Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion 2 is the 2nd installment in the PTE series. This will be playable on Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the upcoming Wii U. This Game will be Rated T due to for it will be more violent than the previous game as well as dark in comparison. The game will also contain new graphics. Half Of The Characters in the last game(Ex. Powerpuff Girls) alongside other characters(Ex. Lazlo) will appear, but won't be playable


Our Story starts when Robin awakes to find the other titans are missing from Titans Tower. As he investigates, Robot minions he's never seen before attack and must fight solo. Eventually he finally makes his way alive and goes in search around Toon City. Elsewhere in the city, The Eds have just built a donkey ride corral (the donkey is really Ed in a cheap homemade donkey costume) When a mysterious black forces speeds by and in just 1 milli-second, the scam is soiled! They chase after it and after avoiding(as well as running into some of the) several obstacles the mysterious force escaped. Robin finds them and the 4 of them see that they are on the same page as to what's brewing in Toon City. The Eds then hitch a ride with Robin in the T-car, where they are challenged by Puffy Amiyumi and Bloo(who's hijacked the Foster's bus yet again) to a race. At some point, They accept the challenge and burn rubber all over the city. The finish line meets at Nigel Uno(a.k.a Numbuh 1)'s House where he calls down from the Kids Next Door Sector V Treehouse. Ami, Yumi, and the guys rush up to see what the trouble is. Numbuh 1 explains that his operatives(except Numbuh 4 who called in sick but secretly he's watching a wrestling match on TV at his house) are missing and if that weren't enough, Kids Next Door moonbase is being attacked and Numbuh 362 as well as the others on the moonbase need help. Numbuh 1 needs new temporary teamates until the other KND Sector V come around. The Eds accept and put on their best fighting faces(remembering a certain day they had at the junkyard ). Yumi's up for it. Numbuh 1 normally wouldn't trust teenagers or adults, but he allowed Robin to come along as they now need all the help they can get. Ami eventually accepts, but isn't exactly pumped. Finally, Bloo accepts as he his thoughts echo "What would the Bloo Superdude do?". They all depart from earth in a new kind of spaceship that Numbuh 2 had spent months building but never got to test it. However, there was no time to test as reaching the moonbase to rescue Numbuh 362 and the other kids next door on the moon was urgent. Meanwhile, Numbuh 4 was rooting for his favorite wrestler on tv, when a red and yellow creature was climbing up the antna attached to the power lines when he reached the top, he jumped causing the anetna to timber, and Numbuh 4's tv went into a gray fuzzy picture. "Oh, Crud! Now how will I know who comes out champ?!" Exclaimed Numbuh 4. He knew the match would still be on for another hour, so he had to get to another Television. He leaves the house and goes to find somewhere in Toon City where he can watch his wrestling match. He hears screaming and runs to find Mac getting a wedgie by his bully of an older brother, Terrence. Numbuh 4 faces Terrence in battle and he afterwards rescues Mac and Mac invites him to come with him to Foster's. Numbuh 4 accepts so he can go and watch the wrestling match. When they arrived, Wilt, Ed, And Coco were watching TV, when Mac And Numbuh 4 arrived. Mac asked "Anybody seen Bloo?" Then Numbuh 4 attempting to shove his way onto the couch, so he could watch what he wanted, Everyone argued(except Wilt trying to reason and set a good example), Then, A news bulletin flashed, a few seconds later, Frankie enters explaining the Foster's bus was gone. The News anchor reports that citizens of Toon City were disappearing and That mysterious Black, Red, and Yellow figures have been spotted. "Do You think They took Bloo?" Mac asked.Afterwards Wilt says "I'm sorry, but if they did, that is not ok." Following Coco saying "[Someone should go and investigate" Mac, Numbuh 4 and Frankie all team up and go to search all over Toon City. First they stop by Billy's house and ask if he's seen anything suspicious.

More Coming Soon

Playable Characters

  1. Gumball Watterson
  2. Darwin Watterson
  3. Rex Salazar
  4. Optimus Prime
  5. Bumblebee
  6. Jazz
  7. Sideswipe
  8. Steven universe
  9. Garnet
  10. Pearl
  11. Ameythyst
  12. Finn
  13. Jake
  14. Ben teneson
  15. Gwen tenson
  16. kevin leven
  17. Jack
  18. Aku
  19. Blossom
  20. Bubbles
  21. Buttercup
  22. Flapjack
  23. Captain knuckles
  24. Billy and Mandy

Assistant Characters

  • Wilt
  • Rolf
  • The New Guy
  • Sticky Beard
  • Red
  • Fred FredBurger
  • Cheese
  • Major Glory
  • Krunk
  • Valhalen
  • Larry the titan


  • Numbuh 1- Blue Outfit (From OPERATION: C.H.A.D)
  • Elmo- unknown
  • Charlie chilly and dulk- Bedtime outfit 
  • Billy And Mandy- Grim Reaper and Army Green
  • Beast boy- Doom Patrol Mask
  • Raven- White leotard and cloak
  • Numbuh 4- Shirtless
  • Johnny 2X4- Captain Melonhead
  • Ami And Yumi-Ninjas
  • Grim-Clown

More coming soon

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