Daniel Owens (David Henrie), an ordinary teenager and a sorcerer who has a powerful beast sealed inside him called the "Sorceriru" which is a Lion with powerful abilites, and seeks to become a world-known heroic savior of mankind as well as the sorcerer world by battling against powerful notorious evil dark sorcerers.


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi and Thriller.

Music by

Brian Tyler

James Horner

Patrick Doyle


Abandon, Sparks the Rescue, Taking Back Sunday, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, One Republic and Zebrahead.


Season 1: Daniel Owens learns his is a sorcerer and embarks on a quest to become a talented-skilled sorcerer by entering the "Sorcerer Exams" which is a dangerous treacherous tournament where ten candidates will battle each other until only one becomes the skilled talented sorcerer.

Season 2: Daniel has won the Sorcerer Exams, but before he is able to celebrate his victory, he becomes caught in a war between Morgana Le Fay and her dark forces. The war has won by Merlin, who destroys Morgana at the cost of his own life. Now, Daniel and his uncle Brent set out to find Fiona Gibson, who is to made new leader of the Sorcerer Allegiance.

Season 3: Fiona Gibson is now the leader of the Sorcerer Allegiance, however, a new threat, known as the "Aurous" an organization of seven worldwide known powerful warlock mercenaries, has emerged: their goal is to capture the Sorceriru and use it's power to conquer the world, and now Daniel must prepare for the most treacherous battle of his life to stop the Aurous.

Season 4: Two years have passed after Daniel defeated the Aurous. Daniel has returned, along with a new threat name Toby, who's evil goal is to capture the Sorceriru and the rest of the powerful Sorcerians (Phoenix, Salver, Grampus, Almotis, Erinthix, Ironix, Solumix, Grulian and the Melonix), seeking to use their powers and his own to release Voldex, the evil dark god sorcerer and brother of the wise powerful Balthazu. Toby has now declared a "Third Great Sorcerer War" and the Sorcerer Allegaince must form an allaince with the "Sentinel Sorcerers" to unite and stop Toby.

Season 5: Daniel and his friends set out on a quest to find the hosts of the Sorcerians. They manage to save both Mike Fuller, the host of the sorcerian Salver, and Laura Henderson, the host of the sorcerian Ironix, while the other sorcerian hosts were captured by Toby, receiving help from the "Djinnian Sorcerers". Hoping to stop Toby, Brent sets out to put an end to the evil sorcerer.

Season 6: After the death of Tobu, who is the little brother of Toby, Toby confronts Brent, demanding the two have a final showdown, which they do and Brent is defeated and killed. Toby has now formed an alliance with Zarcu, the evil former student of Grumlin, to capture the four remaining sorcerians and win the war against the Sorcerer Alliance. Daniel now seeks to avenge his uncle's death by destroying Toby after his training to gain full control of the Sorceriru's hidden potential powers.

Season 7: In the seventh and final season of Daniel Owens: Rise of the Sorcerers. Daniel has now succsessfully gain control of the hidden potential powers of the Sorceriru and sets out with his fellow sorcerian comrades, DJ Jameson, Mike Fuller and Laura Henderson, to the battlfield where the final battle of the war against Toby and the Djinnian Sorcerers is taking place. Daniel will now receiving help from not only the Sorceriru, but help from his fellow comrades and friends to put an end to Toby once and for all.


Daniel Owens: Revenge of the Sorcerers. Following the events from "Daniel Owens: Rise of the Sorcerers". Four years have passed; Daniel Owens is now a twenty-two-year-old college student hapily living his life with his beloved girlfriend and friends. That is until suddenly = a new evil force of dark sorcerers called the "Thodorians" emerged from their imprisoned sealed tombstones from another dimension and threatens to destroy the world. The Thodorians are revealed to be seeking revenge on Daniel due to their him defeating their master, Toby. However, when Voldex is freed by the Thodorians, whom believe he can lead them to a new era of darkness upon humanity, the Sorcerians are forced to combine their powers as well as their own spirits to merge into a powerful yellow fire-like glowing dragon spirit known as the "Fherix" in the hopes of stopping Voldex, who is becoming more powerful than he was before; there's only one problem...the Fherix is sealed into Daniel and usually refuses to help him in his battles with other powerful new enemies, making the two not get along with each other. Now, in order to put an end to Voldex, who seeks to destroy mankind and gain the powers of the Fherix, and his minions, Daniel must learn new powerful abilities and gaining control of the Fherix's powers in order to save the world once again from the bring of disaster.

Season 1

Episode 1: Enter Dave Owens: The story takes place in a world ruled by Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks and Witches. An ensuing battle emerges between the powerful and wise wizard Merlin (Anthony Hopkins), and the evil powerful sorceress Morgana Le Fay (Alice Krige). It is revealed that Morgana attempts to capture and seal the Sorceriru, a Lion beast that possess an incredible speed, stamina, power, flight and other powerful unstoppable abilities, inside her in order to use its power to destroy the world. Merlin is helped by his three apprentices Robert Owens (James Franco), Robert’s wife Rachel (Natalie Portman), and Robert’s twenty-two year old younger brother Brent, however, Morgana is helped by Max Torvist (Patrick Dempsey), Merlin’s former student and Robert and Rachel’s traitorous best-friend. In the ensuing battle, the Owens fight against Max, and Merlin continues his battle with Morgana while also attempting to capture and seal the Sorceriru inside the Dragenix, a dragon-like jewelry diamond necklace. Morgana, spotting an unknown crying baby boy in his car sit inside a nearly destroyed van belonging to the Owens, prepares to kill the child when Merlin quickly decides to overpower and trap Morgana inside the Dragenix saving the child’s life. With Morgana captured, Max flees and Merlin attempts to seal the Sorceriru, but fails, and the spirit prepares to execute the child. Robert and Rachel jumps in front of the attack and they are fatally wounded. With Merlin’s assistance, the dying Rachel and Robert manage to seal the Sorceriru inside the child. Before they die, Robert and Rachel leaves the child to be watch over and taken in Brent’s care. Sixteen years later, thirty-seven-year old Brent (Kris Lemche (II), now a worldwide famous talented-skilled sorcerer, novelist and even a pervert of spying on women and girls, is seen with his sixteen-year-old nephew Daniel Owens (David Henrie), a high school slacky ordinary teenager who’s goal is to be known as a hero of saving the world from evil. One day, Daniel is followed and chased into an alleyway by a monstrous wolf-like demon. The demon corners Daniel, who is then confronted by Max Torvist, who threatens to kill Daniel if he doesn’t handover the Dragenix, which is seen around Daniel’s neck yet he doesn’t know what Max is talking about. Daniel is rescued by Brent before the demon, ordered by an irritated Max, could devour him. Before Brent and Max engaged in an ensuing fight, Max reveals to Daniel that the Sorceriru is sealed inside of him. It is also revealed that Daniel is a worldwide famous sorcerer like his parents and is now wanted by evil sorcerers, wizards, warlocks and witches who will stop at nothing to capture Daniel and take control of the Sorceriru’s powers. In the ensuing battle, Brent orders a devastated Daniel to run away but he refuses to leave and stays to help fight Max. In his anger, Daniel creates his first powerful blue energy plasma blast and shots it at the demon, seemingly killing it and impressing both Brent and Max, who then decides to fight and kill Daniel. Daniel overpowers and defeats Max, who then escapes vowing revenge.

Episode 2: Tough Love: Max is defeated by Daniel and he retreats. Very proud of his nephew, Brent plans to train Daniel to fully master and control his powers. The next day, Daniel tries to woo his childhood crush Becky Simmons (Ashley Benson), who is the most popular girl in school, but he hesitates. Meanwhile, Brent transforms into a white kitty-cat and sneaks into the cheerleaders’s locker room where he begins spying on them getting dressed. When the girls find and begin petting him, Daniel, knowing Brent would be up to his no good nasty perverting games, appears causing Brent to transform back to his normal self. At McDonalds, Daniel is seen asking his childhood best-friend Johnny Williams (Nick Jonas) how he can get the girl without hesitation. Johnny then informs Daniel about him having or obtaining confidence and most of all guts and without having anymore hesitation. Feeling confident in himself, Daniel creates himself a fake man and plans to impress Becky by pretending a kid to be getting bullied and he will come to the kid’s aid and defeat the bully revealed to be the fake man. However, the plan fails when Brent, who is still angry for Daniel getting him caught in the Cheerleaders’s locker room, turns the fake man into a walking-dancing scarecrow scaring both the kid and Daniel away leaving a wondering Becky confused. At school, Daniel then tells Becky of his love feelings for her. And of surprise, Becky then informs Daniel that she too has love feelings for him as well, claiming him to be a wonderful nice person and could never tell him that. Daniel and Becky share a kiss, while Brent repeatedly tries to spy on the cheerleaders once again, this time transforming into a different cat but ends up in the boys’s locker room. That night, Becky is confronted by a group of rubbers whom plan to kidnap and use her for their amusement. Becky is then saved by Daniel, who easily defeats the rubbers shocking Becky when revealing his power to shot out blue energy blasts. Daniel then reveals he and his family are Sorcerers and only he and Brent are the only ones of his family left alive.

