cavo and Kia, but she is easily overpowered by Cavo. Becky is about to be killed when Zeeke appears and saves her from Cavo’s attack. Zeeke vows to protect Becky, but is defeated by Dasu in a brief battle. Kinta and Rocky appears and saves a wounded Zeeke. Before Cavo, enraged of interferences, could unleash his powerful attack to kill them all, he and everyone else turns to an awakened Jonny, all with shocking horrified faces when seeing the plasmic venom mark on Jonny’s arm and dark spiritual aura surround Jonny, who opens his eyes with a menacing grin on his face.

Season 2

Episode 13: I Accept Your Help: Season 2 follows the cliff-hanger of season 1. Becky along with everyone stares in horror at Jonny, seeing the plasmic venom mark on his arm and dark spiritual aura surrounding him. Becky asks Jonny how he was able to break out of Kia’s sleep spell, but even Jonny doesn’t know how either. With his new powers from the plasmic venom, Jonny battles and easily overpowers Cavo and Kia. He is stopped by Becky before he could brutally kill Dasu, who flees with Cavo and Kia vowing vengeance. The next day, Dave and Sam awakens but everyone decides not to inform Dave of the events of the battle. After Rocky, Kinta and a recovered Zeeke leaves, the trio prepare to head out to the Valley of the Sands. Jonny, however, feels the need to go solo and leaves the group, needing some time alone and to think of how the plasmic venom reappeared when he was sure to have gotten rid of it when destroying the Venix. Dave, Becky and Sam are approached by Tyler, who offers his help to get them to the Valley of the Sands. Despite Sam and Becky suspecting Tyler is up to something, Dave, on the other hand, accepts his help. After setting out, Tyler helps the trio fight their way through other candidates, finally arriving at the Valley of the Sands.

Episode 14: Valley of the Sands: Upon arriving at the Valley of the Sands, the trio and Tyler meets up with Rocky, Kinta, Zeeke, Zack and even Jonny. However, other candidates including DJ, Dasu, Cavo and Kia are there as well. Dave is told by Dasu to give up, claiming he will never be become a powerful sorcerer and be known to the world or ever being a hero. After a tense argument between Dave and Dasu, the second task of the tournament begins and the trio and the candidates began running into the ruined pillar-like temple city getting pasted the hidden poisoned arrows. The trio managed to avoid the poisoned arrows, but Rocky, Kinta and Zeeke fails to avoid being chased by the gigantic ten-headed dragon. Dave, Becky and Sam rescues Rocky, Kinta and Zeeke, repaying them a favor since they helped them; the group along with Rocky, Kinta and Zeeke overpowers and subdue the dragon. When taking shelter in a cave from a sandstorm, the group runs into Zack and his candidate friends Katherine Queen (Vanessa Hudgens) and Clint Harrison (Tyler Posey).

Episode 15: Getting to Know Each Other: Zack tells Dave and the others that they’ve been exploring the cave before the sandstorm. While in the cave, everyone begins to tell each other about themselves and what they seek to gain if one of them wins the sorcerer exams. Afterward, they all decide to become good friends. Elsewhere, Jonny is seen still wondering how the plasmic venom still remains on his arm. When he falls to sleep, Jonny encounters the Venix in his dream. The Venix informs that whenever Jonny seeks out more power or even begin to doubt himself, the curse will unleash itself on its own accord and he will be unable to stop it. The following day, the trio along with Clint, Katherine, Zack, Rocky, Kinta and Zeeke is seen nearly out of the valley of the sands. They run into DJ, and a three headed dragon appears and tries to kill them. In the ensuing battle, DJ refuses to be helped by Dave, who continues to rescue DJ before he could be killed by the dragon. Kinta and Rocky manage to wound the dragon but before they decide to move on DJ kills the dragon despite Dave’s beg to leave it wounded.

Episode 16: Preliminary Rounds Begin: Dave and the others make their way to the Templex. Upon entering the temple, they find Jonny, Tyler, DJ, Dasu, Kia, Cavo and candidates Dean (The Miz) and Karkuya (Li Bingbing) there as well. Merlin and the sorcerer allegiance arrive in the temple where Merlin congratulates the candidates and reveals them of their final task of the sorcerer exams. Merlin tells them that they all will battle each other until only view winners remain to move on to the final rounds of the exams. Afterward, as everyone takes a break, Tyler leaves to go meet with his master. His master is revealed to be Grumlin, making him his apprentice. It is then revealed that Tyler have been in league with Grumlin and only helped Dave and his friends to get information of their abilities. Dave, worried about Jonny, tries to comfort him into giving up the exams fearing the plasmic venom will try and take over him. Jonny refuses and storms off. Brent warns Jonny not to use his Matrix, knowing the plasmic curse will unleash itself. The preliminary rounds begin. For the first match is Jonny vs. Dean. Jonny has the upper hand on Dean, but quickly learns after being overpowered by Dean that he has the ability to absorb power when contact.

Episode 17: Evil Returns: As the match between Jonny and Dean continues, Jonny is force to dodge from Dean and his attacks in order to prevent him from stealing more of his powers. After an ensuing battle, Jonny overwhelms and defeats Dean. With the first match won, Jonny advances to the final rounds. Brent takes Jonny and leaves to seal the plasmic venom before it fully evolves into a new level. Meanwhile, Grumlin is seen preparing to release Morgana from the Dragenix when approached by Max Torvist. Max informs Grumlin of Jonny’s match and his ability to now harness the plasmic venom; Grumlin orders Tyler to go capture Jonny, before destroying the Dragenix releasing Morgana Le Fay (Alice Krige). Elsewhere, the second match between Clint and Cavo commences. In which, Clint overpowers Cavo and defeats him, winning the match and moving onto the final rounds. For the third match is Becky vs. Kinta.

Episode 18: A Girl’s Intuitions: Now freed, Morgana plans her ultimate objective – capture and control the Fherix to destroy the world. Morgana discovers a secret hidden power within Jonny. Believing she can use him for her own doings, Morgana orders for Jonny to be captured. Max tells Morgana of the Fherix sealed within Dave. After hearing this, Morgana remembers her battle against Merlin and his students, Robert and Rachel Owens, Dave’s parents. Morgana attempted to control the Fherix but was defeated by Robert and Rachel, who imprisoned her into the Dragenix. Morgana seeks revenge by killing Merlin and then Dave. Meanwhile, Becky and Kinta commence their battle and are equally matched. During the match, Kinta tries to use “Soul Replacement”, a technique that allows the user to replace an opponent’s soul with their own, to take over Becky’s body and force her to forfeit the match, but fails when Becky is able to overcome the techniques and regain control of her body back. After an ensuing battle, Becky and Kinta clash at each other with their energy blasts. However, both are unable to keep going and their blasts rebound back at each other, knocking them unconscious leaving the match a draw.

