Prologue: The flashback beginning (with Doc Hudson (how he passed away)

Doc Hudson: "Just remember, Rookie, concentrate and keep your eyes on the road."

Lightning McQueen: "You got it, Doc."

Bob Cutlass: "And now, let the super fast race begin."

Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks are racing against 1 another.

Lightning McQueen: "Eat my dust, Chick Hicks!"

Chick Hicks: "Not on my tricks, McQueen."

Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks race against 1 another while Mia and Tia cheer Lightning McQueen on.

Mia and Tia: "Lightning, Lightning, he's our man, if he can't do it, nobody can, go, Lightning!"

They continue racing around 'til Chick Hicks has a racing accident and breaks down causing Lightning McQueen to still be in the lead.

Bob Cutlass: "It looks like Chick Hicks had a racing accident, but wait, Lightning McQueen didn't have an accident this time, will he make it to the finish line?"

Lightning McQueen races over to the finish line.

Bob Cutlass: "And Lightning McQueen is the winner!"

Lightning McQueen: "Yes, alright, I knew I could make Doc proud of what I did!"

Later, right after the race, everybody's now at Radiator Springs Hospital right by Doc Hudson's hospital car bed.

Doc Hudson: "Fellow citizens of Radiator Springs, I got some very depressing and unfortunate news for all of you, very depressing and unfortunate indeed, I just wanna tell all of you that I'm not just gravely ill, I'm dying and all of my hard workers have built the Doc Hudson Memorial Museum in honor of my memories and a memorial statue of me has been put right next to Stanley's memorial statue, so, Rookie, I'm proud of you winning that super fast race."

Lightning McQueen: "And I'm proud of calling you our brave mentor and leader."

Doc Hudson: "'s.......right."

Doc Hudson passes away peacefully and everybody's stunned.

Sally: "Mr. Hudson?"

Mater: "Doc? Doc?"

Lightning McQueen: "Come on, everybody, he's gone off to a much better place right now."

Ramone: "We agree with you, Lightnin'."

Later, at the Church Garage of Radiator Springs, everybody's here for Doc Hudson's funeral service.

Mack: "Dear good friends of Radiator Springs, we're all here this evening to honor the memories of Doc Hudson, the most fabulous and retired race car driver, medical dr. and traffic court judge."

Fillmore: "His legendary memories will live on for a very long time."

Mack: "And right now, here's Lightning to say a few words about Doc's memories."

Lightning McQueen drives up to the podium where Doc Hudson's closed casket is waiting.

Lightning McQueen: "Oh boy, this is the most disturbing pain I've been through in my entire life, and I had a couple of accidents twice as long, but the truth is, Doc wasn't just our mentor and leader, he was our good friend, he was a clever medical dr. and traffic court judge,and I'm [Sighs Depressingly] gonna spend the rest of my entire life missing him."

Sally: "We're all gonna miss him, Stickers, we're all gonna miss him more than anything in the universe."

Mack: "Alright, everybody line up, let's take that casket over to the old car cemetery.

Everybody's now at the old car cemetery and Doc Hudson's closed casket is now buried underground.

Mack: "Goodbye and farewell, Doc, may you live up in the skies of car heaven."

Doc Hudson's memorial grave marker reads: Doc Hudson (1937-2011).

Disney productions presents

A Pixar animated film


Directed by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Brian Fee and Lee Unkrich

Produced by Denise Ream, Mark Nielsen and Kevin Reher

Screenplay by Ben Queen, Rashida Jones and Will McCormack

Music composed by Randy Newman and Michael Giacchino

Scene 1: The neighborhood streets of Radiator Springs

Lightning McQueen: "Well, you guys, it sure is a perfectly good morning here in Radiator Springs."

Mater: "It's been a very long time ever since Doc Hudson's passin', things aren't just the exact same around here."

Sally: "Now I wonder what kind of song the Motor Pals are gonna perform this time."

Cut to inside the Concert Garage where the Motor Pals band members are gonna perform a super good song in honor of Doc Hudson's memories.