Episode 3: Warlock Assassin: Max hires Zarzubo (Johnny Messner), a ruthless warlock assassin, to kill Daniel Owens and retrieve the Dragenix from him. When telling Daniel is protected by Brent, it is revealed that Zarzubo has a past history with Brent as he claims they are “mortal enemies”. Meanwhile, Daniel, Johnny and Becky are seen trying to convince Brent to drive them around. It is revealed that Brent, because of Daniel, was caught and kicked out of the national sorceress hot springs for spying on women and is still angry at Daniel for it. Very annoyed of them asking over-and-over, Brent tries to flee but is repeatedly followed back-and-forward by the teens as they keep asking him to drive them around. Tired, Brent then summons Parco, a talking golden retriever, and then teleports the teens on top of a moving cloud in the sky where he then takes a stone of a dragon and transforms it into a real dragon named Lavol. Lavol takes Daniel, Becky, Johnny and Parco, ordered by Brent to keep watch over them, and flies them around from Los Angeles to the clouds in the sky. When arriving in a small town, the teens find hundreds of dead bodies of men, women and children. They are suddenly confronted by Zarzubo, who was stopped by Brent before he could execute Daniel. It is revealed that Brent and Zarzubo were once friends but Zarzubo became evil when wanting power, money and everything else he would want. Brent and Zarzubo engage in an ensuing battle, during which, the teens are attacked by a group of undead zombie-like creatures being commanded by Zarzubo. Lavol kills the creatures, burning them with his powerful fire-breath. When thousands of more creatures arrive, Brent kills them all using one of his powerful plasma energy force-field however ends up using nearly all of powers becoming weak. Daniel fights Zarzubo, while Johnny and Becky gets Brent to safety for him to recover his powers and strength. In the ensuing battle, Zarzubo creates a clone of himself and begins pummeling Daniel, while the real Zarzubo confronts Brent threatening to kill both Becky and Jonny if he tries to help Daniel. Johnny then tries to distract Zarzubo giving Becky the chance to try and save Daniel but is severely injured by Zarzubo’s blast. Zarzubo knocks out Becky, causing Daniel, angry of seeing his friends being hurt, to unleash the power of the Sorceriru shocking Brent and Zarzubo.

Episode 4: Daniel’s Determination: Daniel unleashes the power of the Sorceriru. He then begins attacking Zarzubo, however, ends up attacking Brent as well. As Brent tries to stop Daniel, Zarzubo escapes. Brent, along with the unconscious Becky and wounded Johnny, teleports to a far away distance as the uncontrollable Daniel creates a powerful plasma shockwave blast and obliterates the town creating a gigantic crater. As morning arrives, Daniel wakes up to find himself being attended by Brent, who then shows Daniel the gigantic crater but decides not to tell him that he was the one responsible of creating it. Daniel then apologizes to the now awakening Becky and recovered Jonny promising to never let anything happen to them again. Brent takes Daniel to an old ruined pillar-like training field planning to teach him how to fully master and control his powers. for the past couple of hours, Daniel had only manage to successfully take control of his plasma blasts and use other magic, yet, fails to learn how to create force-fields and control element powers of Fire, Water, Wind, Lighting, Earth, Ice and Medal. Meanwhile, Zarzubo begins attacking and murdering citizens around other cross towns and villages. The following day, Daniel finally manages to create force fields and control his plasma energy element blasts. Afterward, Daniel is then approached by Zarzubo who reveals to have come to reasons with Daniel in the hopes for his assistance to take over the world. Daniel refuses and an ensuing battle emerges, in which, Daniel seems to have the upper hand and overpowers Zarzubo. Daniel then leaves a wounded Zarzubo for dead but when Zarzubo tries to kill Daniel from behind Lavol appears and kills Zarzubo, devouring him. Lavol takes Daniel and flies him around the sky for his success of defeating Zarzubo and the two quickly begun to bond a friendship.

Episode 5: The Sorcerer Exams: Brent is invited to a meeting conference by the Sorcerer Allegiance, the twelve great sorcerer leaders of the earth. At the conference, Merlin, leader of the Sorcerer Allegiance, reveals the time has approached for the Sorcerer Exams; a dangerous task tournament where ten apprentices will fight each other until only one will become a talented-skilled mastered sorcerer. When Brent recommends Daniel to participate claiming he’ll become strong like his parents, AJ Jameson (Brian J. White), who is the fifth strongest and powerful sorcerer and Brent’s archest rival, argues over Daniel participating claiming the boy will never handle the tournament and we’ll end up like his deceased parents; this angers Brent, who then challenges AJ to a battle for Daniel’s participation and AJ accepts and the two have mad a bet; if Brent wins Daniel shall participate in the tournament but if AJ wins Daniel shall not only participate in the tournament but lose his powers completely. After a short brief match, Brent overpowers AJ and wins the bet proving him wrong, therefore, Merlin now claims Daniel to enter the sorcerer exams leaving an angry AJ to storm out of the meeting before it ends. After learning he has to enter the tournament, Daniel bids farwell to Becky and Johnny before being teleported to the sorcerer allegiance conference chamber room along with the rest of the candidates DJ Jameson (Chris Brown), AJ’s younger brother, Kinta Lopez (Zendaya), a top-skilled fighting sorceress and the daughter of Ozark Lopez (Danny Trejo), who is the seventh strongest powerful sorcerer of the sorcerer allegiance, Zack Collins (Taylor Lautner), a smart but usual clumsy sorcerer, Karkuya (Li Bingbing), a witch apprentice, Zarcu (Josh Hutcherson), a selfish wizard celebrity and Daniel’s childhood rival, Sun Lok (Gregory Woo), a Chinese wizard, Samantha (Nicole Ehinger), a ruthless nun-like witch, Dean (The Miz), a mean-embittered sorcerer, and Yoo (Rick Yune), a mercenary-like warlock. Zack befriends Daniel, though both Kinta and DJ claim to not like Daniel wondering what makes him so special to Merlin and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance. Merlin appears and reveals the candidates they’re three dangerous tasks of the tournament; first they must go through the huge Deadly Forest of man-eating beasts and cursed booby-traps; second they must race through the Valley of the Sands which is an old ruined pillar-like temple desert city booby-trapped with poisoned arrows and guarded by a gigantic ten-headed sand-like dragon; and third they must enter the Temple of the Gods where the remaining candidates will fight each other until only one remains and that person wins the sorcerer exams and becomes the most top skilled sorcerer.

Episode 6: Daniel vs. Grumlin: The sorcerer exams have now begun. The ten candidates are separated and are seen going through the deadly forest. As they are beginning to be attacked by the man-eating creatures of animals and mutated demons, along with stumbling upon the hidden cursed traps, Daniel somehow manage to avoid each trap and demons and beasts. Meanwhile, two wizard medical officers from the sorcerer allegiance inform Merlin and the rest of the allegiance about the mysterious horrified murders of five kids. When showing the decomposed bodies of the children, this shocks Merlin and everyone as they realize that Grumlin ahs returned. Merlin reveals that Grumlin was Morgana’s most evil trusted right-hand enforcer and his old apprentices and former member of the sorcerer allegiance; it is revealed that Grumlin became evil when he began placing Plasmic Venom, a cursed dark evil dragon-like mark that makes the caster of the spell control his opponents giving them endless powers of darkness, on his students whom all have died unable to handle and control the plasmic venom and joined alliances with Morgana to help her destroy the world. Daniel, meanwhile, is suddenly attacked by a demon-like lion. He kills the demon only to discover it was ordered by Grumlin (Gísli Örn Garðarsson), to seek him out. Grumlin reveals to Daniel he attempts to free Morgana after killing him. When Daniel flees, Grumlin summons and orders a legion of viper-like Serpents to kill Daniel and retrieve the Dragenix form him. After managing to trap and kill the serpents, Daniel fights Grumlin while Brent, who is worried about Daniel being found by Grumlin knowing he will kill Daniel and release Morgana, heads into the deadly forest to find and bring Daniel back hoping he’s not too late. In the ensuing battle between Daniel and Grumlin, Grumlin easily avoids Daniel’s attacks and forces the boy to flee with his life. Grumlin corners Daniel on a lake where he summons a gigantic water serpent horrifying Daniel. When Daniel tries to flee, Grumlin orders the serpent to kill him and bring back the Dragenix. The serpent is about to kill Daniel when Brent appears, saving Daniel and killing the gigantic beast. Brent battles Grumlin while Daniel hides. As Brent fights off against Grumlin’s serpents, Grumlin goes searching for Daniel. As he does, Grumlin begins mocking Daniel’s parents of their failure to protect them from the hands of evil; in his anger Daniel emerges into the power of the Sorceriru and engages Grumlin. After an ensuing battle, Daniel defeats Grumlin, however, his body is revealed to be a fake and the real Grumlin emerges out of a dead serpent and puts the plasmic venom on Daniel’s right arm paralyzing him. Brent tries to kill Grumlin, who takes the Dragenix and flees.