Episode 19: Katherine’s Recklessness: Becky and Kinta are treated by paramedics and taken away to the infirmary. For the fourth match is Katherine vs. Tyler. Before the match, Katherine seeks comfort and advice from Dave and the others. Afterward, the match between Katherine and Tyler begins. In the ensuing battle, Katherine seems to have the upper hand against Tyler; however, it is revealed that Tyler is using his medical powers to heal every fatal attack Katherine inflicts on him growing stronger each time. Tyler then tries to warn Katherine to give up or be killed but she refuses and continues fighting. An irritated Tyler then engages and overpowers Katherine but decides to give her a chance to regain herself. Katherine then continues fighting after remembering Dave’s words of never giving up and must always have love, faith and courage to achieve greatness. The battle seem to be overtaken by Katherine, until, Tyler manage to fatally paralyze Katherine before pummeling her around. He then threatens to execute her if she doesn’t surrender but even paralyzed Katherine refuses to give up, forcing an angry Tyler to impale Katherine through the chest with his laser-blade mortally wounding her.

Episode 20: Rocky the Brilliant: Tyler is winner of the fourth match and moves onto the final rounds. As medical officers attend the wounded Katherine, Dave confronts Tyler about his actions. Tyler tells Dave that he is not interested in being friends or comrades with either of them as he only seeks to win the sorcerer exams and would use or trick anyone to achieve that goal. Enraged, Dave swears to avenge Katherine’s loss but Rocky, who is very angry of Tyler showing his true colors, promises to defeat Tyler if they should ever fight against each other in the final rounds. Tyler leaves, before telling Rocky he will be looking forward to it and would be interested in killing him for the fun of it. For the fifth match is Rocky vs. Kia. During the battle, Kia is able to trap Rocky inside her energy ball and attempts to crush her to death. Rocky, however, had place a flash-bomb on Kia’s back which sets off blinding Kia, releasing Rocky from the energy ball. When she sees, Kia is unable to find Rocky – though Rocky is right in front of her. Kia falls unconscious and Rocky is winner of the match.

Episode 21: Dave’s Growth: Dave and the others are amazed at Rocky’s performance. They ask how Kia fell asleep and unable to see him when opening her eyes from the flash-bomb. Rocky explains when he places a flash-bomb on his opponents, the bomb will set off causing the opponent to go blind for a view seconds. Afterward when the opponent opens their eyes, they will bot be able to see him, however, be able to see everything else before falling and remain unconscious for two days. For the sixth match is Dave vs. Zack. In the battle, the two seem equally match until Zack gains the upper hand. Remembering what he is fighting for, Dave taps into some of the Fherix’s power and subdues Zack. Though Andre orders Dave to finish him off, Dave refuses to kill his friend, angering Andre and impressing Merlin, Brent and everyone else of his words. When going to the bathroom, DJ confronts Dave demanding to know why he is so special to everyone else and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t talk. Sam appears and threatens DJ to leave Dave alone.

Episode 22: DJ’s Hatred: For the seventh match is Sam vs. DJ. In the ensuing fight, Sam seems to barely avoid DJ’s speeding attacks and managed to gain the upper hand against DJ overpowering him with the use of his powerful wind, earth and water element powers however DJ still refuses to give up. When Sam asks DJ why he is so determined to win the battle in hopes to battle and defeat Dave, DJ argues and mourns over Dave’s growth of getting stronger hoping to become something that Merlin and everyone else will forever know him as. Sam nearly defeats DJ, who was distracted when remembering his father. DJ, however, easily avoids Sam’s attack and taps into a power, very similar to Dave’s power of the Fherix, and defeats Sam. Enraged, DJ was about to kill Sam, but was stopped by Brent. DJ vows to declare his father’s legacy before being confronted by Dave, who swears to avenge his best-friend’s loss and defeat DJ in the final rounds. Merlin and the sorcerer allegiance learn from Andre that the Cebris, a powerful white wolf-like spirit beast, has been sealed within DJ.

Episode 23: Zeeke’s Determination: Before being taken by to the infirmary by the medicinal officers, Sam asks Dave to win his battle against DJ in the final rounds, which Dave promises. The final match is Zeeke vs. Dasu. Before they battle begun, Zeeke was unable to battle and was scared. Luckily, Rocky encourages his best-friend to change his mind and battle, telling Zeeke to have faith and believe in himself. In battle against Dasu, Zeeke appears to have the upper hand; however, Dasu engages and overpowers Zeeke. He suggests to Rocky that he should give up, but Zeeke refuses, determined to show Rocky he can win the match. Irritated, Dasu attempts to kill Zeeke, who was able to trap Dasu in his secret ground quicksand technique called “Quickground”. Dasu is sunk underground, and Zeeke celebrates as if he had won the fight. Before Zeeke could be declared winner of the match, Dasu appears from underground and grabs Zeeke, using a poisonous technique to fatally paralyze him. Rocky attends Zeeke, who begins to slowly die from Dasu’s poison.

Episode 24: Merlin vs. Morgana Le Fay: The 24th and final episode takes place after episode 23. Zeeke is rushed to the infirmary by medical officers, and Rocky swears revenge on Dasu. With no other candidates, Karkuya moves onto the final rounds as well. With the Preliminary rounds over, Dave, Jonny, Rocky, Clint, DJ, Dasu, Karkuya and Tyler are the eight remaining candidates. Merlin congratulates them before revealing their final task of the sorcerer tournament. Meanwhile, Brent, along with Jonny – who has been watching over Becky and Sam in the hospital – leaves to go seal the plasmic venom. Only when after Brent seals the plasmic venom, he tells Jonny, before he passes out, that he must never relive on the curse’ power or will to be released and become more aggressive when taking over his body. Brent is then confronted by Grumlin and Morgana, who attempts to take and make Jonny her next apprentice. Merlin appears, and an ensuing battle emerges. During which, it is revealed that Merlin and Morgana were the apprentices of Balthazu and Volderus, the two powerful sibling god sorcerers. Morgana seeks to gain the Fherix’s power in order to obtain the Book of Gods, a powerful spell book which she attempt to use to resurrect an army of dead sorcerers and destroy the world. Morgana and Grumlin retreats after the sorcerer allegiance arrive. Jonny is taken to the infirmary, where Tyler shows up and prepares to kill him, but is stopped by a recovered Sam and force to retreat when Brent appears. Dave later meets with Brent in hopes of training with him, but is given, Max Torvist, as a replacement.

