After our heroes fled the mansion and its castle... the villains return! As those evils dance in the cathedral, our heroes think up of a plan...


(In an inn in Glasgow...)

  • (All clamouring and laughing)
  • Optimus Prime: "Here!"
  • All of the Heroes Alliance: "Cheers!"
  • Sailor Moon: "Girls and kids never drink alcohol normally!"
  • Bucky O'Hare: "And so never do animals!"
  • Man on Television: ""And we interrupt our sports programme to see Glasgow City Cathedral full of evilness and wickedness..."
  • Red Power Ranger: "Is that Megamo's doing, Peter?"
  • Peter Pan: "I don't know."
  • Spider-Man: "Maybe you're right."
  • Greymon: "Tam O'Shanter is going..."

(As Tam rides on his horse Meg, all he sees is violence and gore in the form of Cracked bones, murdered babies, and hung women, until he reaches the cathedral and see Megamo and his demons dancing!)

  • KOMPLEX: "What a nightmarish day! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • Mgeatron: "Ha ha ha! How ironic that we underestimated them at the mansion and the castle! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • Queen Beryl: "We've haunted enough good spirits in order to increase our evil spirits!"
  • Diana Holo: "Yes! Yes! Yes!!!" (she and other villains laugh and dance)

(Tam O'Shanter sees a girl in a short white dress entering...)

  • Wayne Cramp: "Oh, come in, Megamo's daughter, Cutty Sark aka Nanny.
  • Cutty Sark: "I'm always welcome, father."
  • Megamo: "Well done, my sweet daughter! Satan is playing the bagpipes just now!"

(At the stalls inside the cathedral...)

  • Master Xandred: (splits a watermelon) "Gaaaah!"
  • Octoroo: "Ooh-ah-ooh, Master Xandred, you've done it!"
  • Master Xandred: "Huh? Cutty Sark is just over there!"
  • Octoroo: "Ooh-ah-ooh."
  • Cutty Sark: "Misfits, let's rock!"
  • Pizzazz: "Yeah!"
  • Sakharine: "Clap your hands, villains!"
  • Yeerks: (murmuring)
  • Cutty Sark: "What are you doing, Yeerks?"
  • Kremzeek: "Kremzeek!"
  • Megatron: "So lost you are, fools..."
  • Megamo: "Faster, Satan! Faster!"

(Megamo and the other villains laugh as Satan fastened the music. Until Tam shouts-)

  • Tam O'Shanter: "Weel done, Cutty Sark!"

(In an instant, everything is dark!)

  • Wayne Cramp: "Who dares?"
  • Megamo: "Him! Conquer he!"
  • All villains: "Conquer he!"

(As the villains cross the bridge, Cutty Sark pulls off Meg's tail!)

  • Cutty Sark: "No!"
  • Megamo: "What's wrong, my daughter?"
  • Diana Holo and Strika: "Maybe you went to the path of one of your weaknesses- Water!"
  • Megamo: "What? Water! Witches cannot cross water! It can't be!"

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