Codename: Rocky and Bullwinkle Next Door/Rocket Power Time/Atomic Betty Boop is the fourth episode of Awesome Antics.


Codename: Rocky and Bullwinkle Next Door

Rocky and Bullwinkle are becoming new members of the Kids Next Door.

Rocket Power Time

Otto, Twister, Reggie, Sam, Finn and Jake are having fun at skateboarding in the Land of Ooo.

Atomic Betty Boop

Betty Boop is going to the outer space to become a galactic heroine.

Recurring sketches

Wolf vs. Sheep in Breaking Baa-ad

AABS News: Classic Cartoons in Modern World

Agent Xero's Post Office: Sports

Voice cast



Title Cards



  • Codename: Rocky and Bullwinkle Next Door is a parody of Codename: Kids Next Door and Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    • The Codename: Kids Next Door voice actors reprise their roles, while Tom Kenny reprises Bullwinkle's role from the 2014 CGI animated short film, Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  • Rocket Power Time is a parody of Rocket Power and Adventure Time.
  • Atomic Betty Boop is a parody of Atomic Betty and Betty Boop.
    • Tara Strong uses her Toot Braunstein (herself a parody of the character) voice from Drawn Together to voice Betty Boop.

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