Season 3

Episode 25: Max’s Truth: Season 3 follows the cliff-hanger of season 2. Dave demands why Max is going to be his trainer for the final rounds of the Sorcerer Exams. Brent tells Dave that he is going to help train Jonny. Dave is not happy with the idea of Max being his new trainer, and argues over being trained by the guy who tried to kill him. Max then tries to tell Dave that he has been on their side all along, but Dave refuses to believe. Max explains to Dave the story of how he decided to work with Morgana and her forces, in order for Dave to believe him. Long before Dave was born, Max, Brent and Dave’s parents was the apprentices of Merlin and Morgana. Morgana attempted to steal the Book of Gods; she was confronted and stopped by Dave’s parents. They had managed to overpower Morgana, who flees vowing revenge. After tracking down the Fherix, Morgana tried to take the spirit under her control. She was stopped by Merlin, who challenged her to a battle to the death. She nearly killed Merlin, who was saved by Dave’s parents and Max. Together, they helped Merlin defeated and sealed Morgana inside the Dragenix. Soon after Dave’s parents had died, Max joined forces with Grumlin and his forces, in order for him to keep Dave under protection from them and others who would attempt to obtain the Dragenix and free Morgana or capture him.

Episode 26: Let the Training Begin: Dave believes Max, who then teleports Dave to a forest that resembles to the (Yosemite National Park) where Max reveals to Dave he will be training from now on. While Max oversees Dave's training, he unlocks the seal that Grumlin had placed on Dave in the deadly forest in their battle, and Dave quickly grasps the concept of walking on water. Max then teaches Dave how to use fire and wind plasma elements. After couple of days, Dave has finally managed to complete his task to harness the fire and wind plasma elements. His next task is very dangerous and intense as he must now use his plasma fire element power to walk through fire, which he also successfully accomplishes for the third try. Now, Daniel’s third and hardest task is to walk in mid-air using his plasma wind element power, which he finally managed to accomplices for the tenth try. Afterwards, Max speaks with Naruto about his two kinds of power. {C}

Episode 27: Summoning Spell: After waking up form a nap, Dave finds Max sleeping, with a book in his arms. The book is revealed to be a women magazine, and Dave thinks of something else and states Max is nearly just like Brent when it comes to them wanting to read or even spy on women. Dave tries to wake Max up to continue their training, but Max refuses saying he too tired. After finally being woken by Dave, Max finally tells Dave that he's teaching him the Summoning Spell, a technique that allows users to summon forth any big, small or even gigantic animals such as frogs, lions, wolves, falcons and even dragons. Dave must use his yellow power to use the technique, as Jiraiya stated. He said that Dave must use up all of his regular power. So, Dave wasted his energy plasma blasts, and he goes overboard in doing so. After that, Max summoned a Dragon, with a summoning contract scroll. After signing the contract, he tried using the Summoning Spell, but a baby Dragon only appeared.

Episode 28: Spy Among Us: Dave continues on trying to fully use the Summoning Spell, while Max relaxes angering Dave of his laziness. Meanwhile, that night, DJ is seen training when he is confronted by Dasu, who has come to challenge him. He attends to kill DJ so that he can fight against Jonny and Dave in the final rounds. DJ and Dasu commence their battle, in which, Dasu nearly has DJ apprehended. However everything goes wrong for Dasu, and an enraged DJ taps into the power of the Cebris. He ends up brutally defeating and killing Dasu. Elsewhere, Morgana, Grumlin and Tyler are seen discussing their plans to attack Merlin and capture both Jonny and Dave at the final rounds. Unfortunately, a medical officer heard the conversation. After he heard the plans, the officer planned to go to Merlin, but he is killed by Tyler so Merlin will never know the plans. Morgana also states that by killing Merlin will she be able to learn the whereabouts of the Book of Gods, as he’s the only one who has hidden it away from the world.

Episode 29: Zeeke’s Feelings: The following morning, the medical officer’s body is found by other officers. They inform Merlin and the Sorcerer Allegiance. They seemed to talk about Morgana and Grumlin, and Merlin concluded that they don't still have any information regarding to the latters, he also express his trust to the sorcerers and if they invade with their armies, they will assemble and fight back. Meanwhile, at a resurtaunt, Rocky, Kinta and their father, Ozark, are seen celebrating Zeeke’s recovery. Unimpressed of Zeeke’s loss in the preliminary rounds, Ozark suggests Zeke to get better, but Zeeke, however leaves to mourn thinking he has failed to make his teacher proud. Rocky goes to comfort his best-friend, and Zeeke tells of his feelings toward trying to make him and the others proud. After a brief talk with Rocky, Zeeke begins to feel better and finally tells Rocky how he means to him like an older brother. Ozark appears and apologizes to Zeek, promising to help train him along with Rocky. {C}

Episode 30: Sam’s Bravery: After recovering from the hospital, Becky and Sam go to visit Jonny, who is seen training with Brent. Afterward, the two decide to go for a walk around the park. As they do, Sam tells Becky how Dave and the others mean to him like family and vows to get strong to help protect everyone. When leaving the park, Sam and Becky witness a young girl being kidnapped by a group of bandits. Sam chases after them, but the bandits were able to get away. Becky suggest they go get help, but Sam refuses and goes after the bandits, vowing to rescue the girl so he can determine himself of becoming strong. Sam follows the bandits to their secret hideout. Inside, he sneaks his way in and frees the girl. Before they could escape, Sam and the girl are confronted by the bandits and their ruthless leader. The bandit leader is revealed to be a sorcerer who is wanted for kidnapping young girls. Sam easily defeats the bandit leader and his troops, and safely returns the girl back to her family. Sam is hailed a hero for saving the girl, and Sam celebrates with the impressed Becky at Burger King. {C}

Episode 31: Live or Die: After completing his training, Dave passes out from exhaustion while an amazed Max comments on his determination. The next day, Max tells Dave to follow him. He tells Dave that they should bathe first. After bathing together, they go eat Chinese food. Max tells him to eat a lot since it's his last. After eating lots of Chinese food, Dave thinks Max will treat him, but in the end, he has to pay for all his Chinese food. Then, Max tells Dave to hug his crush, and he attempts to hug Becky, only to be punched by her as she was already angry from an argument with a store worker over accidentally spilling soda on the floor. On the way, Max punches Dave, as part of his training. After Dave awakes, he pushes him down a cliff, to see if the Fherix will react and protect Dave. In his subconscious, Dave encounters the Fherix, who warns Dave to leave and never return. Dave, however, refuses to leave and orders the Fherix to give him some of his power. The Fherix lends Dave some of his power and Dave was finally able to summon a giant dragon; seeing this dragon shocks Max.