Episode 7: Destroy the Venix: Brent rushes an unconscious Daniel to the sorcerer allegiance hospital where he is examined by the medical officers. While they are attending Daniel, Brent gets into a tense argument with AJ, who suggests Brent to put Daniel out of his misery once and for all in act of his failure to stop Grumlin from taking the Dragenix. Merlin stops Brent and AJ from battling each other and claims to Brent that Daniel must now destroy the plasmic venom’s evil source with the help from the Sorceriru in order for him to overcome the venom’s curse that will completely taking over his body and soul. As medics finished examining him, Brent places Daniel into a plasmic-subconscious state in order for him to seek out the help from the Sorceriru and defeat the plasmic venom’s evil source known as the Venix. Meanwhile, DJ and the other eight candidates are nearly finished with their first task and are on their way to their second. In his subconscious, Daniel encounters the Sorceriru inside a sealed gate. The lion demands the boy to release him but Daniel refuses and orders the Sorceriru to help him find and defeat the Venix. Suddenly, the Venix, a dark-purple spirit-like figure, appears and urges Daniel to let him take over his body and soul. Daniel refuses and battles the Venix. As he doesn’t stand a chance against the powerful venom spirit, Sorceriru tells Daniel to release him but Daniel refuses. When realizing Daniel refused to let him out knowing he would try and escape, Sorceriru lands Daniel half of his powers, which is enough for Daniel to battle and destroy the Venix along with destroying the plasmic venom’s mark. Daniel awakens from his subconscious and begs to continue the sorcerer exams, which Merlin and Brent allows sensing new found powers within Daniel.

Episode 8: Valley of the Sands: Daniel continues the sorcerer exams. At the Valley of the Sands, Daniel meets up with Zack and the rest of the candidates where he is told by Zarcu to give up claiming he will never be become a powerful sorcerer and be known to the world or ever being a hero. After a tense argument between Daniel and Zarcu, the second task of the tournament begins and Daniel and the candidates began running into the ruined pillar-like temple city getting pasted the hidden poisoned arrows. Daniel managed to avoid the poisoned arrows but fails to avoid being chased by the gigantic ten-headed dragon. He is saved by Zack, DJ and Kinta whom had teamed up to pass the second task only after which they will remain as completive rivals in the final task. When taking shelter in a cave from a sandstorm, the group is seen discussing themselves and what their goals are in life; Kinta plans to become like her father and be a true faithful leader of her own allegiance; Zack seeks to be a famous sorcerer-like celebrity; DJ plans to be a famous rapper though AJ claims for him to one day take his place as the fifth strongest sorcerer. The following day, the trio is seen nearly out of the valley of the sands until the three headed dragon reappears and tries to kill them. In the ensuing battle, DJ refuses to be helped by Daniel, who continues to rescue DJ before he could be killed by the dragon. Kinta and Zack manage to mortally wound the dragon but before they decide to move on DJ kills the dragon despite Daniel’s beg to leave it wounded. When entering the Temple of the Gods, it is revealed that Zarcu, Sun Lok, Samantha, Yoo, Dean and Karkuya have also made their way into the temple as well. Merlin and the sorcerer allegiance arrive in the temple where Merlin congratulates the candidates and reveals them of their final task of the sorcerer exams. Merlin tells them that they all will battle each other until only five winners remain. For the first match is DJ vs. Dean. After an ensuing match, DJ defeats Dean and is moved to the final rounds.

Episode 9: Daniel’s Growth: The second match between Daniel vs. Sun Lok begins. Daniel engages Sun Lok, who then attempts to kill Daniel claiming to be impatient of his meditation. In the ensuing battle, Sun Lok appears to have the upper hand against Daniel but then begins toying with him before thinking of finishing off the boy. Meanwhile, Grumlin is approached by Max, who is later informed by Grumlin of Morgana’s ultimate plan to destroy the world. It is revealed that Morgana seeks the Book of Gods, a book that contains the powerful life source and powers of Balthazu and Voldex, the two powerful original sage-like god sorcerers and creators of the race of sorcerer, witches, warlock and wizards, and plan to use it to resurrect an army of dark forces and enslave humanity. Daniel, meanwhile, is still having trouble battling against Sun Lok who is now irritated and attempts to kill Daniel. Remembering what his parents fought and sacrificed for, Daniel taps into some of the Sorceriru’s power and engages Sun Lok and overpowers the latter. Though AJ suggests Daniel to finish off his opponent, Daniel refuses claiming even villains must mercy or second chances angering AJ and impressing Merlin, Brent and everyone else of his words. When going to the bathroom, DJ confronts Daniel demanding to know why he is so special to everyone else and threatens to kill him if Daniel doesn’t talk but Zack appears and threatens DJ to leave Daniel alone. The third match between Zack vs. Yoo begins. After an ensuing match, Zack overpowers and defeats Yoo moving with Daniel and DJ to the final rounds. In his anger of seeing Daniel being so well treated, DJ vows to kill Daniel in their fight so he will end all his obsession of seeing Daniel being the most special guy to Merlin and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance.

Episode 10: Kinta’s Recklessness: The fourth match between Karkuya and Samantha begins. After an ensuing brief fight, Karkuya defeats Samantha moving onto the final rounds with Daniel, Zack and DJ. Now, the final match between Kinta and Zarcu has arrived. Kinta has a conversation with her father, who is happily proud of his daughter of attempting to become like him. The final match between Kinta and Zarcu begins. In the ensuing battle, Kinta seems to have the upper hand against Zarcu however it is revealed that Zarcu is using his wizard medical powers to heal every fatal attack Kinta inflicts on him growing stronger each time. Ozark tries to urge Kinta to stop being reckless attempting to execute her opponent but Kinta refuses claiming she can defeat Zarcu without help or lecture. Zarcu then tries to warn Kinta to give up or be killed but she refuses and continues fighting. An irritated Zarcu then engages and overpowers Kinta but decides to give her a chance to regain herself. Kinta then continues fighting after remembering Daniel’s words of never giving up and must always have love, faith and courage to achieve greatness. The battle seem to be overtaken by Kinta, until, Zarcu manage to fatally paralyze Kinta before pummeling her around. He then threatens to execute her if she doesn’t surrender but even paralyzed Kinta refuses to give up forcing an angry Zarcu to impale Kinta through the chest with his laser-blade mortally wounding her. When Daniel attends to the wounded Kinta, Zarcu is made winner of the final match and moved to the final rounds with the other four winners. As paramedics take Kinta to the infirmary, an angry Daniel vows to avenge her loss and defeat Zarcu once again impressing Merlin and everyone else of his astonishing words.

Episode 11: Morgana Le Fay’s Return: With Daniel, Zack, Zarcu, DJ and Karkuya the five remaining candidates, Merlin congratulates them before revealing their final task of the sorcerer tournament. Meanwhile, Brent is seen with a devastated Ozark at the infirmary where Kinta has been fully attended and healed by medic officers. Before they leave, Brent and Ozark oversee Zarcu sneaking into the deadly forest. When following Zarcu, they oversee a mystic ritual being hosted by Grumlin who is preparing to free Morgana out of the Dragenix. It is revealed that Zarcu had joined forced with Max. Brent and Ozark attempts to stop them from freeing Morgana, but it was too late; Grumlin destroys the Dragenix freeing Morgana leaving Brent and Ozark in shock of the evil sorceress’s return. When freed, Morgana tries to kill both Brent and Ozark. She mortally wounds Ozark before severely injuring Brent, who managed to teleport with Ozark back to the sorcerer allegiance and informs Mifoni (Ian McShane) and the others of Morgana’s return and her plan to find the Book of Gods. The five candidates are assigned opponents, and they are aloud to leave for a month of training before the final rounds of the sorcerer exams. Daniel overhears a conversation between Brent, Merlin and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance Mifoni, AJ, Zamia (Michelle Yeoh), Chang (Chow Yun Fat), Kenjo (John Malkovich), Ramses (Djimon Hounsou), Ozark and Don (Terence Stamp), who is Merlin’s trusted old friend and enforcer, whom are disguising of a plan to prepare for a war against Morgana and her evil dark henchmen. When AJ suggest they attack Morgana, Daniel enters the meeting and suggest they fight with all they have and never give up until peace is once again brought to both worlds of mankind and sorcerers; hearing Daniel’s pledge of making a stand against Morgana impresses everyone including the guards and officers making them to believe they have a chance. That night, Merlin is seen talking to Daniel about his parents whom were like a son and daughter to him and that Daniel is like a grandson to him and offers to give his life to protect Daniel from Morgana like his parents did sixteen years ago.

