Chirashi's Island is an upcoming spinoff of Yoshi's Island for the Wii console.


After saving the stork and the babies from Baby Bowser, Yoshi is relaxing under a tree eatting an apple but using his tongue. While eatting, He came across a new species in his island. That new species is called Chirashi, She is flying till she saw Yoshi under a tree so that she got a closer look there. Yoshi got shocked that a new species exists on his island. She got out an apple and gave it to him. Chirashi tells Yoshi that Bowser is bringing his army to destory their island. Yoshi goes on a new adventure with his new friend to get rid of Bowser.

Playable Characters

  • Yoshi
  • Chirashi
  • Rex
  • Spikey (An Akylosaurus Who Can Roll Into A Ball) (Unlockable)
  • Umi (A Baby Female Dorrie) (Unlockable after the first boss in World 1)
  • Monty Mole (Unlockable)
  • Slinky (Unlockable)
  • Flozo (A Chinchilla) (Unlockable)
  • Birdo (Unlockable)
  • Bowser Jr. (Unlockable at the end of the game)


  • Goombas
  • Koopas
  • Shy Guys
  • Petalets
  • Sneezies
  • Doogans
  • Hammer Bros

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