Episode 32: Gamukota the Dragon Chief: Angered that a teenager summoned him, the dragon – revealed to be the dragon chief Gamukota – starts asking where either Brent or Max was. In order for Gamukota to accept Dave as his underling, he told Dave that he must stay on his back the whole day without falling off. Over five hours later, Gamukota still tries to shake Dave off as Max is watching, while spying on a group of girls. In an attempt to shake Dave off, Gamukota lands in a lake, scaring off the girls, much to Max's dismay. This then caused Dave to fall of the dragon's back, but in an effort to stay on the toad's back, Dave managed to balance himself using his wind energy wave. Tired out, Dave finally falls off Gamukota's back. As a reward for lasting so long, Gamukota catches Dave with his tail, and claimed that no one since Robert Owens, Dave’s father, had stayed on his back for so long. Knowing that Dave is depleted of his strength and power, Gamukota drops off Dave at the hospital.

Episode 33: The Final Rounds: After waking up in the hospital, Dave learns from Sam that the final rounds of the sorcerer exams is about to start. He tells Dave he was asleep for five days. Nearly out of time, Dave tries to summon a dragon, but ends up summoning a large falcon named Havul. Havul offers to take Dave and Sam to the stadium, if they pay him 100$ bucks. When they refuse, Havul ends up taking Dave’s 100 dollar bill and flies off. Dave and Sam pursuits him, but are unable to catch him since he is a falcon; Dave comes up with a plan to lure Havul into a trap. The plan however goes wrong and Havul escapes. Dave and Sam begin to lose hope, but Havul appears and has a change of heart. Havul flies them to the battle area, but other falcons appear and chase after Havul to try and eat Dave and Sam, feeling hungry. Havul escapes, and drops Dave and Sam off at the battle area, which is a giant ruin battleground with pillars and a river. Sam leaves to go set with Becky, Kinta, Zeeke, Katherine and Zack in the stands, where over thousands of people are setting as well. Dave, Clint, Rocky, Tyler, DJ and Karkuya are present at the area. Dave looks around for Jonny, who hasen’t shown up, and Rocky wonders why Dasu hasen’t shown up as well.

Episode 34: Dave vs. DJ: Merlin and the Sorcerer Allegiance appear, and Merlin commences the final rounds. He announces that the first match will be Dave vs. DJ. Before the match starts, Dave repeats what he said before, that he will defeat DJ. DJ says that Dave will be the one to lose. The match begins, and during the battle, Dave tries to reason DJ not to bring his hatred in their battle for it will cause him to lose. DJ refuses, and states he will kill Dave in order to achieve his goal of restoring his father’s legacy. Dave DJ seem to have the upper hand on each other until DJ taps to an even greater power of the Cebris, increasing his speed, stamina and strength, and begins pummeling Dave. An angry Max tries to convince Merlin to stop the match, but Andre confronts Max and threatens to kill him if he tries to stop the match. Merlin tells Max to let Dave fight his own battle, feeling Dave will overcome and take control of the battle. As he seems to be unable to keep going, Dave remembers in a flashback of Brent telling him how his parents sacrificed their lives to protect him and how he must have faith, courage and wisdom in order for him to reach his goal. Dave taps into a new greater power of the Fherix, which increases his speed, strength and stamina and powers. As the battle continues, Dave begins overpowering and pummeling DJ. After the two clashes with each other, the battle appears to have been won by DJ, but Dave’s body is a fake dummy. Dave, having dug a hole underground, surprises DJ with an uppercut from below, knocking him out.

Episode 35: Rocky vs. Karkuya: Dave wins the first match. Everyone including his friends, Merlin and the sorcerer allegiance are amazed of Dave’s performance, all except an angered Andre. Merlin is surprised to see Dave being able to control the power of the Fherix. The second match is Rocky vs. Karkuya. Rocky is at first unwilling to fight, but decides when refusing to lose to a women. In need of help to trap Karkuya, Rocky, while avoiding Karkuya’s attacks, quickly studies the battleground and its elements and comes up with a plan. Despite this, Karkuya has seen Rocky's primary attack in action and knows how it works. It appears that Karkuya is able to evade Rocky's technique and adapt to his tactics believing he will try and get her with his flash-bombs. Karkuya, irritated by Rocky, summons a legion of werewolves to devour him. Rocky was able to destroy them, only when he trips over a hole wile running, Karkuya was about to kill him with her spear. However, a flash-bomb in the hole explodes causing Karkuya to go blind from underneath her. Rocky explains to that he pretended to have tripped over the hole when he actually tripped over on purpose to drop down a flash-bomb for her, falling into his trap. Karkuya falls unconscious, and Rocky is winner of the second match.

Episode 36: Jonny vs. Tyler: The 36th and final episode takes place after episode 35. With Jonny and Tyler's match needing to start, Merlin sets a time limit for Jonny to arrive. Jonny arrives at the last minute with Brent. On his way to the area, Tyler is encountered by a group of guys who were playing around in the boy’s bathroom. They confront Tyler, who kills them with his high-tech power cannon-like buster which he build to easily kill his opponents in one shot. The match commences. Jonny easily overpowers Tyler, who is unable to keep up with his speed. Jonny reveals he gained his new abilities during his training with Brent. Even using his buster, Tyler can’t get a hit on Jonny. He puts his buster away and tries to battle Jonny, who continues to pummel and overwhelm Tyler. While watching the battle, Dave figures out that Tyler used a spell to make him get stronger and powerful the more he is hit by Jonny, absorbing his powers from ever attack he inflict on Tyler. He tries to warn Brent and the others and asks Brent to stop the match. Brent refuses, stating there is nothing to worry about. Jonny discovers Tyler’s spell, however, Tyler puts up a barrier to prevent Jonny from attacking. He warns that the barrier will instantly kill those who tried to enter or make contact. To everyone including Dave and Merlin’s shock and surprise, Jonny uses his new powerful technique “Chitorix”, which is a blue-like lightning plasma energy bolt. With it, Jonny was able to pierce through the barrier and through Tyler’s shoulder. Tyler falls to the ground dead, and Jonny is winner of the third match. At that moment, Tyler, still alive, used a spell to summon forth Morgana’s dark forces, beginning the invasion.