Episode 12: Merlin vs. Morgana: After his conversation with Merlin, Daniel heads to his cabin to get some sleep before leaving to return back home to Becky and Johnny and continue going to school and train as well. Daniel is then attacked by Zarcu, who was sent to capture and bring him to Morgana. Daniel refuses and attempts to escape but was cornered by Wolver, a half man – half werewolf warrior. Zarcu is about to paralyze Daniel who is rescued by Brent. Brent battles and severely injures Zarcu and Wolver giving Daniel the chance to run away. Daniel stops at an old ruined deserted civilization deep within the dark dense forest where he is confronted by Morgana, who plans to use Daniel’s body as a sacrificial key of releasing the Sorceriru and obtain its power so she may use it to take control of the Book of Gods. Before Morgana can kill Daniel, Merlin appears and an ensuing battle merges between Merlin and Morgana while a frightened Daniel hides watching the battle between two powerful sorcerers. In the ensuing battle, it is revealed that Merlin and Morgana were once friends and the two apprentices of the sage god sorcerers Balthazu and Voldex. Merlin seems to have the upper hand on Morgana, who intern tries to kill Daniel every chance she could get but fails as Merlin manages to save Daniel in time. Morgana manages to transfer herself into Daniel taking control over his body and begins attacking Merlin. Daniel managed to overcome Morgana’s control and release her from out of his body wounding her. As Brent, Ramses, AJ and Zamia makes their arrival to the battle, Morgana and Zarcu flees. The following morning, Daniel is told by Brent he will continue training him for the final rounds and is proud for managing to survive his first encounter and battle with Morgana. Daniel bids farwell to Merlin and the others before returning back home where he is happily reunited with Becky and Johnny and even Parco. The twelve and final episode ends when Daniel leaves with Becky and Johnny, Brent happily sneaks off spying on two women walking down the street; he is then caught and chased by their angry husbands. Meanwhile, a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean is swallowed by a gigantic tsunami created by an angry Morgana to the bottom of the ocean killing thousands of people in the process while Morgana flies into the clouds menacingly vowing to capture Daniel and obtain the Book of Gods.

Season 2

Episode 13: Gamukota the Dragon Chief: Daniel Owens: Rise of the Sorcerers – Season 2 takes place after the events from season one. After school, Daniel Owens (David Henrie), along with Becky Simmons (Ashley Benson) and Johnny Williams (Nick Jonas), are teleported by Brent Owens (Kris Lemche (II), to the Yosemite National Park where Brent reveals to Daniel he will be training from now on and his first task of his training is to walk on water using his plasma water element power. Daniel successfully accomplishes on walking on water, however his next task is very dangerous and intense as he must now use his plasma fire element power to walk through fire, which he also successfully accomplishes for the third try. Now, Daniel’s third and hardest task is to walk in mid-air using his plasma wind element power, which he finally managed to accomplices for the tenth try. Before he could take a break, Brent summons his trusted friend and partner the great chief Gamukota, a gigantic white dragon, and tells Daniel will now have to battle Gamukota and his training is complete of learning how to control his fire, water and wind element powers; Gamukota begins mocking Daniel but Brent warns Gamukota about Daniel claiming he isn’t likely to be laughed at or made a fool as he has gotten strong. Feeling confident, Daniel accepts and challenges Gamukota to a duel of being Gamukota’s henchmen; if Daniel manages to inflict a punch or plasma blast on Gamukota he will become his henchmen but if Gamukota wins Daniel will become his food service and story reading slave. After an ensuing battle, Daniel wins managing to hit Gamukota. Elsewhere, Morgana Le Fay (Alice Krige) is seen with both Grumlin (Gísli Örn Garðarsson) and Zarcu (Josh Hutcherson) discussing the plan launch a scale-attack on Merlin and the rest of the Sorcerer Allegiance to kidnap Daniel and destroy Merlin once and for all; by killing Merlin will Morgana be able to find the location of the Book of Gods. Ramses (Djimon Hounsou), who had been overhearing their conversation, attempts to escape but was persuaded by Morgana, who plans to kill Ramses before he can tell their plan to Merlin. Ramses tries to fight Morgana to escape, but was overpowered and mortally wounded by Morgana who leaves Ramses for dead. The final rounds have now arrived. Upon arriving at the finals, Daniel reunites with Zack Collins (Taylor Lautner) and introduces him to Becky and Jonny, who are to watch the battles with Merlin (Anthony Hopkins), Brent and the others. Zarcu, DJ Jameson (Chris Brown) and Karkuya (Li Bingbing) arrives and the first match between Daniel and Zarcu starts. Before the match begins, Zarcu asks an angry Daniel why he is so determined to be known as a hero and Daniel replies back to Zarcu saying “it’s my destiny and to protect those whom I love and care about”.

Episode 14: Daniel’s Confidence: The first match between Daniel and Zarcu begins. In the ensuing battle, Daniel and Zarcu seem to be overpowering each other until Daniel manages to gain the upper hand against Zarcu surprising Brent, Becky, Johnny and everyone else. Unfortunately, it all suddenly ends when Daniel is unable to use his powers and it is revealed that Zarcu had managed to use the “Plasmic Display”, a spell that allows the user to stop an opponent from using his powers forever. Zarcu then begins overpowering and pummeling Daniel around claiming there is no destiny for him only death as it is for everyone else including family and friends. Daniel refuses to believe him and continues fighting Zarcu, who keeps toying with Daniel by pushing him around as if he was a play toy. While everyone including Becky, Jonny, Brent and Merlin watch helplessly as Daniel is being pummeled by Zarcu, a dying Ramses is found and taken to the infirmary by medical officers where he passes out before he could tell Morgana’s plan. Zarcu, meanwhile, tries to kill Daniel with his saber-blades but only manages to paralyze his legs and left arm. A determined Daniel refuses to give up and managed to overcome Zarcu’s paralyzed spell and begin engaging Zarcu. After an ensuing battle, Daniel defeats Zarcu severely injuring him with his powerful plasma water-like bolt technique impressing everyone including Merlin.

Episode 15: DJ’s Hatred: Daniel wins the first match and moves onto the next rounds. The second match between Zack and DJ starts. As their battle begins, AJ Jameson (Brian J. White) claims to have ruthlessly taught DJ everything he knows. Brent tries to convince AJ to start believing in happiness along with him to have trust, believe and faith in things he can earn or obtain but AJ refuses telling Brent there is no such thing as faith as there is only won with what ever means necessary. In the ensuing fight, Zack seems to barely avoid DJ’s speeding attacks and managed to gain the upper hand against DJ overpowering him with the use of his powerful wind, earth and water element powers however DJ still refuses to give up. When Zack asks DJ why he is so determined to win the battle in hopes to battle and defeat Daniel, DJ argues and mourns over Daniel’s growth of getting stronger hoping to become something that Merlin and everyone else will forever know him as. Nineteen years ago, DJ and AJ’s father, Bruce (Keith David) was a member of the sorcerer allegiance and was the strongest and powerful sorcerer until Daniel’s father, Robert Owens (James Franco), became even stronger for Merlin to make him his most top-skilled talented sorcerer and trusted intelligent apprentice. Angered of Robert being the sorcerer world hero of the Sorcerer Civil War II, Bruce, claiming Robert to had stolen his dreams to being the world’s savior and Merlin’s top apprentices, challenges Robert to a battle of proving who is the strongest of the two. After an ensuing battle, Robert overpowered Bruce, causing him to angrily begin his doubt of believing power and strength is what makes a sorcerer his life and goal. One day, Bruce, Robert and Merlin are seen battling against both Morgana and Grumlin. Grumlin placed a Plasmic Venom on Bruce’s neck before escaping with Morgana. Out of control, Bruce had begun attacking his team until Merlin and Robert were forced to battle and kill Bruce, who dies begging Merlin to take care of his sons AJ and DJ. Back in the present, DJ taps into his hidden plasma lighting element powers and engages Zack. DJ severely injures Zack, breaking his ribs and left arm and nearly his neck, and wins the match vowing his declaration of avenge his father’s legacy.