Felix: "Okay, is everybody ready?"

Katrina: "Ready whenever you are, Felix, and remember, this is for Doc Hudson's memories, hit it, Lucas."

Lucas: [Playing On Piano Keys]

Jeffrey: Goodbye, Doc Hudson

may you ever stay in our hearts

you had the grace to hold yourself

when life was gettin’ hard

you lived here in the city

and you still had so much to gain

but now you’ve gone to Heaven

and the angels know your name


Colby: and it seems to me you lived your life

like a candle in the wind

never failin’ to make us smile

when the rain set in

and I'm happy to have known you

since I were just a kid

your candle burned out long before

your legend never did

[Music Continues On Piano Keys]

Jeffrey: loneliness was naught

every time you crossed paths with us

you wished to know about our lives

and in you we placed our trust

even though you’ve died

we keep on moving strong

that’s what you'd want us all to do

although mournin’ you is never wrong


Colby: and it seems to me you lived your life

like a candle in the wind

never failin’ to make us smile

when the rain set in

and I'm happy to have known you

since I were just a kid

your candle burned out long before

your legend never did

Jeffrey: goodbye, Doc Hudson

may you ever stay in our hearts

you had the grace to hold yourself

when life was gettin’ hard


Colby: Goodbye, Doc Hudson

from a country lost without your soul

who’ll miss the days you brightened here

more than you'll ever know


Jeffrey: and it seems to me you lived your life

like a candle in the wind

never failin’ to make us smile

when the rain set in

and I'm happy to have known you

since I was just a kid

your candle burned out long before

your legend ever did

By the time the song dedicated to Doc Hudson's memories is over, Sally is almost a complete silent sobbing mess and Lightning McQueen is trying so hard to hold back his own depression.

Lightning McQueen: "I'm pretty sure Doc would've loved that, Sally, and I know he'll always be with you, me and everybody in Radiator Springs in heavenly spirit."

Sally manages to compose herself.

Sally: "So do I, Stickers, he wouldn't have traded this entire universe for anything, that's just the kind of car he was, but still, life goes on."

Flo: "That's exactly right, so let's pay our very own tribute for Doc Hudson by keepin' Radiator Springs runnin' smoothly."

Suddenly, they see Ramone's Paint Shop being robbed by Burglar Cars.

Ramone: "Hey, come back here with my merchandise, you crazy burglar cars!"

Sheriff: "Which way did they go, Ramone?"

Ramone: "They went that way!"

Sheriff: "I'm on it."

Sheriff goes right after the Burglar Cars and catches them red handed.

Sheriff: "Burglar Cars, you're comin' with me to the Radiator Springs Court Room."

Burglar Car Number 1: "Uh oh, busted."

Burglar Car Number 2: "Here we go again."

Scene 2: Radiator Springs Court Room

Sheriff: "And now, the Radiator Springs traffic court will once again come to order."

Fillmore: "There they are, those are the Burglar Cars, man."

Sarge: "I've seen them with my own 2 eyes."

Red: "And they're mostly terrifying."

Lightning McQueen: "When did you learn how to speak anyway, Red?"

Red: "Oh, just by studying proper English literature by the way."

Sheriff: "And now, here to take over from the late Doc Hudson, may the new honorable Judge Lightning McQueen rise before your very eyes."

Lightning has ascensioned and takes his place at the podium. He's now the new Judge of Radiator Springs Judge.

Lightning McQueen: "I'am your Judge of Raidator Springs. Alright, I wanna know who's responsible for robbin' my town, I wanna have them put in the jail gates, (he notices the Burglar Cars.) take them to the jail gates, Sheriff, I want them outta my new court room and I want them outta Radiator Springs for good, case dismissed."

Sheriff arrests the Burglar Cars and takes them on their way to the jail gates.

Mater: "So, Judge buddy, now that the Burglar Cars are in the jail gates, how 'bout we go catch a super good movie at the Radiator Springs Drive In Theater."