Season 4

Episode 37: The Death of Merlin: Season 4 follows the cliff-hanger of season 3. With the invasion’s start, Merlin is taken captive by Morgana Le Fay. Grumlin’s minions Kido (Matthew “Mdot” Finley), Saiko (Sebastian Stan), Tiera (Mila Kunis) and Jerobu (Jareb Dauplaise) creates a barrier to allow them to fight without interruption. One of the ANRU, a secret top skilled sorcerer military force unit, chasing after them touches the barrier and dies. Meanwhile, Morgana’s dark forces had begun terrorizing the kingdom. They summoned giant dragons as well. During the great ensuing battle between the ANRU and Morgana’s dark forces, Cavo and Kia appears and flees with a wounded Tyler, with Jonny in pursuit of them, eager to finish their battle. Preoccupied with fending off the invading forces, Brent tells Dave, Becky and Sam to go after Jonny. He summons Parco to track down Jonny by his sent. As the trio leaves to go after Jonny, Brent, Max and the sorcerer allegiance continue to defend off the dark forces. Elsewhere, Merlin and Morgana commence their battle. During the battle, Morgana uses the “Resurrection Spell”, a spell that allows to user to bring back people or sorcerers to life and takes control of their souls and bodies under command, to summon Robert (Adam Brody) and Rachel Owens (Natalie Portman) to fight Merlin, who becomes shocked when seeing his former apprentices again. Robert and Rachel begin to overpower Merlin, but when they are about to kill him, they refuse Morgana’s order refusing to kill their teacher. Merlin takes the chance to use the spell “Soul Remover” to extract Robert and Rachel’s souls from their bodies. Robert and Rachel ask of their son. Merlin tells them of Dave’s past accomplishments and determinations, leaving Robert and Rachel in happiness of their son as they return back to the afterlife. Merlin and Morgana confront each other in a final showdown. As the two are at their limits, Merlin prepares the “Sacrificial Spell”, a powerful forbidden spell that allows the user to steal and destroy an enemy’s soul at the cost of their own life as well, attempting to give his life and kill Morgana. At the cost of his life, Merlin pulls and destroys Morgana soul seemingly killing her, and he falls back and dies with a smile on his face.

Episode 38: Pushed to the Edge: In a dense forest, Tyler, Cavo and Kia takes cover at a ruin monastery. Before they could contact Grumlin, Jonny suddenly appears. Cavo and Kia engage Jonny, who easily defeats them both. Jonny was about to charge at Tyler when Grumlin appears. Determined to kill Jonny and gain his powers, Grumlin transforms into a dog-like demon, which dramatically increased his strength and speed, as well as the difficulty Jonny faced fighting him. During the battle against the powerful transformed Grumlin, Jonny used his Chitorix to slice Grumlin's arm off, but, at this pain, Grumlin only became more determined to kill Jonny and obtain his powers. Unable to use the Chitorix on his own anymore, Jonny was forced to use his curse plasmic venom so that he could battle and equally match Grumlin. He then strikes Grumlin with another Chitorix. Again this failed to stop the now bloodthirsty Grumlin, and Jonny collapsed due to the use of the plasmic venom curse. As Grumlin prepared to kill Jonny, Dave, Sam and Becky finally arrived, and repelled Grumlin.

Episode 39: This Ends Now: Seeing Dave, Becky and Sam’s determination to protect Jonny, an enraged Grumlin attempts to kill Jonny. Sam and Becky try to stop him, but the powerful transformed Grumlin easily subdues and restrains them both. Parco advices they should run away, but Dave refuses and takes on Grumlin, determined to save his friends and stop Grumlin once and for all at all costs. In the ensuing battle, Dave appears to be no match against Grumlin, who seems to easily overwhelm him. When Dave tried to summon Gamukota, he ends up summoning Gamukoba, a small dragon and the son of Gamukota. Gamukoba tells Dave he wont help him battle unless he brought along some snacks; this angers Dave to claim he’s really starting to hate dragons. Moments later, Jonny tells Dave to rescue Sam and Becky and escape while he holds Grumlin off. Realizing Jonny attempts to sacrifice himself for his friends, Dave then taps into the power of the Fherix and subdues Grumlin, who then evolves into a gigantic dragon. Dave then quickly summons Gamukota, who refused to help Dave battle Grumlin until Gamukoba appears and tells that Grumlin was picking on him and Dave came to his rescue. In the ensuing battle, Gamukota was able to subdue Grumlin, forcing him to transform back to his normal state, allowing Dave to gain the upper hand against Grumlin and defeats him. After being informed of Morgana’s death, Grumlin and his minions Tyler, Saiko, Tiera, Kido, Jerobu, Kia and Cavo disappears vowing revenge. Back in the kingdom, Dave and his friends, the sorcerer allegiance as well as everyone in the entire kingdom attends Merlin’s funeral and for those who’ve died protecting the kingdom.

Episode 40: A New Threat: Two months after Merlin’s funeral, Brent is approached by the sorcerer council, who offers him to position of being leader of the sorcerer allegiance. Brent declines, and says that Fiona Gibson would be a much better candidate for it. He offers to find her for the kingdom. Before he goes to get Dave, deciding to bring him along, Brent is approached by Ryan Owens (Penn Badgley), who is revealed to be Dave’s older brother. Ryan informs Brent that Dave is in danger from the “Aurous”, an organization of a group of powerful mercenaries. He tells the Aurous are searching for the Fherix to gain its power for an evil purpose. Before he leaves, Ryan tells Brent he will help them defeat the Aurous to protect Dave. Meanwhile, two mysterious figures – Tristan Yakuza (Steven Strait) and Sonar (Ron Perlman) – enters the kingdom. They are confronted by Zamia and Ozark, who discovers of their presents. Ozark and Zamia engage in battle, though Tristan and Sonar quickly gain the advantage. As Ozark and Zamia are about to be killed, Mifoni comes to their rescue.

Episode 41: Brothers Reunion: Mifoni explains Tristan and Sonar are members of the Aurous and are seeking powerful objects or spiritual beings to conquer the world. Tristan reveals they are after the Fherix. Sonar prepares to battle Mifoni, until Tristan declared that this fight had gone on for long enough, and that they weren't there to start a war, vanishing afterwards. After overhearing Mifoni, Ozark and Zamia’s conversation, Jonny, learning Tristan had returned to the kingdom and is after Dave, goes off after Dave. Tristan and Sonar track down Dave, who had finished eating at Golden Corral with Becky and Sam. Tristan places a woman under a spell to go out with Brent, in distraction for them to capture Dave without Brent’s interference. They chase and nearly capture Dave, but he was saved by Ryan, who had been trying to catch up to him when seeing Dave being chased by Sonar’s smoke dragon. It is revealed that Ryan and Tristan were once longtime best-friends, which was how Dave and Jonny –Tristan’s little brother– became best-friends, until Tristan became a fugitive after murdering the entire Yakuza clan. Suddenly, Jonny appears. He engages Tristan, who easily overpowers his little brother. {C}

Episode 42: The Search Begins: After defeating Jonny, Tristan places him under deep limbo state using his Mentis Matrix. Afterward, Tristan and Sonar are unable to capture Dave and are force to flee when Brent appears, saving Dave from being captured. Dave and Brent set out in search for Fiona Gibson, while Ryan takes Jonny to the hospital. Along the way, Brent tells Dave that Fiona was also Merlin’s apprentice and she is a great sorceress and master of healing. Dave plans to ask Fiona to heal Jonny when they return back to the kingdom. Meanwhile, Grumlin is seen mourning the death of Morgana Le Fay. Enraged, He brutally kills Cavo and Kia, in angered of them not being with Morgana to help fight against Merlin instead of fleeing with Tyler. Tyler appears and informs Grumlin of learning Fiona’s whereabouts in a town called Taberius. Grumlin and Tyler head out to find Fiona so that they can obtain the Book of Gods. {C}