Episode 16: Karkuya’s Secret: Zack is rushed to the infirmly by medical officers after his match with DJ, who then warns Daniel he shall suffer worse in their soon upcoming battle, which Daniel vows to win. Before his match with Karkuya, Daniel is told by Becky to give up scared of seeing him being beaten and nearly killed as he nearly was in his battle with Zarcu, but Daniel refuses claiming he can win the tournament and prove his loyalty to his words of being what his father and mother were “Heroes”. Meanwhile, AJ is seen talking to DJ about their father and how they plan to use his legacy to win by killing Daniel taking his place of being known to the entire sorcerer world. The third match between Daniel and Karkuya has begun. Karkuya appears to be taking heavy fire and blows from Daniel’s attacks but is revealed to be absorbing them using her evil witch absorbing ability “Power Absorbtion”. Karkuya resurrects five of old previous enforcers and orders them to kill Daniel. It is revealed that Karkuya learned that Daniel was entering the tournament and she only entered to fight and kill Daniel planning to steal the powers of the Sorceriru and return them to her evil warlock master. Daniel kills the creatures only to discover they were only decoys for Karkuya to capture Daniel. She nearly kills Daniel, attempting to choke him to death, but he managed to break free and engage Karkuya, who then summons a dragon to devour the boy. Daniel manages kill the dragon before overpowering and defeating Karkuya moving to the final match against DJ. Meanwhile, hundreds of Morgana’s dark forces are seen gathering around the gates of Merlin’s palace while Morgana, Grumlin, Max and Zarcu are seen on a cloud waiting for their full-scale attack to begin.

Episode 17: The Final Match! Daniel vs. DJ: The final match between Daniel and DJ has begun. Before they begin fighting, Daniel tries to reason DJ not to bring his hatred in their battle for it will be his downfall but DJ claims he attempts to kill Daniel in order to achieve his goal of restoring his father’s legacy. As Daniel and DJ begin their battle, Brent tries to reason AJ to forget about the past and make a future for all but AJ threatens to kill Daniel if he defeats DJ as both his and DJ’s attentions are to restore their father’s legacy that had been token away by Robert nineteen years ago. Brent and AJ are about to fight when Merlin appears and stops them angering AJ about always standing up mostly for Brent and Mifoni. Daniel begins engaging against DJ. In the ensuing battle, Daniel and DJ seem to have the upper hand on each other until DJ taps to an even greater power of his lighting plasma element powers increasing his speed, stamina and strength and begins overpowering Daniel. Watching his nephew getting pummeling in front of his eyes, an angry Brent tries to intervene and save Daniel but is stopped by AJ, who threatens to kill Brent if he continues to try and interfere with the match. Merlin forces Brent to let Daniel fight his own battle feeling Daniel will overcome and take control of the battle. As DJ captures Daniel and tries to choke him to death, Daniel remembers in a flashback of Brent telling him how his parents sacrificed their lives to protect him and how he must have faith, courage and wisdom in order for him to reach his goal; afterward Daniel manages to break free tapping into the Sorceriru’s powers along with combining his element plasma elements fire, water, wind and now unlocked lightning to powerfully increase his speed, strength and stamina amazing Merlin, Brent, Becky, Johnny and everyone else except AJ and an angry determined DJ. As the battle continues, Daniel begins overpowering and pummeling DJ. After the two clashes with each other, the battle appears to have been won by DJ but it is revealed that Daniel’s body turns out to be a fake dummy. The real Daniel appears and knocks out DJ, punching him in the face, and wins the final match therefore winning the Sorcerer Exams.

Episode 18: The War Begins: Daniel has defeated DJ and is nominated by Merlin as the powerful talented-skilled mastered sorcerer. Daniel approaches DJ only to congratulate him for their battle and hopes of battling him again soon as allies but DJ refuses claiming he will kill him next time they battle. Before everyone can celebrate Daniel’s victory, Morgana and hundreds of her dark forces begin their attack thus beginning the war to capture Daniel and destroy Merlin and the Sorcerer Allegiance. In the ensuing war, Brent along with AJ, Zamia (Michelle Yeoh), Chang (Chow Yun Fat), Kenjo (John Malkovich) and Ozark (Danny Trejo) are seen fighting off the dark forces giving Daniel, Becky, Johnny, a recovered Zack, Kinta and Parco time to escape. Merlin, Don (Terence Stamp) and Mifonu (Ian McShane) confronts Morgana and Grumlin while Daniel’s group encounters a group of undead sorcerer patrols led by Max and Zarcu. They are saved by Brent and Chang, who easily kills the undead sorcerers before battling against Zarcu leaving Brent to battle against Max. As sorcerer allegiance soldiers take Daniel’s group along with hundreds of citizens to safety, Daniel sneaks off to help Merlin fight and defeat Morgana. Meanwhile, Ramses recovers and joins the battle with Brent and the others. Grumlin resurrects Robert and Rachel Owens (Natalie Portman). Merlin begins his battle with Morgana, leaving Mifonu and Don to fight against Grumlin, Robert and Rachel. Morgana seems to have the upper hand against Merlin, who is then rescued and joined by Brent, AJ and Zamia and continues battling Morgana. Brent fights Robert and Rachel, but is unable to kill his older brother and sister-in-law. Robert and Rachel overpowers Brent but before they can kill him Daniel appears rescuing Brent shocking Robert and Rachel of seeing their son now grown up.

Episode 19: Reunion: Daniel is shocked when seeing his parents resurrected and being controlled by Morgana, who then tries to urge Daniel to surrender himself in order to save millions from being extinguished off the earth by her endless wrath. Daniel angrily refuses and charges to fight against Morgana in his anger of her controlling his parents, but was stopped by Grumlin’s summoned snake-like serpent. As Brent fights the serpent, Daniel is left to watch the ensuing battle between Merlin and Morgana while trying to convince his parents to help them. Robert and Rachel refuse telling Daniel they’ve been resurrected by Morgana and are unable to break her control spell. Merlin begins being overpowered by Morgana elsewhere Grumlin seems to have the upper hand against Mifoni and Don. Morgana orders Robert and Rachel to capture Daniel, however, when the two charged at Daniel he is saved by Merlin who orders everyone to leave the battle to himself. Merlin begins battling Morgana, Grumlin and the Owens. In the ensuing battle, Merlin manages to severely injure Grumlin before defeating Robert and Rachel, but was then overtaken by Morgana. As it appears Merlin has been defeated by Morgana, Merlin engages Morgana before using his powerful releasing spell to free Robert and Rachel from Morgana’s evil spell. Before they die and return to the afterlife, Robert and Rachel bids farwell to their son leaving Daniel to mourn his parents passing. Morgana mortally wounds Merlin. Mifoni attempts to aid the dying Merlin but was stopped by Grumlin. As Brent and Chang attends Merlin, an angry determined Daniel taps into the powers of the Sorceriru planning to battle Morgana by himself. Brent tries to order Daniel to back down from a battle he might not win, but Daniel refuses claiming his parents died leaving their trust and faith with him and he will have a chance of defeating and destroying Morgana once and for all. Angered, Morgana prepares a battle with Daniel while Grumlin nearly executes Mifoni, who was saved by Don at the cost of his own life.

Episode 20: Merlin’s Sacrifice: Daniel begins his battle with Morgana. He appears to have the upper hand against Morgana thus impressing the amazed Brent and Merlin. Grumlin attempts to help Morgana and summons a gigantic ten-headed dragon to aid Morgana, who orders the dragon to kill Daniel. Daniel kills the dragon and continues battling the evil sorceress. As for the war, the battles have been won by the sorcerer allegiance as they defeated Morgana’s evil dark forces leaving only Morgana and Grumlin remaining. Max flees before he could be captured by Brent and Chang. When Daniel runs out of power, he is overtaken by Morgana who then paralyzes Daniel into a deep sleep but fails to quickly absorb out the boy’s powers when being overtaken by the sorcerer allegiance. An angry Morgana then creates a gigantic plasma blast and fires it at the entire battlefield destroying everything in its path, although she sees a gigantic force-field created by Merlin to protect everyone from the blast. Merlin then battles Morgana in a final battle, in which, Merlin manage to capture Morgana then prepares the Sacrificial Spell, a powerful spell that allows the user to steal and destroy an enemy’s soul at the cost of their own life as well, attempting to give his life and kill Morgana. Grumlin tries to rescue Morgana, who orders Grumlin to capture Daniel and continue their plan. Attempting to follow her orders, Grumlin is left to battle against Daniel planning to capture him for Morgana. Becky and Johnny arrive only to be captured and paralyzed by Grumlin, who threatens to kill them if Daniel doesn’t surrender. Determined to save his friends, Daniel begins engaging Grumlin but before he could finish the latter off, Grumlin transforms into a gigantic dragon and tries to kill Daniel. To help him in the struggling battle, Daniel tries to summon Gamukota, but fails when summoning Gamukota’s son, Garmubota. At the cost of his life, Merlin pulls and destroys Morgana soul seemingly killing her. Witnessing Morgana’s death, an angry Grumlin charges to kill the dying Merlin but was stopped by Gamukota who had been quickly summoned by Daniel. As Daniel, joined with Gamukota, begins battling Grumlin, Brent and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance attends Merlin. Merlin transfers his powers to Daniel before dying with a smile on his face. After an ensuing battle, Daniel defeats Grumlin, who returns to normal and retreats with Zarcu vowing to avenge Morgana by continuing to locate the Book of Gods. Meanwhile, Karzuya is seen reporting about Morgana’s death and Daniel’s newfound abilities to her ruthless powerful master Zenth (Collin Chou).

