Jake Kisaragi II 19:13, February 21, 2012 (UTC)Here's the 2nd Character List. These are the remaining heroes and the villians. Enjoy!


Weapon: Longsword

Element: Light and Darkness

Quote: N/A

-Cornflower Churchmouse:

Weapon: Bow and Arrows

Element: Light and Holy

Quote: "I don't wanna be alone anymore."


Weapon: N/A (can improvise with whatever she can ffind lying around)

Element: Earth

Quote: N/A


Weapon: Longsword and Shortsword

Elements: Light, Darkness, and Demi

Quote: N/A

-Harry Potter:

Weapon: Wand

Element: All

Quote: N/A

-Ron Weasley:

Weapon: Wand

Element: All

Quote: N/A

-Hermione Granger:

Weapon: Wand

Element: All

Quote: N/A

Villains and Enemies:

-Shadow Druids:

Found at: All Worlds

HP: 450

Have two forms; Blanks and Insignias. Both sorta look the same.

-Kikis (robot Monkeys from Sonic the Hedgehog series):

Found at: Neon Hill

HP: 500

Have 1 form

-Flappers (robo-birds from Sonic the Hedgehog series):

Found at: Neon Hill

HP: 500 (small); 1200 (large)

Have 2 forms; the common small ones and the rare big ones. Both can be either red or purple.

-Vermin (rats, ferrets, stoats and foxes in the Redwall book series):

Found at: Mossflower Wood and Redwall Abbey (during and post-invasion)

HP: 550 (rats); 650 (ferret); 750 (stoats); 1650 (foxes)

Have 1 form each.

-Dementors (guardians of the wizard prison, Askaban):

Found at: All over Hogwarts (during Battle of Hogwarts).

HP: 1250

Have 1 form.

-Death Eaters (Lord Voldemort's personal army):

Found at: All over Hogwarts during Battle of Hogwarts and in Hogsmeade Village.

HP: 1250

Have 1 form.


-Shadow the Hedgehog:

Boss of: Neon Hill

Weapon: Longsword

Amt of HP: 5000

Special Skill: Chaos Control: Hits all party members with a blast of energy that is so powerful, if anyone survives, they are left with countdown status, forcing them to try to end the fight before the timer reaches 0 or they're automatically KO'd.

-Rouge the Bat:

Boss of: Neon Hill

Weapon: Ninja Gear

Amt. of HP: 5600

Special Skill: Fury Kick: Hits targeted party member with a multitude of Darkness-infused kick that deal more damage the more they connect.

-Dr Eggman:

Boss of: Neon Hill

Weapon: Robot Armor

Amt. of HP: 7500

Special Skill: None


Boss of: Mossflower and Redwall Abbey (post-invasion)

Weapon: Poison Whip Tail

Amt of HP: 8000

Special Skill: Poison Whip: Cluny lashes out with his Poison-barbed tail and deals solid damage and poisons the target.

-Lord Voldemort:

Boss of: Hogwarts and Hogsmeade Village (Battle of Hogwarts)

Weapon: Elder Wand

HP: 9000

Special Skill: Avada Kadavra: A killing curse that KO's the target(s) in one hit. Harry is the only party member that is resistant to it.

-Shadow Lord: Agranor:

Boss of: West Side (post-takeover)

Weapon: None (uses weapon that is the same as the lead party member)

HP: 15000

Special Skill: Solemn Judgement Strike: Hits all party member with a beam of hell-raising light and darkness energy. All members except Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are KO'd immediately.

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