original episode, followed by changed episode


The Spookiest house in MArzipan

  • The phone ring is the theme song for the Grim Adv. of Billy and Mandy
  • The voice saying You will DEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeliver me a shmeg salad sandiwhich is the voice of Vendetta from the Nicktoon, Making Fiends
  • In 1 scene Gazpachos outfit is Monochromatic green instead of Monochromatic Blue
  • In the scene where Chowder looks up at the house, it has the appearence of Vendetta's house (another nod to Making Fiends)
  • Gorgenzola's flame is blue in every scene he appears in this changed episode
  • in the scen with the lightning and the windows, you will see Vendetta, Grude, and The Giant Cat from Making Fiends (nicktoon)

The Chain Recipie

  • The Lemon (and its juice) is pink, instead of yellow
  • The rake in the 3rd bad luck sequence is colored pruple and wearing a bow tie
  • The Suacamole in Mungs Mouth changes color Polychromatically in the 4th bad luck sequence
  • in the final scene of the episode, Mung Daal turns Blueish Green

The Lollistops

  • The Lollistop that chowder gets is Purple instead of red
  • Kimchi is Blueish green for 1 scene
  • The Calender says July (this change was actually a remedy for a goof in the original version of this episode)
  • An unknown character is seen putting a gold tooth in his upper gums

Kid Schnitzel

  • The Diaper Schnitzel is wearing is Mint green for the the whole episode

Schnitzel Quits

  • Schnitzels spare apron is Lava red when he exits the catering company
  • When Endie answers the door, her outfit is Monochromatic Blue
  • When Endive is at the pool, her swimsuit is Green
  • when Tofu enters the kitchen, he is Blank White for the remainder of his appearence
  • The gang's burglar uniforms change polychromatically for the entire time they are wearing them
  • The Target bird's beak is red, as is the target on it's back
  • When Schnitzel is falling to the ground, he turns into every guise he as appeared induring the entire series, uup to this episode (this resembles Schnitzel's life flashing before his eyes)
  • The shirt that C.H. Greenblatt is wearing turns blue Camoflauge for the rest of the scene
  • The stick of blutter that falls on Mung and Chowder turns Brighter Yellow when Schnitzel lifts it up
  • The moldy puddingt cup turns Moldy Black when Schnitzel eats it
  • When Schnitzel get sick, his skin turns Sea Foam Green

The Snail Car

  • In one scene

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