Count Dregon himself put curses on all his friends:

  • Megatron has the curse of turning people to stone with his gaze, so has Sedusa and Madame Medusa.
  • Guts Man and Cut Man are cursed with the power to stop time in its tracks.
  • Leezar was cursed to kidnapp Belladonna and destroy Fabious's kingdom.
  • Kilokahn was cursed with the saying of "meat-thing" instead of "human".
  • Lord Shen was cursed to become king of China with Lotor at his side.
  • Lotso-Huggin'-Bear was cursed to live immortally alongside Hades, his master.
  • Professor Z was cursed with the power to become a phantom.
  • Master Xandred was cursed with anger and headaches, alongside with, respectively, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.
  • Carlos and Nigel become birds because of the curse, respectively a chick and a cockatoo.
  • Luke Castellan was cursed to become Chronos.
  • Myzor, the King of War, was cursed with a phantom's mask.
  • Tai Lung was cursed alongside Matthew Patel, one of the Seven Evil Exes, to become Master of Defeat.
  • KOMPLEX was cursed to become a robot forever alongside Ultron.
  • Sentinel Prime was cursed to betray the Autobots and hide himself on the moon.
  • Elmo St. Peters was cursed to become one of the Masters of Evil, led by Baron Zemo.
  • Dr. Blowhole was cursed with one eye.
  • Dracula was cursed with the ability to drink anyone's blood, his or hers.
  • Queen Beryl was cursed to marry Galvatron, her new husband.
  • Mok Swagger and Holli Would were also cursed to marry.
  • The Seven Golden Vampires were cursed to live in China.

A youtube adaptation is in the works.

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