Trailer Announcer: "Lightning McQueen, Mater and the gang are back again to go on a brave and heroic mission to stop Jack Albertson's evil plans."

Sarge: "Alright, fellow soldiers, let's move on out!"

Fillmore: "Okay, man, you said it."

Trailer Announcer: "Now get ready for the most ultimate journey quest just as our good friend, Lightning McQueen is prepared to defeat Jack Albertson in a super big race."

Lightning McQueen: "Eat my dust, Albertson!"

Jack Albertson: "Not on my watch, McQueen!"

Trailer Announcer: "With more super fast action,"

Mater: "Go on out there, McQueen, make Doc's heaven spirit mighty proud."

Lightning McQueen: "You got it, Mater."

Trailer Announcer: "more comedy,"

Ramone: "You wanna know why the duck crossed the road? 'cause the chicken took a vacation!"

Trailer Announcer: "and more super fast racing."

Bob Cutlass: (over the loudspeaker) "It looks like Chick Hicks is off the race tracks and Lightning McQueen is still in the lead."

Trailer Announcer: "Disney and Pixar's LIGHTNING: A Cars 3 STORY, rated G for General Audiences, coming to movie theaters on May 4, 2018."