A divorced father discovers that his 12-year-old son's new stepfather is not what he made himself out to be.




  • Issac Newmar (Matt Damon)
  • Boyd Newmar (Raymond Ochoa) - Issac's son
  • Melissa Newmar (Shannen Doherty) - Issac's ex-wife
  • Chif. Harold Ranks (Pierce Brosnan) - the chief of police
  • Sgt. Templeton Jasper (Jason Issacs)
  • Rocky Crey (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) - the main antagonist and Boyd's step-father who is not what he made himself out to be, real name revealed to be Oscar Veretti
  • Ferris Joyce (Jonathan Price) - Rocky's old time dealer whom he killed and threw in the furnace



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