Lightning McQueen: "That sounds like a good idea, Mater, it looks like my work is finished, and I'm long live the Radiator Springs Judge."

Sally: "What a good idea, stickers, let's go, we don't wanna miss the good parking spaces."

They all drive out on their way to the Radiator Springs Drive In Theater.

Radiator Springs Drive In Theater

Toy Car Story 2

Buzz Car: "Come on, did Woody give up when I was strapped to a rocket?"

All 3 other toy car friends: "No."

Buzz Car: "No, and did he give up when you threw him outta the back of that moving van?" '

Mr. Potato Head Car: "Oh, you had to bring that up."'

Buzz Car: "No, he didn't, we have a friend in need, and we will not rest until he's safe in our garage, now, let's move out!"

Mater: "Oh boy, those toy cars sure can take real good jokes."

A Dune Bug's Life: The Adventures of Fearless Pals

P.T. Flea Car: "This is the most exciting event of my entire life."

Slim Car: "There's the audience, Francis, oh, I adore the audience."

Heimlich Car: "Oh boy, I can hartly beliefe ve haf anozzer set uff an audience."

Mater: "Now that's quite a performance."    

Monster Trucks University

Abominable Snowplow: "Alright, newbies, quit goofing around, I'll have you know tampering with the mail is a crime punishable by banishment!"

Mike Truck: "I've been waiting for this my whole life, I'm gonna be a scarer."

Sully Truck: "You don't need to study scaring, you just do it."

Finding Nemo Sub

Moon-Sub: "Look, pal. We're talking to the lady, not you."

Mack: "That Moon-Sub is super hilarious."

The Incredimobiles

Underminer Car: "Behold the Underminer, I am always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me, I hereby declare war against peace and happiness, soon all cars, trucks, buses and planes will tremble before me."

Mack: "That underminer car looks powerful."


Carl Fredricksen Car: "I believe I made my position to your boss very clear."

Construction Vehicle Tom: "You poured power fuel in his motor tank." 

Carl Fredricksen Car: "Yeah, that was good."

 Mater: "That old car is quite a comic genius."

Cars inside Out

Anger Car: "Congratulations, San Francisco, you've ruined Pizza, 1st the Hawaiians and now you."

Mr. Fritz Car: "All right. Here you go. Your new, expanded console is up and runnin'.

Mack: "That blue car sure gives orders around here."

The Good Dino-Mobile

Arlo Car: "I'm not really good at jobs."

Earl Car: "We KILL THEM!"

Mack: "Those dino-mobiles are prehistorically physical."


Merida Car: "Careful what you wish for, my mother would say."

Gordon Car: "Aye, they're comin'!"

Mater: "Those medievel cars look mighty fancy."o

Caratouille (Ratatouille)

Mustafa Car: "Someone has asked what ees new."

Mack: "Wow, that waiter car is super thrilling."

Lightning McQueen: "Alright, everybody, let's all get some sleep, goodnight, everybody."

Lightning McQueen, Sally, Mater and other Radiator Springs residents: "Goodnight, Judge McQueen."

All of the Radiator Springs residents drive off to their separate garages to get their beauty sleep.

The very next morning.......

Lightning McQueen: "Alright, everybody, brand new day ahead of us, the very 1st race is in Paris, France."

Mater: "Oh yeah, I remember, we met Tomber and Celine Dephare there."

Lightning McQueen: "But this time, it helps me get good practice for the next Hudson Hornet Memorial piston cup race."

Fillmore: "What are we waiting for, man? let's go."

All of the Radiator Springs residents are now getting on the flight on their way to Paris, France.

Scene 2: Paris, France (Cars version)

French Announcer: "Bienvenue, compagnon racing fans, to zis formidable race track."

Lightning McQueen: "This is it, my chance to finally beat Jackson in this race."

Jackson Storm: "Not if I can help it."

Tomber: "Voitures douces, commencer votre moteurs."

The 1st practice race begins and Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm are off racing against 1 another.

French Announcer: "And zey are off, Lightning and Jackson are now wheel to wheel."