Episode 21: A New Beginning: Two days have passed after the invasion of the Sorcerer world, Daniel, Becky, Johnny, Brent and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance including billions of citizens are seen mourning the deaths of those who died during the invasion, especially Merlin, and ponder the meaning of the Merlin's sacrifice. After the memorial, Brent finds Daniel visiting his parents’s grave and confirms him to use and remember their sacrifice as someday he will understand and sacrifice his own life to the ones he care and love. After returning back home, Becky and Johnny reveal they want to become sorcerers so they can help fight with Daniel not wanting to watch as he risks his life to protect them. Amazed by their growth of wanting to help Daniel, Brent decides to teach Becky and Johnny how to become sorcerers. That night, Brent is visited by Kenjo, who warns him of the Aurous, an organization of seven worldwide known powerful warlock mercenaries who steal wealthy fortunes, and for their own amusements, kill innocent people. Their real goal is to hunt down and capture the Sorceriru planning to harvest its power and enslave both the sorcerer and human worlds. Before he leaves, Kenjo confirms Brent to protect Daniel and prepare him for his soon upcoming battle against the Aurous. The following morning, Don attempts to take Merlin’s rightful place as leader of the sorcerer allegiance but it was decided by the Sorcerer Elders Grumbit (Ian Mckellen) and Grumbia (Judi Dench), who are Merlin’s fellow friends, that Brent would be named leader angering Don. Brent is informed of this, but declines it saying Fiona Gibson would be a much better candidate for the title. He offers to find her for the sorcerer allegiance and asks that he be allowed to take Daniel with him. Later, Daniel is approached by Brent who teleports with Daniel to Arizona where he claims Fiona is located, and the two begin their search. Meanwhile, Fiona Gibson (Neve Campbell), a national worldwide famous novel writer, is seen with her niece Syria (Selena Gomez) when they are met by Grumlin and Zarcu.

Episode 22: Confrontation: Fiona and Syria are met by Grumlin and Zarcu, elsewhere, Brent and Daniel arrive in Arizona. It is revealed that Brent and Fiona are childhood best-friends and the two began a relationship with each other. Due to Brent’s lack of spying on women, Fiona broke up with him then traveled around the world and was never heard from afterward. Since Fiona was entrusted by Merlin to keep and protect the Book of Gods, Grumlin asks Fiona to give him the book so he can seek vengeance against the sorcerer allegiance. Although she has no intentions of giving the book of gods to Grumlin due to his help of killing Merlin, Fiona decides to consider the matter when he offers to revive her dead brother who is Syria’s father. When Fiona is about to give the book of gods to Grumlin, Zarcu quickly saves Grumlin from Fiona’s attack revealing it to have been a trap for Fiona to kill Grumlin. As Grumlin and Zarcu charge at Fiona and Syria, the two are stopped by Brent and Daniel forcing to retreat. At a restaurant, Brent informs Fiona of the past events however she rejects the offer, saying anyone who would willingly take the title as leader of the sorcerer allegiance is a fool. Daniel, enraged that she would disrespect his parents, Merlin as well as the title of being leader of the sorcerer alliance, challenges Fiona to a battle. The two step outside, but Fiona quickly proves to be far out of Daniel's league. Unwilling to give up, Daniel readies his newly imperfect technique called Imperix, a blue plasma lightning-like bolt which he learned from Brent, for an attack. The attack fails, and Fiona argues over Brent teaching Daniel the Imperix when only he, Merlin, Mifoni and Daniel’s parents were the only ones capable to successfully mastering the technique. Despite this, Fiona offers Daniel a proposition: if he can master the Imperix in two days, she'll give him Merlin’s dragon diamond necklace that was made by the great god Balthazu. If he cannot, Daniel must give up his dream of being a hero.

Episode 23: Old Relationship: Daniel agrees to the bet, and leaves to start training. Fiona meets Brent and the two head out for drinks and time with each other, where he tells her that he is aware Grumlin has offered her something. Brent makes it clear that he will kill Fiona if she helps Grumlin. As Daniel continues his train to master the Imperix, Grumlin and Zarcu are approached by Max, who has come to aid them. Though thinking he can’t be trusted, Grumlin attempts to kill Max but is stopped when Max manage to use his resurrection spell to bring Morgana Le Fay back to life impressing Grumlin. In revenge, Morgana seeks to kill Daniel Owens claiming the boy can become every troublesome if he becomes strong. Syria approaches Daniel and tries to convince him to give up on his bet telling him Merlin’s necklace is the only thing that reminds her and Fiona of her father as the necklace was originally given to him by Merlin and was given to Fiona by Merlin after her brother was killed during the Second Great Sorcerer War. Daniel refuses claiming he will win and keep the necklace in his protection. During that night, Fiona watches Daniel’s progress from the background, while noting how similar he is to her older brother. Daniel appears to have been unsuccessful and lays unconscious with fatigue. Brent, still uncertain about the situation with Grumlin & Fiona, decides to take her out for drinks & reminds her about the bet with Daniel. The next day, Fiona is attacked and captured by a group of mutated human-like demons. She wakes up and finds herself in the middle of the desert around an old ruin pillar-like cemetery. Fiona is confronted by Morgana who has the Book of Gods in her possession.

Episode 24: Equal Battles: Knowing Morgana’s plan, Fiona manages to break free and kill the demons before engaging in a battle against Zarcu planning to kill him before battling both Grumlin and Morgana. Although Fiona has far more battle experience than Zarcu, he is able to hold his own against her, even managing to land a few debilitating attacks. As Zarcu prepares to execute Fiona, Daniel, Brent, and Syria arrive to help. Uninterested in their assistance, Fiona tries to resume her battle with Zarcu, though he slices his palm, paralyzing her. As she is taken aside to recover, Daniel and Syria both launch attacks at Zarcu, which he defeats. When Kenjo appears, Brent then states that he and Kenjo will take on Morgana and Grumlin, respectively leaving Syria to fight against Zarcu. With Fiona paralyzed, Brent takes on Grumlin while Kenjo fights Morgana. Zarcu severely injures Syria before continuing to insult Fiona, only to anger Daniel and he battles Zarcu to protect Fiona. In the ensuing battle, Zarcu appears to have the upper hand against Daniel, who manage to restrain Zarcu and strikes him with his now perfectly improved Imperix impressing Brent, Fiona, Syria and Kenjo, though Morgana and Grumlin are shocked for Daniel to be mastering a powerful technique created by the great god Balthazu. Despite using his medical powers to heal his mortally wound, Zarcu’s wound is still to greatly painful for him to deal with. When Daniel falls unconscious due to him running out of power, Morgana, recognizing Daniel as a potential future threat, tries to kill him, only to be stopped by Fiona, who joins the battle with Brent and Kenjo against Grumlin and Morgana. In the ensuing battle, Morgana merges with her summoned serpent dragon and attempts to reclaim the Book of Gods planning to devour the book in order to obtain its powers. When Morgana is about to eat the book of gods, Daniel kills Morgana, decapitating her with a sword devastating Grumlin; this gives Fiona the chance to engage and brutally overpower Grumlin. After an ensuing battle, Fiona defeats Grumlin while Daniel retrieves the Book of Gods; Grumlin and Zarcu retreats vowing to avenge Morgana and destroy Daniel and the sorcerer allegiance. Fiona gives Merlin’s necklace to Daniel intrusting him to keep it safe, which he happily accepts. The twenty-fourth and final episode ends with Daniel leaving with Brent, Fiona, Syria and Kenjo for Golden Corral.