Episode 43: A New Technique: The search for Fiona led Dave and Brent to the town Taberius. While there, the two encounter bandits and Brent easily subdues them by using his technique “Imperix”, which is a blue plasma energy bolt ball. An excited Dave asks Brent to teach him it, and Brent agrees to do so. The first step, of three, for Dave to master the Imperix is to gather wind energy in his palm and use his power to spend it. When he begins his training, Dave is finally able to use his power to spend his wind energy. The second step is to use his blue energy blast and, like the first step, use his power to spend the blast. After taking two days of not mastering the second step, Dave finally completes the second step and moves onto his final step – which is to now, like both first and second step, use his power to spend his blue energy ball blast with his wind energy inside; if Dave completes this he will master the Imperix. After another two days, Dave finally completes the third step. Meanwhile, Fiona Gibson (Laura Dern) and her niece Sarah (Selena Gomez) are approached by Grumlin and Tyler. {C}

Episode 44: Confrontation: Since Fiona was entrusted by her father, Merlin, to keep and protect the Book of Gods, Grumlin asks Fiona to give him the book so he can seek vengeance against the sorcerer allegiance. Although she has no intentions of giving the book of gods to Grumlin due to his help of killing Merlin, Fiona decides to consider the matter when he offers to revive her dead brother who is Sarah’s father. When Fiona is about to give the book of gods to Grumlin, Tyler quickly saves Grumlin from Fiona’s attack revealing it to have been a trap for Fiona to kill Grumlin. As Grumlin and Tyler charge at Fiona and Sarah, the two are stopped by Brent and Dave forcing to retreat. At a restaurant, Brent informs Fiona of the past events however she rejects the offer, saying anyone who would willingly take the title as leader of the sorcerer allegiance is a fool. Dave, enraged that she would disrespect his parents, Merlin as well as the title of being leader of the sorcerer alliance, challenges Fiona to a battle. The two step outside, but Fiona quickly proves to be far out of Dave’s league. Unwilling to give up, Dave readies his newly imperfect Imperix for an attack. {C}

Episode 45: Old Relationship: Dave charges at Fiona with his imperfect Imperix. The attack fails, and Fiona argues over Brent teaching Dave the Imperix when only he, Merlin, Mifoni and Dave’s parents were the only ones capable to successfully mastering the technique. Despite this, Fiona offers Dave a proposition: if he can master the Imperix in two days, she'll give him Merlin’s dragon diamond necklace that was made by his father, the great sorcerer god Balthazu. If he cannot, Dave must give up his dream of being a hero. Dave agrees to the bet, and leaves to start training. Fiona meets Brent and the two head out for drinks and time with each other, where he tells her that he is aware Grumlin has offered her something. Brent makes it clear that he will kill Fiona if she helps Grumlin. Dave is approached by Sarah, who tries convince him to give up on his bet telling him Merlin’s necklace is the only thing that reminds her and Fiona of her father as the necklace was originally given to him by her father, Merlin, and was given to Fiona by Merlin after her brother was killed during the Second Great Sorcerer War. Dave refuses claiming he’ll win and keep the necklace in his protection. During that night, Fiona watches Dave’s progress from the background, while noting how similar he is to her older brother.

Episode 46: Fiona’s Revenge: Dave appears to have been unsuccessful and lays unconscious with fatigue. Brent, still uncertain about the situation with Grumlin & Fiona, decides to take her out for drinks & reminds her about the bet with Daniel. The next day, Fiona is attacked and captured by a group of mutated human-like demons. She wakes up and finds herself in the middle of the desert around an old ruin pillar-like cemetery. Fiona is confronted by Morgana who has the Book of Gods in her possession. It is revealed that Morgana had been resurrected by Grumlin, who had used the lifeless bodies of Cavo and Kia in order to do so. Knowing Morgana’s plans, Fiona manages to break free and kill the demons before engaging in a battle against Tyler planning to kill him before battling both Grumlin and Morgana and avenge her father’s death. Although Fiona has far more battle experience than Tyler, he is able to hold his own against her, even managing to land a few debilitating attacks. As Tyler prepares to execute Fiona, Dave, Brent, and Sarah arrives to help.

Episode 47: Last Resort: Uninterested in their assistance, Fiona tries to resume her battle with Tyler, though he slices her palm, paralyzing her. As she is taken aside to recover, Dave and Sarah both launch attacks at Tyler, which he defeats. When Mifoni appears, Brent then states that he and Mifoni will take on Morgana and Grumlin, respectively leaving Sarah to fight against Tyler. With Fiona paralyzed, Brent takes on Grumlin while Mifoni fights Morgana. Tyler severely injures Sarah before continuing to insult Fiona, only to anger Dave and he battles Tyler to protect Fiona and to also avenge Katherine’s loss at the preliminary rounds. In the ensuing battle, Tyler appears to have the upper hand against Dave, who manage to restrain Tyler and strikes him with his now perfectly improved Imperix, impressing Brent, Fiona, Sarah and Mifoni, though Morgana and Grumlin are shocked and enraged of Dave mastering a powerful technique created by the great god Balthazu. Despite using his medical powers to heal his mortally wound, Tyler’s wound is still to greatly painful for him to deal with.

Episode 48: A New Leader: The 48th and final episode takes place after episode 47. When Dave falls unconscious due to him running out of power, Morgana, recognizing Dave as a potential future threat, tries to kill him, only to be stopped by Fiona, who joins the battle with Brent and Mifoni against Grumlin and Morgana. In the ensuing battle, Brent as well as Fiona and Grumlin summons forth their dragons – Gamukota, Athena and Munga. Enraged of being summoned, Munga was a bout to kill Grumlin but Morgana clams the giant dark dragon by convincing him to devour Dave. Munga only agrees when wanting to eat the boy who has possession of the Fherix. In the epic battle, Munga tries to kill Dave, but Athena and Gamukota are able to overpower the dragon before Fiona restrains him. Morgana merges with Grumlin’s summoned serpent dragon and attempts to reclaim the Book of Gods planning to devour the book in order to obtain its powers. When Morgana is about to eat the book of gods, Dave kills Morgana, decapitating her with a sword devastating Grumlin; this gives Fiona the chance to engage and brutally overpower Grumlin. After an ensuing battle, Fiona defeats Grumlin and Mifoni then destroys the Book of Gods, in order for it to remain out of evil’s hands. Grumlin and Tyler vanishes, promising to return as their fight still isn’t over. Fiona gives Merlin’s necklace to Dave intrusting him to keep it safe. After returning back to the kingdom, Fiona heals Jonny before she is later named as the new leader of the sorcerer allegiance.

