CN vs C WG

Cartoon Network vs Capcom: World Generation (Xbox 360 cover)

Cartoon Network vs Capcom: World Generation
is Crossover fighting game developed by Capcom and Cartoon Network Interactive, and this is a spin-off of Marvel vs Capcom franchise. It also features Capcom's very own popular characters, and there's more characters from TV series/movies of Cartoon Network. This one's going to be the upcoming installment of the Vs. series franchise from Capcom. It is set for releases on both for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


Same gameplay as appeared in the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 video game franchise. This game also features the same old tag-based team features as it was previously use in the last installment of the video game just like Marvel vs Capcom series, where each player chooses three characters that can be swapped at any point during a match, and utilizes an order selection called "Evolved Vs. Fighting System", any system that's a modified version of earlier systems (let's mention Playstation 2, X-Box, & the original classic Sega Dreamcast just to name a few) seen in the Marvel vs. Capcom, & Capcom vs. SNK games & the third installment sequel to Marvel vs Capcom 3, and it is akin to Cartoon Network FusionFall. The aim of the game is to use various attacks to drain your opponent's health bars and defeat all of their characters or have the most cumulative health when time runs out. It's the first game in the franchise to feature three-dimensional character models what you see in Street Fighter 4 franchise always the same as opposed to the same old two-dimensional sprites, though gameplay remains restricted to two-dimensions, allowing characters to move only backward, forward, or straight up into the air. There's this one final boss in the game reveals Nelo GrandAngelo (more similar to Galactus as the final boss in Marvel vs Capcom 3).

Playable Characters

Cartoon Network Capcom Guest Characters
Ben Tennyson Ryu James Heller (PS3/Vita)
Rex Salazar Chun-Li Pikachu (Wii/DS)
Mandy Morrigan Yoshi (Wii/DS)
Dexter Dante Cole MacGrath (PS3/Vita)
Chowder Viewtiful Joe Mario (Wii/DS)
Kevin Levin Chris Redfield Link (Wii/DS)
Blossom Hsien-Ko Luigi (Wii/DS)
Buttercup Nathan "Rad" Spencer Scorpion (PS3/Vita)
Bubbles Jill Valentine Fox McCloud (Wii/DS)
Samurai Jack Samanosuke Akechi Captain Falcon (Wii/DS)
Numbuh 1 Frank West Nathan Drake (PS3/Vita)
Major Glory Batsu Ichimonji Kratos (PS3/Vita)
Aku Akuma Ezio Auditore (PS3/Vita)
Johnny Bravo Captain Commando Donkey Kong (Wii/DS)
Gumball MegaMan Samus Aran (Wii/DS)
Bloo Phoenix Wright Ness (Wii/DS)
Courage Nero Batman (Xbox 360)
Flapjack Trish Superman (Xbox 360)
Father Gene Sly Cooper (PS3/Vita)
Vilgax Aaron Kirby (Wii/DS)
Mordecai Felicia Crash Bandicoot (All)
Brick Asura Spyro the Dragon (All)
Boomer Demitri Maximoff Sonic The Hedgehog (All)
Butch Guile Mortadelo (All)
Mandark Nemesis T-Type Filemón (All)
Him Chuck Greene Sub-Zero (All)
Monkey Alex Wolverine (All)
Sedusa C. Viper Sora (All)
Dr. Le Quack Nick Ramos Venom (All)
Fuzzy Lumpkins Jin Saotome Deadpool (All)
Billy Leo Asuka Langley (All)
Cow Akira Kazama Scorpion (All)
Larry Lady Spider-Man (All)
GrandFather (sub-boss) Nelo Angelo (sub-boss) Miku Hatsune (All)

Downloadable Content Characters/Cheat Code for Wii Characters (DLC)/(Cheat)

Cartoon Network Capcom
Grim Reaper Albert Wesker
Buck Tuddrussel Hideo Shimazu
Numbuh 3 Fong Ling
V.V. Argost (Ultimate Only) Amaterasu (Ultimate Only)
Lazlo (Ultimate Only) Masamune Date (Ultimate Only)
Hoss Delgado (Ultimate Only) Dynamo (Ultimate Only)

Ultimate Cartoon Network vs Capcom

Cartoon Network Capcom
Agent Six Strider Hiryu
Van Kleiss Hayato Kanzaki
Eddy Zero
Mojo Jojo Alastor
Juniper Lee Arthur
Finn Ibuki
Zak Saturday Kaijin no Sōki
I.M. Weasel Mike Haggar
The Red Guy Baby Bonnie Hood
Marceline Poison
Rigby Cammy
Nergal Vergil
Demongo Sparda
Silver Spooner Kat
X9 Arkham
Princess Morbucks Jester
Scaramouch Mundus

Non-Playable Characters

Cartoon Network Capcom
Gwen Tennyson (Special Moves for Ben Tennyson) The Judge (Hyper Combo for Phoenix Wright)
Max Tennyson (Hyper Combo for Ben Tennyson) Maya Fey (Special Moves for Phoenix Wright)
Scotsman (Hyper Combo for Samurai Jack) Lady (Hyper Combo for Dante)
Dee Dee (Special Moves for Dexter) Sexy Silvia (Hyper Combo for Viewtiful Joe)
Numbuh 2 (Hyper Combo for Numbuh 1) Felyne (Special Move for Hsien-Ko)
Numbuh 4 (Special Move for Numbuh 1) Steel Samurai (Special Move for Hsien-Ko)
Numbuh 5 (Special Move for Numbuh 1) Captain Blue (Hyper Moves for Viewtiful Joe)
Edd (Hyper Combo for Eddy) Jasmine (Special Moves for Viewtiful Joe)
Ed (Special Moves for Eddy) Claire Redfield (Special Moves for Chris Redfield)
Panini (Special Moves for Chowder) Rush (Special Moves for MegaMan)
Mac (Special Moves for Bloo) Roll (Heal For MegaMan)
Captain K'nuckles (Hyper Combo for Flapjack) Mack The Knife (Special Moves and Hyper Combo for Captain Commando)
Jake (Hyper Combo for Finn) Ginzu the Ninja (Special Moves and Hyper Combo for Captain Commando)
Darwin (Special Moves for Gumball) Baby Head (Special Moves and Hyper Combo for Captain Commando)
Fiskerton (Special Moves for Zak) Coco Bandicoot (Special Moves for Crash)

Final Boss

Original Game (Cartoon Network vs Capcom)
Nelo GrandAngelo


Cartoon Network Capcom
Will Harangue (Stage) (Ben's Ending) Kyosuke Kagami (Batsu's Ending)
Julie Yamamoto (Chun-Li's Ending) Hinata Wakaba (Batsu's Ending)
The Kids (Stage) (Eddy's ending) Isabela Keyes (Frank West's Ending)
The Kanker Sisters (Stage) Tron Bonne (Stage)
Dr.Rebecca Holiday (Rex's Ending) Axl (Zero's Ending)
Yumi Yoshimura (Seen on a poster) Sigma (Zero's Ending)
Ami Onuki (Seen on a poster) Vile (Dexter's Ending)
Jake SpiderMonkey (Stage) M. Bison (Aku's Ending)
Sheep (Spencer's Ending) Makoto (Juniper Lee's Ending)
Dock Hag (Flapjack's Ending) Gina (Stage)
Count Spankulot (Morrigan' Ending) X (Zero's Ending)


The game's song will be "Bite My Tongue" by You Me at Six feating Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon

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