Season 3

Episode 25: Kanark the Smoke Demon: Daniel Owens: Rise of the Sorcerers – Season 3 takes place after the events from season two. Daniel Owens (David Henrie) is seen in his history class with his fellow best-friend Johnny (Nick Jonas) and girlfriend Becky (Ashley Benson). After class, the teens head out for Red Lobster. Meanwhile, Brent (James Franco), is seen spying on girls in the hot springs until he is caught and brutally knockout by an angry Fiona Gibson (Neve Campbell), who is now leader of the Sorcerer Allegiance along with making Mifoni (Ian McShane) her second-in-change leader. Elsewhere, Kanark (Ron Perlman), and his partner Devora (Joe Anderson), two members of the Aurous are seen standing on a flying plane sight-seeing Los Angeles in their attempting to hunt down and capture the host of the Sorceriru. It is revealed that Kanark has the ability to manipulate Smoke combined with Mist. Brent apologizes to Fiona, then reveals his true attentions of wanting to make up with her so they can have a future with each other; this shocks Fiona but she declines saying she needs more time but is glad he thought what she knew what he would someday say to her personally, which Brent agrees. The following day, Kanark and Devora are followed into a dark alleyway by Zamia (Michelle Yeoh) and Ramses (Djimon Hounsou), whom are prepared to fight and capture them planning to hold them for questioning of their purpose of being in Los Angeles. In his anger, Kanark captures and holds a homeless man hostage, but to Zamia and Ramses’s shock, Kanark kills the homeless man impaling him through his chest with his smoke sword. Zamia and Ramses fights Kanark, however, their attacks and blows seem to have no effect on Kanark. Kanark reveals his entire body to be made out of smoke therefore he can’t suffer a fatal blow from any attack as it is actually a smoke demon. Kanark is about to use his powerful plasmic smoke blast to kill Zamia but Brent appears and saves her.

Episode 26: Brothers Reunited: Brent prepares his battle with Kanark while Zamia and Ramses battles Devora. Meanwhile, an unknown guy, (Steven Strait), is flying on an eagle searching for Daniel Owens. Lavol takes Daniel, Becky and Johnny and flies them around the sky in the clouds. As Lavol continues to fly them around, Brent begins his battle with Kanark. As for the battle between Zamia and Ramses against Devora, Devora reveals his ability to turn his entire body into thin or hard ice thus fire, if it’s not strong or powerful enough, is unable to break through his ice defenses along with his ice transformed body. Brent and Kanark seem to be quality match until Kanark turns his body into a snake-like smoke beast and tries to kill Brent, but fails when he is saved by Chang. As reinforcements arrive, Kanark and Devora manage to escape and continue their hunt for Daniel Owens. Daniel, Becky and Johnny are seen eating at Red Lobster when Kanark and Devora soon appear. The unknown guy also appears and spots Daniel, happily glad to see him, but Kanark rushes and chases Daniel planning to capture him. After an ensuing chase, Kanark nearly captures Daniel, who is saved by the unknown guy; to everyone’s shock the unknown guy is revealed to be Trent Owens, Daniel’s older brother. Brent and the others are amazed of Trent’s return and Daniel escapes while Trent stays behind and battles Kanark and Devora. In the ensuing battle, it is revealed that Trent has the power to manipulate plasma elements fire, water and wind. Trent overpowers Kanark before escaping to reunite with Daniel and the others. Trent reveals that he’s been traveling around the world along with learning and discovering new abilities. When Daniel shows Trent the Imperix, Trent also reveals Imperix, which is a red, and informs Daniel that his Imperix is incomplete thus being able to fully take down his enemies whether their weak or powerful. Meanwhile, Kanark and Devora are seen reporting back to Zenth, who is revealed to be their ruthless leader of the Aurous.

Episode 27: Training Day: Trent, along with Brent’s assistance, decides to train Daniel for him to master and fully control the Imperix by creating him a new technique that’s even stronger and powerful than the Imperix, which Daniel happily accepts. The next day at Yosemite National Park, Daniel learns that he also has Lightning plasma element powers. Brent helps by setting up the training field with his special technique. As Daniel begins his training, Becky and Johnny arrives where Trent suspect they’ve also become sorcerers and claims the need to help them also grow stronger thus they be able to be powerful as Daniel. Trent reveals five tasks for Daniel to do in order for him to unlock his lighting plasma powers; first he must run out of power, second, he must use some of the Sorceriru’s power, third, he must combine its power with water, fourth, he must form them into a spiritual ball-like beam and fifth, he must have it be stroke by lightning which will destroy the beam causing Daniel to be electrocute but obtain and unlock his lighting plasma element powers in the process. Daniel uses up all his powers before tapping into the Sorceriru’s power however as he begins his third task to combine water and wind element plasma powers, he fails each time. After two hours, Daniel manages to combine them but in his fourth task to form them into the spiritual beam he fails due to running out of power. He tries to continue but falls unconscious due to running out of power while Brent and Trent are discussing about Daniel’s progress.

Episode 28: Kidon & Zubar: Ramses is seen at Merlin’s grave paying his respects before leaving with Zack Collins (Taylor Lautner), Kinta Lopez (Zendaya) and Ozark Lopez (Danny Trejo), for a nice walk around a dense forest. While walking, they come across a devastated village with its villagers brutally murdered. A surviving women appears and dies before revealing to them they were attacked by two mysterious men whom claim to be members of the Aurous. These two mysterious men are revealed to be Zubar (Vin Diesel) and his partner Kidon (Tom Felton), whom were sent by Zenth to kill one of the members of the Sorcerer Allegiance. Meanwhile, Daniel is still attempting to complete his fourth task of forming his combined water and wind element power into a spiritual beam. He receives advice from Trent and continues his training. Zubar and Kidon arrive at a temple where Kidon begins rampaging murdering men, women and children. Later, Kidon is ambushed and fatally stabbed through the chest by Ramses and Ozark, however, Kidon is revealed to turn his entire body into solid mud revealing to be half human half mud due to obtaining Mud plasmic powers. Zack and Kinta arrives, just as they do, Zubar appears as well. Ramses battles Zubar while Zack, Kinta and Ozark fight Kidon. In the ensuing battle, Ramses tries to kill Zubar, who has the ability to turn his entire body to either medal or wood meanwhile Kidon appears to be immortal as every attack Zack, Kinta and Ozark inflict on him fails. Zubar charges towards the others preparing to kill them with his powerful attack, but Ramses jumps in front of the attack and is left fatally wounded.

Episode 29: Sorcerer Allegiance vs. the Aurous: Ramses is fatally wounded from Zubar’s attack. Kidon battles and severely injures Zack but the team is rescued by Brent, AJ (Brian J. White), Zamia and Chang (Chow Yun Fat), before Kidon and Zubar could finish them off. The two are force to retreat by Zenth’s order, while the others attend a dying Ramses. Ramses is rushed to the hospital where medic officers try their best to restore him, but fails and Ramses dies leaving the rest of the Sorcerer Alliance devastated of losing another comrade. Meanwhile, Zenth is seen ordering his fellow Aurou members Kanark, Devora, Zubar, Kidon, Peruian (Naveen Andrews) and Sunark (Chris Jericho) to launch a full-scale attack on the Sorcerer alliance then capture Daniel Owens. After Ramses’s funeral, Fiona orders Daniel to be watched by guards along with Tristan, Becky, Johnny, Zack, Kinta and DJ (Chris Brown), and for him to continue his training while they fight against the Aurous. DJ approaches Daniel, rightfully apologizing for his past anger behavior towards him and the two become friends. Daniel tells that after he masters his new technique he will go help the others battle and defeat the Aurous. In the meantime, Mifoni and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance confront and battle the Aurous. Everyone seem to be equally match against Kanark, Devora, Zubar, Kidon, Peruian and Sunark while Mifoni battles Zen, also making them as equally of power, strength, speed and stamina as well.

Episode 30: Daniel’s Achievement: As the sorcerer allegiance still battling the Aurous, Daniel is seen still having trouble mastering his fourth task of forming his water and wind element plasma powers into the spiritual beam. Daniel enters his subconscious and asks the Sorceriru to give him some of its power, which the spirit does. Afterward, Daniel finally successfully forms the spiritual beam and now he must have it be stroke by lightning which will destroy it causing Daniel to be electrocuted but obtain and unlock his lighting plasma element powers in the process. Meanwhile, Brent and Chang manage to defeat Kanark and Devora while Zamia and Ozark overpowers and defeat Peruian and Sunark. Mifoni seems to be overpowering Zenth but the battle is overtaken by Zenth, who manage to uses his spear and stab Mifoni through the stomach severely wounding him. Afterward, Zenth prepares to kill Mifoni but is stopped by AJ and Brent. As the two battles Zenth, Daniel climbs to the top of a mountain during a thunder storm. When Daniel grabs the spiritual beam and raises it up with his hands, lightning bolts begin striking down on the mountain. Daniel taps into the power of the Sorceriru and merges it with the spiritual beam before a lighting bolt hit and destroys the beam electrocuting Daniel in the process. Fiona, fearing the battle against the Aurous is not going well, assigns Becky, Jonny, Kinta, DJ, and Zack along with the assistance of Syria (Selena Gomez) to help the sorcerer allegiance as backup while Daniel rests in the hospital. Johnny and Syria had quickly bond a relationship with each other.

