• Alexandros Martinez (aka Steven) as Crystal Nightingale
  • Ronnie Cagigal
  • Seven Jordan
  • Chris Webb
  • Adam Lind
  • and many other friends of Ronnie Cagigal and Adam Lind


After hearing that their favorite singer David Bowie is playing at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center (formrly known as Aviation Theater), Adam Lind and Alex Farr go to Ronnie Cagigal for $20.00 (USD). Ronnie tells them that he knows a friend who has that kind of money, and that's she's weird and bizarre. Going to Crystal's house, Alex Farr makes a deal that he'll trade her porno tapes and cream spoons in exchange for the money. When they go to the concert, Crystal steals Adam Lind's wallet full of money.

At the concert, she gets all tweaked up. She crosses her arms. She yells "Stop It! HEEEEEEEEELLLP!!" Ronnie and Alex Farr ask if they can score her money now. When she sees everthing that gets all botched up. She rips her eyes out and runs out of the theater, leaving her porno behind ("Beyond the Valley of the Dolls").

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