Crisis on the Castle Land is a fantasy film.

Plot summary

Castle Land is guarded by a Cosmic Entity called the Wizard but then a guy call Lester as he already annihilated the 208 worlds and the Knights. Now all heroes and villains must stop him before all of the Castle Land come into an end and the world will never be the same.


Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria-006:18

Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria-0

How Could This Happen To Me (with lyrics)03:20

How Could This Happen To Me (with lyrics)


Wizard: You guys can not kill him he's just want to put the refreshed Castle Land And get rid of all of junk conten that you guys have

Jack:But that may kills us too And we do not want this to happing come on you have to join us.

Then all of Villains of Idea wiki come out of nowhere*

Seymour: We want to join too'

Jack: Seymour?! Why?!

Satan:If he going to get rid of me then im going to get rid him




Wizard: Fine then i will not join you guys.


Lester:I'm so Sorry...

*Then he kills the Wizard*


*Old Man Dies*



Presence-Above-All:YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!

*then Castle Land Explodes Arouind him*


Lester:Im sorry Jack but your not from here *kills Jack*


The Crow:This wiki will not make it.


*As Lester crushed Robowar's number times googolplex of worlds with his hands(Casually) in minutes*




Wizard's son:I'm the only one left who remembers and Survive the Crisis. You see, I know the truth. I remember all that happened, and I'm not going to forget. Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same. But those were great days for me... I had a good friend in the good old days, really. He was the Lester. He was going to give me a world to rule. Now he's gone, too. But that's okay with me. You see, I like to remember the past because those were better times than now. I mean, I'd rather live in the past than today, wouldn't you? I mean, nothing's ever certain anymore. Nothing's ever predictable like it used to be. These days... y-you just never know who's going to die... and who's going to live.


Death:It's ok 'Castle Land do not need us anymore. it's need's some people without us.


Unknown original angel character centered around the Crisis observes all of the destruction around him.  His face is shadowed by his black sweatshirt's hood, while having a stylish and classy black overcoat on top of it.  Another main character with black angel wings steps from behind wearing the same attire, and to conceal their identities, they call each other White Angel and Dark Angel.

Dark Angel: What's wrong with this place?

White Angel: Some douchey user reset the website on the other users, taking away all of their ideas.

Dark Angel: ... Well that sucks.  Is there anything left that we can do for this Castle?

WA: I doubt it man, all of these characters- gone.  What they've experienced in their lifetimes and stories- everything was wasted and flushed down the shitter.  All of those years of memories and liveliness- gone.

DA: Damn bro, why do you have to make it sound so sad?  They're only characters from video games and movies, right?

WA: These were actual people ****, and they all died for the same cause.  It's actually really depressing.

DA: ... *******, how did we survive this apocalyptic event?  How are we still here?

WA: Because of our creator.

DA: Wait, you're talking about...?

WA: Not God ****, nor any of the other deities alongside Him.  The one and true power lord above all other dimensions.  The one who chose our fates, and the one who wrote out our script.

DA: Heh, didn't know the kid had it in him.  I guess it really didn't matter if our page existed in this Castle or not.  All it took was for him to grasp onto what he wanted to make out of us, and what he wanted to make out of his future.  We are his future, hell he even created us in his own image.  Everyone that he created, all of the heroes and villains, represent him in some way.  It's fair to say that we are him.

WA: Couldn't have said it better.

DA: So what about all of those ideas deleted from this space, all of those people along with other plot lines?  Do you think that they still exist within the souls of their creators?

WA: Of course, in fact we're not even within the Castle space, for that place is completely obliterated.  All because of that one dick.  We're actually within the Dream God, remember?

DA: Dream Dimension?  What the hell are you talking about?

WA: ... I'm a little disappointed.  Don't get me wrong, you're still ****, you're just not the one I know.

DA: So to you I'm an alternate **** from another universe?

WA: Well how'd you get here in the first place?

DA: I still don't know where "here" is.  But I don't mind you being a different *******.  We're still able to relate to each other's feelings, and you seem the same as the ******* I know, so I could give less of a shit.

WA: Something might have happened to you, maybe you made a wrong turn while trying to get somewhere.

DA: Probably, but I'll find my way out of it.

WA: Well I'm here with the other you for training.  We're getting ready for war.  I guess this is my break.  You see, what we're walking through right now has been simulated.  Anything and everything can happen in this place.  But still, that entire world full of so many people- all of it is gone.

DA: But it doesn't matter.  Just because all of it was written down in there...

WA: Doesn't mean that the concepts and souls of those ideas are gone.  It all depends on how devoted the creators are to their ideas- will they throw them aside just because their website was reset?  Hell no.  They would know better than that.  They do know better than that.

DA: So what do we do now?  Just wait until our creator writes a book or makes a movie out of us?

WA: Well I need to find my ****, and if this place allows us to stay together for a little longer, we'd be glad to help you find your way out.

DA: I'm actually glad that I'm given this opportunity.  I always wanted to meet with one of my alternate selves.  I was only taught the system of alternates, but I never knew I'd be given the chance to see one.

WA: Sounds awesome.  Better than walking around this wore down castle.

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