As Part of Disneyland's Current Rehab of Tomorrowland (Which is Going Back into 1967 Version of Tomorrowland), The Circle Vision 360 Theater is Making It's Return to Disneyland's Tomorrowland and Relocated to The Other Side of Tomorrowland (Formerly Housed East of Main Street USA). The Theater Currently Circle Vision 360 Theater Films Like Magic Carpet 'Round the World, O Canada and Reflections of China.

List of Films

Magic Carpet 'Round the World (Performs from Every Mornings to Early Afternoons)

O Canada (Performs from Every Early Afternoons to Early Evening)

Reflections of China (Performs from Every Evening to the Park Closing)


If Humans Could Fly (Magic Carpet 'Round the Carpet)

We Love the Country of Canada (O Canada)

Beauty of China Two Times More (Reflections of China)


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