Main Heroes

  • Invader Zim
  • Gir
  • Gaz
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Patrick Star
  • Fanboy
  • Chum chum
  • Dudly Puppy
  • Kitty Katswell
  • Invader Blue
  • S.i.r. unit Gray
  • Jumpy ghostface
  • Garu
  • Pucca
  • Irken Ron
  • Ezag


Invader Zim



Sponge bob



Chum chum

Dudly puppy

Kitty katswell

Invader Blue

S.i.r. unit Gray

Irken Ron

Jumpy ghostface



Ezag (Episode 26)

Main Villains

  • Dib
  • Irken Geo
  • Tobe
  • Highroller
  • Rat trap/Snap trap
  • Larry
  • Irken Tak

Irken Geo

Rat trap/Snap trap



High Roller

Irken Tak ( Combinding the cartoon worlds into one)

List of other charaters

List of App wepons

Child form

List of cartoon i pad fighters episodes


Opening 1 : ( Episodes 1-28) sung by

Opening 2 : (Episodes 28 - 53) sung by

Ending 1: ( episodes 1-16) sung by

Ending 2: ( episodes 16 - 28) sung by

Ending 3: ( episodes 28 -54) sung by

other songs

???? ( App battle Theme)

???? ( Regenerate/normal battle theme)

Diffrent Language Titles

la Heroína ipad Spanish

Karikatur iPad Kämpfer Gremen

Combattants animés ipad French

heroína ipad Portuguese

Cartoon ipad combattenti Italian

Possble other language Titles

コンピュータパッドヘロイン Japan

Cartoon ipad strijders Duch


Meloey -

Invader Zim/ Metadrazim/Metadrazim beast mode/Spike armoredzim - Richard steven horvitz

Child form Zim - Melissa Fahn

Gir - Rikki Simons

Gaz /Data Gaz/ Data Gaz upgrade mode - Melissa Fahn

Child form Gaz - Melissa Fahn

Sponge bob/Seadraspongebob/seadraspongebob slash mode - Tom Kenny

Child form Sponge bob - Tom kenny

Patrick/Muscle Patrick/Muscle Patrick super mode - Bill Fagerbakke

Child form Patrick - Bill fagerbakke

Fanboy/Morph Fanboy/Morph Fanboy inprove mode - David Hornsby

Chum chum/Plush Chum chum/ Plush Chum chum merical mode- Nika Futterman

Younger form Fanboy and chum chum - david hornsby and nika futterman

Dudly puppy/Fang Dudly/Fang dudly dagger warrior mode- Jerry Trainor

Child form dudly - jack de sena

Kitty katswell/Tiger Kitty katswell /Tiger kitty katswell Pelt form- Grey DeLisle

Child form kitty - Gray delisle

Invader Blue/Blaster Blue/blaster blue mega mode - Mae Whitman

Child form Blue - mea whitman

S.i.r. unit Gray - Brian Beacock

Jumpy ghostface/Samrai Jumpy/Samrai Jumy great mode - Brian Drummond

Younger form Jumpy - brian drummond

Garu/Shuriken Garu/Shuriken garu Will Mode - Brian Drummond

Child form Garu - brian drummond

Pucca/Heart Pucca/Heart Pucca hope mode - Tabitha St. Germain

Child form Pucca - Tabitha st. germain

Irken Ron/Fighter Ron/Fighter Ron Dao mode - Dave Wittenberg

Child form Ron - dave wittenberg

Ezag/Octowire E-zag/ Octowire E-zag high volt mode/bright E-zag- Derek Stephen Prince

Child form E-zag - derek stephen prince

Dib - Andy berman

Irken Geo -

Tobe - Lee tocker

Highroller - Brian drummond

Rat tarp/Snap trap - Matthew W. Taylor

Larry - Jeff Bennett

Irken Tak - Olivia d'Abo

Spanish cast

Invasor Zim -

Gir -

Gaz -

Gremen Cast

Invader Zim -

French Cast

Invader Zim - unknown

Sequel series

Cartoon ipad fighters Code evolution

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