Season 5

Episode 49: A Friend’s Challenge: The 5th and final season of Dave Owens follows the cliff-hanger of season 4. A month has passed after Fiona Gibson became the new leader of the Sorcerer Allegiance. After recovering from the hospital, Jonny then continues his training. During which, he angrily becomes obsessed in wondering how Dave is getting stronger than him and why he is wanted by the Aurous. Meanwhile, Dave is seen on a date with Becky. The couple flies on Lavol around the clouds in the sky, until when Dave drops Becky back to her house; they are confronted by an angered Jonny. He demands Dave to battle him, wanting to see how he has improved so much, but Dave declines, not wanting to fight his best-friend. When Jonny calls Dave’s bluff, calling him a coward, Dave accepts Jonny’s challenge. The two head off to the training ground, where they end up having a tense argument over who is more superior in power. Jonny and Dave commence their battle, in which, the two are equality matched. Aware of their fight, Becky and Sam goes to stop them, fearing they’ll end up killing each other. When arriving at the training ground Becky, Sam and even Lavol tries to stop them but to no avail. When Dave prepares his Imperix, Jonny then readies his Chitorix and the two charged at each other with their attacks, despite Becky’s cries for them to stop fighting.

Episode 50: Confrontation: Before Dave and Jonny could clash; Ryan appears and stops the two. Jonny storms off in anger while Dave flies away with Becky and Sam on Lavol to calm down. Ryan meets with Brent and recalls both Jonny and Dave to be young of mastering powerful techniques such as the Imperix and the Chitorix, though Brent doesn’t agree. Brent leaves to go talk to Dave, leaving Ryan to have a talk with Jonny. Ryan takes Jonny aside and lectures him about not attacking comrades and friends. While Jonny only half-listens to Ryan's words, the arrival of Kido, Saiko, Jerobu and Tiera, erases Ryan's message from his mind. Jonny briefly battles the four, but is then overpowered and subdued. After they explain that they were once on Jonny's level though got stronger once joining Grumlin, they extend an invitation to Jonny to accompany them to Grumlin's lair. After doing so, they leave, allowing Jonny to consider the matter

Episode 51: Jonny’s Decision: The appeal of gaining power is too much to turn down, and Jonny makes his way for the kingdom’s gate. On his way, he meets Becky, who realizes that Jonny is about to turn his back on his friends and the kingdom. She pleads with Jonny to stay, telling him how much Dave determines for them to be best-friends again and that Dave sees Jonny as a brother. After hearing this, Jonny begins to have second thoughts, but an angered Tiera appears and knocks Becky out before he could change his mind. Jonny stops Tiera from killing Becky, then leaves in the company of Saiko, Kido, Tiera and Jerobu as morning approaches. As the first step in gaining power, Jonny's plasmic venom curse must be advanced to its second state. For this to happen, Kido, Saiko, Jerobu and Tiera puts Jonny in a limbo state and seals him into a barrel. They continue while carrying him as his seal advances and wondering if he will survive, which Saiko begins to doubt about

Episode 52: Rescue Jonny: After waking up, Becky reports to the Sorcerer Allegiance about Jonny leaving the kingdom. She lies to them, saying Jonny was attacked and kidnapped by Grumlin’s apprentices. When Mifoni, Zamia, Kenjo, Andre and Ozark suggest they assemble a team of highly skilled ANRU soldiers to after them, Fiona then suspects Grumlin’s plan to gain revenge by obtaining Jonny’s powers. In act, Fiona assembles Dave, Sam, Clint, Rocky and Zeeke under Clint’s lead to go rescue Jonny. The trio quickly devised the optimal formation for the group. Before they left, Dave vows to a worried Becky to return back alive, promising to surprise her with something she’d always wanted for a gift. The group sets out on their mission. They finally catch up to Grumlin’s apprentices, who were taking a break at a ruin battleground after carrying Jonny for a ways, but their presents were detected and Grumlin’s apprentices attacks them before they can make a move.

Episode 53: Zeeke vs. Jerobu: Kido, Saiko and Tiera continue on, leaving Jerobu to fight off the trio. In the ensuing battle, the trio appears to be no match against Jerobu. Zeeke volunteers to stay behind and battle Jerobu while they go after Jonny. Rocky, knowing Zeeke is attempting to sacrifice his life for them to accomplish their mission and to prove himself to him, Kinta and Ozark he has improved, tries to plea with him of his idea, but Zeeke declines and the others head off after Jonny, telling Zeke to catch up after winning his fight. Zeeke and Jerobu commence their battle, during which, Zeeke eats a red gum. He explains that the red, blue and green gums, which are called the “Power Gums”, are the flavors of cherry, watermelon and blueberry and they ultimately increases the users’ power. He tells that the blueberry gum is the most power yet dangerous of the three and that it would even kill the user after eating and using all its power. After eating the cherry and watermelon gums, Zeeke subdues and defeats Jerobu, who then taps into his level 2 plasmic venom curse and pummels Zeeke. Faced with death either way, Zeeke eats the cherry gum and easily overpower and kills Jerobu. His battle won, Zeeke began to follow his friends' path, but he falls unconscious before making it very far

Episode 54: Clint vs. Kido: Rocky begins to worry about Zeeke. He explains to the others, who were worried about Rocky, that he and Zeeke have been friends since they were five years old and sees Zeeke like a little brother. When the trio catches up to Grumlin’s apprentices, they are quickly caught in Kido’s trap. Kido remains behind to fight off the trio while Saiko and Tiera continue on. He is about to finish off Dave, but Clint saves him and prepares to battle Kido. Deciding to deal with Kido himself, Clint instructs the others to go on without him, and begins his battle with Kido. During the battle, Kido believes himself to have the advantage against Clint, who turns the tables on Kido and subdues him. That is until Kido transforms into his level 2 plasmic venom curse. In this form, Kido has the ability to manipulate earth element energy bow and arrows. He begins to overpower Clint, who manages to paralyze Kido with one of his arrows. Clint kills Kido, but his injures were too severe and he collapses to the ground unconscious, leaving the others to rescue Jonny. Meanwhile, an angered Grumlin sends a mysterious figure after his apprentices

Episode 55: Sam vs. Saiko: Dave, Rocky and Sam catches up and ambushes Saiko and Tiera, engaging them in battle. Sam saves Dave from Saiko’s attack, but he ends up falling with Saiko off a cliff. The two survive, falling into a river, and are washed up to a small ruin village. Sam and Saiko commence their battle, in which, Saiko gains the upper hand. Saiko then attempted to take over Sam’s body and tried to force him to execute himself, but Sam was able to force Saiko out by stabbing himself in the abdomen with his blade. Weakened, Saiko tried to heal his wound but was too greatly hurt. Sam takes the chance to severely injure Saiko before escaping into a dense forest. He tries to heal his wound but was confronted by an angered Saiko, who then transforms into his level 2 plasmic venom curse determined to kill Sam. Saiko was about to finish off Sam, who was then saved by Sarah and Zack. Sarah tells that she, Zack, Kinta and Ryan were sent as backup by Fiona. Still weakened yet in his level 2 form, Saiko tries to battle Zack, who easily overpowers him. Unable to defeat Zack, Saiko turns his back on Sam but was stopped by Sarah before he could kill him. Zack kills Saiko and Sarah attends to a dying Sam. She heals him and the two begin a relationship, revealing their love feelings for each other

