Since Cartoon Network took 6teen from ick, lets pick up Dexter's Laboratory

and i know who could be the new voice Cast

Candi Milo-Dexter, additional voices

Colleen O'Saughnessey as Dee Dee, additional voices

Dee Bradley Baker as The Dog, additional voices

Jef Bennett-Dad, additional Voices\

Kath Soucie-Mom, Computer, Lee Lee, additional

Grey DeLeslie-DeeDee (stand in for O'Saughnessey), Memo monster, additional voices

Cree Summer-Mee Mee, additional voices

Ricky D'Shon Collins-Douglas

David Kaufman-Mandark

Tara Strong-Kal, Kelly

Dione Quan-Gee Gee, Lava Worm, additional voices

Nika Futterman-additional voices

Hynden Walch-Juanita Rivera, additional voices

Phil LaMarr-additional voices

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