When Dib uses prof.membrian's demention Portal machine he teams up with Geo,Plankton,Rat trap,Tobe High Roller and other villains to take over the real world as the villains go to the real world Invader Zim,Gir,Gaz,Sponge bob,Patrick,Fanboy,Chumchum,Dudly puppy,Kitty katswell,Invader Blue,S.i.r. unit Gray,Jumpy ghostface,Garu and Pucca Arrived to stop the villains but before they could fight the dementions portal machine Activities and send both the cartoons villains and heroes to the real world now The cartoons heroes must stop the villans from taking over the real world.

Main heroes

  • Invader Zim
  • Gir
  • Gaz
  • Sponge bob
  • Patrick
  • Fanboy and chumchum
  • Dudly puppy
  • Kitty katswell
  • Invader Blue
  • S.i.r. unit Gray
  • Jumpy ghostface
  • Garu
  • Pucca
  • Ron (In season 2)
  • Finn
  • Strong Bad
  • Oishi Kawaii
  • Crash
  • Mike Wazoski
  • Raving Rabbid
  • Rigby
  • Sulley
  • Babo
  • Mabel
  • Fat Albert
  • Wage
  • Zombie
  • Minion
  • Ami
  • Gumball
  • Brody Fox
  • Homer Simpson
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Epic Mickey
  • Popeye (DLC)
  • Blossom (DLC)
  • The Green Arrow (DLC)
  • Ice King (DLC)

Main villains

  • Dib
  • Geo
  • Rat trap
  • Tobe
  • High Roller

other Characters/Villians

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