Characters (The Chipmunks and Company)

- Alvin
- Simon
- Theodore
- Shirley Temple
- Freddie Bartholomew
- Donald Duck
- Goofy
- Pinocchio (from Pinocchio)
- Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio)
- Pluto
- Pluto's Quin-puplets (from Pluto's Quin-puplets)
- Pluto, Junior (from Pluto, Junior)
- Pluto's Kid Brother (from Pluto's Kid Brother)
- Wanda, Wanda's mother, and Wanda's little brother (from The Magic School Bus)
- Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore - Humphrey the Bear
- The Brownstone National Park bears
- W.C. Fields
- Sonja Henie
- Sasha the Bird (from Make Mine Music)
- Sonia the Duck (from Make Mine Music)
- Ivan the Cat (from Make Mine Music)
- Woody Woodpecker and all his friends (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Chilly Willy, Andy Panda, Homer Pigeon, Nellie, etc) (from all Walter Lantz cartoons from 1929-72)
- Snow White and her prince (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) - Heckle and Jeckle and all their friends (Fanny Zilch, Strongheart, Gandy Goose, Dinky Duck, etc) (from all 20th Century Fox Terrytoons cartoon shorts) - Mademe Butterfly and Catrina (from Oswald)
- Bootle Beetle and Ezra Beetle
- Orville the Bird (from Pluto's Fledgling)
- Flutter Foot (from Mail Dog)
- Katharine Hepburn - Gunther Goat (from The Army Mascot)
- Fred Stork (from Cold Storage)
- Ritz Brothers
- Benjamin Franklin
- Thomas Edison - Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow
- Daisy Duck
- Huey, Dewey and Louie
- Gus Goose
- Scrooge McDuck
- Ludwig von Drake
- Gyro Gearloose and his Little Helper
- Shelby Turtle (from Mickey Mouse Works)
- Mrs. Turtle (from Mickey Mouse Works)
- The Fox and the Crow and all their friends (Scrappy, Margie, Yippie, etc) (from all Columbia Pictures cartoon shorts)
- Baby Kate Read (from Arthur)
- Jane and David Read (from Arthur)
- Spike the Bee and his wife - The Lone Ranger and his horse, Silver
- Emily Elizabeth Howard (from Clifford the Big Red Dog)
- Caroline Howard (from Clifford the Big Red Dog)
- Amelia Earheart
and more

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