Episode 31: DJ’s Secret: Daniel rests in the hospital while Fiona assigns Syria, Becky, Johnny, Kinta, DJ and Zack to help the sorcerer allegiance as backup against the Aurous. Meanwhile, Zenth battles the sorcerer allegiance and appears to be gaining the upper hand against each one of them; that is until the reinforcements of Syria and her group arrives. Becky and Syria began healing the wounded while the others help the sorcerer allegiance fight the Aurous. Peruian and Sunark charge at Becky and Syria planning to kill them, but they are repelled back by DJ, who challenges the two mercenary warlocks. In the ensuing battle, it is revealed that DJ has the Erinthix, a powerful lighting element Tiger and one of the Sorcerians, sealed inside him. Nineteen years ago, Bruce (Keith David) had encountered and battled the Erinthix along with Merlin and Mifoni. The three appear to be no match against gigantic dragon until Bruce had managed to seal the Erinthix inside a golden jar sacrificing his left arm. Bruce’s wife had died giving birth to DJ, who had the Erinthix sealed inside of him by Bruce, who claimed he would be able to master its power and become as strong as his father and brother. DJ taps into the power of the Erinthix and begins engaging against Peruian and Sunark. Sunark tries to gain the upper hand against DJ, only to be overpowered and killed in the process. Peruian panics and tries to flee but was caught and mortally wounded by DJ; Peruian claims to DJ he hasen’t the courage to finish off his opponents, this angers DJ to him to deliver the final blow to Peruian killing him instantly.

Episode 32: Zenth’s Transformation: DJ kills Sunark and Peruian. Meanwhile, Daniel escapes from the hospital to go help the others only to be stopped by Fiona and several officers. Fiona refuses to let Daniel pass; this makes Daniel even angry enough to overthrow Fiona’s order and forces his way pass them. Fiona then decides not to go after Daniel claiming he will win the war for them. Brent and Chang seem to be no match for Zenth until they are helped by AJ and the rest of the sorcerer allegiance. Zenth then creates six element clones of himself to help him fight against the sorcerer allegiance. It is revealed that the six element fire, water, wind, wood, earth and lightning Zenth clones each have their own heart and only by destroying their heart can they kill them. Becky distracts the lightning Zenth clone, giving AJ the chance to destroy it using his powerful punch while Brent and Tristan manage to capture and destroy the wind Zenth clone. Unfortunately, Zenth, being able to take any plasma element powers from opponents, decides to increase his powers by betraying his fellow comrades Kanark, Devora, Zubar and Kidon absorbing their powers killing them in the process. Zenth also takes the powers from the lifeless bodies of Peruian and Sunark and merges himself with his powers with all of theirs, transforming into a powerful ultimate warlock. With his new obtained powers, Zenth begins overpowering and pummeling the sorcerer allegiance and DJ’s team.

Episode 33: Daniel vs. Zenth: Zenth begins overpowering and pummeling the sorcerer allegiance and DJ’s team. Everyone is shocked when Zenth also has the ability to absorb energy blasts which increases his strength, speed and powers along with linking his visual movements thus every attack, punch or kick are useless against him. Zenth severely inures Johnny and prepares to kill him when Syria intervenes; rescuing Johnny. Zenth is about to finish Johnny and Syria off when Daniel appears easily deflecting Zenth’s powerful blast away saving them. As Becky and Zamia attends to the injured, AJ claims to fight Zenth alone but is force to back down when Daniel plans on taking Zenth on by himself claiming he’s the only one who can defeat him. Daniel and Zenth begin their battle. Daniel appears to be easily matching Zenth’s speed, stamina and power though for strength is a different story which doesn’t bother Daniel who claims he has the upper vantage. Zenth takes control of the lifeless bodies of Kanark, Zubar, Kidon, Devora, Peruian and Sunark and merges the six element Zenth clones into human heart and merged them into their bodies thus making them Zenth’s puppets. Zenth reveals his plan of capturing the Sorceriru to use its power and destroy the world. It is also revealed that years ago; Zenth’s family was killed during the Second Great Sorcerer War thus he began his anger of planning to avenge his family by destroying the world. Zenth formed the Aurous with one goal, to capture the Sorceriru and use it to obtain its power and annihilate the entire sorcerer world. Zenth then tries to urge Daniel to surrender himself claiming his death will lead to the sorcerer world’s destruction of peace, but Daniel angrily refuses and prepares his new powerful technique called the “Supreme Imperix”.

Episode 34: Supreme Imperix: Daniel refuses Zenth’s terms of surrendering and prepares his new powerful technique called the “Supreme Imperix”. This new found technique amazes Tristan, Brent and everyone else though it horrifies Zenth, realizing the supreme Imperix is powerful enough to instantly kill him if Daniel strikes him with it. Daniel attacks Zenth with the supreme Imperix, but his attack dissipates before he could land a hit. Daniel is only saved from certain death by Brent and Tristan. Zamia suspect the supreme Imperix only lasts for about twelve seconds therefore Daniel should work together and take down Zenth as a team. Daniel asks Brent to let him take the risk by himself and battle Zenth alone claiming he’ll never reach his goal unless he makes sacrifices as a true hero would. Remembering his brother and sister-in-law giving their lives for Daniel, Brent decides to let Daniel fight Zenth alone and DJ and the others also put their faith in Daniel to win the battle. Daniel engages Zenth in an ensuing battle. During which, Daniel destroys Zenth’s puppets however Zenth merges their remains with his body thus gaining more speed, strength, stamina and power. Zenth begins overpowering Daniel, who then gains the upper hand against Zenth turning the tables on the latter. Daniel attempts to use his supreme Imperix, while Zenth switches to a long-range mode to counter his attack. As Daniel dashes his way to Zenth, dodging his attacks, with the now completed supreme Imperix, Zenth flies over and strikes Daniel down with his powerful attack; Daniel’s body appears to a fake dummy puppet shocking Zenth. The real Daniel manages to land a critical hit with the supreme Imperix on Zenth instantly blasting the latter into outer space, killing him in the process.

Episode 35: Horrible Discovery: Daniel has defeated Zenth and passes out due to running out of power while the impressed Brent, Tristan and the others take him and return back home. At the hospital, Daniel is seen waking up to find Tristan, Becky, Johnny, Syria, DJ, Zack, Kinta and Brent by his side and are happy of Daniel’s victory against Zenth. Brent tells Daniel that his battle with Zenth will be revealed to the entire sorcerer world thus making him a hero along with his victory destroying Morgana Le Fay as well; this news happily excites Daniel enough for him to try and get out of bed. That night, Brent and Tristan inform Fiona and the Sorcerer Elders about the events between Daniel and Zenth. Fiona is curious about Daniel’s new use for the supreme Imperix and tells Brent to have Daniel reveal his new technique to her. The following day, Daniel reveals the supreme Imperix to Fiona and the Sorcerer Elders. When Daniel leaves to meet with Becky on their date, Fiona, Grumbit (Ian Mckellen) and Grumbia (Judi Dench), tell Brent and Tristan not to let Daniel use supreme Imperix again because it will permanently destroy his ability to manipulate his powers and will die if continuing to use it. They suggest Brent to train Daniel new other abilities and soon to fully control the supreme Imperix. Brent offers to take Daniel away and train him to learn more techniques and skilled abilities for two years, which the three accept.

Episode 36: Departure: Brent offers to take Daniel away and train him to learn more techniques and skilled abilities for two years, which Fiona and the elders accept. The next day, Brent reveals his plan to train for two years to Daniel, who happily agrees to come after he is finished with school which ends tomorrow. Tristan decides to leave for two years to travel around the world and learn some new techniques as well and bids farewell to Daniel and everyone else before flying on his eagle and into the sunset. As Brent teleports Daniel, Becky and Johnny back home, they bid farewell to DJ, Kinta, Zack, the sorcerer allegiance and all the sorcerer world’s citizens who will never forget Daniel for his victorious wins against the Aurous and Morgana le Fay. Johnny bids farwell to Syria claiming they will reunite with each other soon. The next day back in the human world, school has just ended for summer break. Daniel retrieves Brent, who was once again spying on the cheerleaders in the locker room, and Johnny returns back home to leave with his family on a vacation bidding farewell to his best friends and teacher. Daniel asks to have on last date with Becky before they depart and Brent accepts, though he didn’t seem to care as he was busy spying on two cheerleading girls dancing. When at their date, two mysterious rubbers are seen rubbing a bank until they are captured and tied onto a post by Daniel. After their date, Brent appears and Daniel tells Lavol to watch over Becky until he returns. The thirty-sixth and final episode ends with Daniel and Becky sharing a kiss before Daniel and Brent depart on their two years of training.

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