Episode 56: Rocky vs. Tiera: Dave and Rocky are confronted by Tiera. Before she could act, the mysterious figure revealed to be Kevu (Ian Somerhalder) appears. It is revealed that Kevu had been sent by Grumlin, who has grown impatient waiting for them to return with Jonny. Kevu then decides to spare Tiera’s life, then takes Jonny’s coffin and flees. Rocky stalls Tiera, giving Dave the chance to go after Kevu. Rocky and Tiera commence their battle, in which, Tiera summons her demonic mutants to kill Rocky. Rocky was able to restrain and kill the mutants before trapping Tiera with one of his flash-bomb attacks. Unfortunately, the blinded Tiera transforms into her level 2 plasmic venom curse. She was able to regain her vision and severely injure Rocky. Tiera was about to finish off Rocky, but Kinta intervenes and saves him from her attack. Tiera summoned more mutants, but they were all destroyed by Kinta’s blast. After a brief battle, Kinta easily overpowers and kills Tiera. Meanwhile, Dave catches up to Kevu at an old ruin monastery and confronts him. Kevu explains to Dave that Grumlin is planning to obtain Jonny’s powers to gain his revenge on him and the sorcerer allegiance to avenge the death of Morgana Le Fay. Enraged, Dave taps into the power of the Fherix, determined to rescue Jonny

Episode 57: A Brother’s Help: Dave engages Kevu in battle; however, Kevu easily proves to be more powerful than him and nearly subdues Dave. Jonny’s plasmic venom curse finally reaches it second level, allowing him to exit his coffin and go on ahead. Kevu prevents Dave from going after him, though the arrival of Ryan and Becky forces him to let Dave go. Ryan and Kevu commence their battle, in which, the two are equally matched. During the fight, Ryan discovers that Kevu is dying from his illness which there is no cure for. He tries to reason with Kevu, not wanting to kill him because of his disease, but Kevu declines determined to kill Ryan and complete his mission to bring Jonny to Grumlin. Ryan restrains Kevu in a coffin and uses his earth element technique “Quicksand Burial” to pull him deep underground, confining him there until his eventual death. As he sinks, Kevu creates a forest of spikes to burst from the ground, which Ryan and Becky was able to avoid at the last second after being saved by Havul. As Ryan and Becky set to rest, Kevu suddenly emerges from underground with a spear for a final attack. His disease gets the best of him at the last second and Kevu dies before he can kill Ryan and Becky. Meanwhile, Dave catches up to Jonny

Episode 58: Dave vs. Jonny: Dave tries to convince Jonny to come back, but he declines and walks away. Enraged, Dave determines to stop Jonny, who then threatens to kill Dave if he continues to try and stop him. Dave and Jonny commence their battle. In which, the two seem to be equally matched until Jonny gains the upper hand on Dave. Dave and Jonny unleashed the Imperix and Chitorix respectively, causing each other to fly backwards. Activating his plasmic venom curse, Jonny used his enhanced speed and strength to overcome Dave and strike him with a Chitorix. Dave managed to block the attack, but Jonny, still intent on killing Dave, tried to strangle Dave, only to have himself thrown aside by an Fherix-powered opponent. With his enhanced abilities, Dave easily overwhelmed Jonny, and tried to reason with him, only to have Jonny ultimately reject his efforts, although Jonny finally admitted they were fighting as equals. In this moment, Jonny’s Matrix finally matured, enabling him to predict Dave's movements and once again turn the tables

Episode 59: Brothers Forever: Upset by Dave’s persistence, Jonny fatally wounds Dave. The Fherix, probably to save itself, gave Dave even more of its power. Dave engages and subdues Jonny. Feeling he had no choice, Jonny increased his plasmic venom curse to level 2, once again evening the playing field. Both Jonny and Dave realized the cost of their respective abilities at that point, but both decided that they had no other choice. As Dave readies his powerful Fherix Imperix, Jonny then readies his level 2 Plasmic Venom Chitorix. The two sorcerers collided their attacks; Jonny, planning to punch Dave in the heart, deliberately missed, and targeted the gut instead, while Dave, referring to one of Jonny's insults, hits him in the abdomen. A gigantic dome of energy formed around them, which eventually dissipated. When the dust settled, both Dave and Jonny are laying next to each other mortally wounded and defeated. Becky and Ryan arrive, and Becky mourns believing Dave and Jonny are dead. Tyler appears and takes Jonny and vanishes, while Becky and Ryan take Dave, who is still alive, back home

Episode 60: Departure: The 60th and final episode follows the cliff-hanger from episode 59. Dave, Rocky, Sam, Clint and Zeeke were brought back to the kingdom by the medical officers where at the hospital, despite the severity of their injuries, all managed to fully recover. When Dave came to, Ryan and Becky informs him that Jonny’s body was taken away by Tyler. Dave mourns, believing he failed to save his best-friend. Rocky and Kinta visits Zeeke, who is still unconscious but recovering, and Rocky cries promising Zeeke to always back him up. That night, Brent offered Dave a chance to leave with him for two years to train. Dave accepted, and Brent told him they would leave whenever he was ready. Five weeks later, after recovering from the hospital, Dave bids farewell to all of his friends and the Sorcerer Allegiance. He gives Becky a diamond necklace to remember him while he’s gone and promises her and Sam and the others to come back alive. Dave and Becky share a final kiss, before he and Brent departs from the kingdom. Becky then approaches Fiona, requesting she be taken under her wing so she can become strong like her. Admired, Fiona accepts Becky’s request; Sam and Sarah go on their first date; Rocky and Kinta are still watching over Zeeke when visited by Ozark; and the Sorcerer Allegiance begin to discuss of a new change and future for them and the kingdom. Meanwhile, the Aurous assembled, ready to start their mission two years from then.

Dave Owens: Evolution

Dave Owens: Evolution takes place 2 years after Dave Owens. Dave Owens (David Henrie), now 17 years old, returns back to the kigndom and now continues to follow the path to become a worldwide heroic sorcerer. The series follows new adventures, characters and enemies including the Aurous, whom are attempting to capture the Fherix and other spiritual beasts called the "Sorcerians" and commence their evil goal of taking over the Sorcerer World. a

Season 1

Episode 1: Homecoming:

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