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After compilation of Avengers Captain America will continue his adventures in the sequel movie where his past would return to confornt him.


April 4, 2014 real world


  • Chris Evans - Steve Rogers / Captain America
  • Cobie Smulders - Maria Hill
  • Anthony Mackie- Sam Wilson / The Falcon
  • Samuel.L.Jackson - Nick Fury
  • Sebastian Stan - Bucky (Flashback) Winter Soldier (Present)
  • Neal McDonough - Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan
  • Derek Luke - Gabe Jones
  • Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow
  • Chris Fox Clint Barton


  • Baron Zemo (mentioned)
  • Toby Jones - Arnim Zola (Andriod and Human)
  • Adolf Hitler mentioned (flashback)
  • Frank Jessup - Jason Lowe
  • Paul Hopkins - Luke Woods
  • Derek Hill - Sean Nolan
  • Peter Jessup - Neil Lawless
  • Eddie Norton - Adam Lawlor
  • Jack Tinner - Ryan Khalaf
  • John Franklin - Eamon Lazaro


Barack Obama


Captain America starts off where Steve Rogers , Hawkeye and Black Panther infiltrate HYDRA and stop a evil plan Movie returns to present where Arnim Zola escapes from SHIELD prision and Nick Fury summons Steve Rogers for a new mission. Steve meets Sam Wilson who would assist him in his mission but Steve dosen't want him because he reminds him of Bucky and how he lost him. Captain America and Falcon infiltrate HYDRA base where they come face to face with Winter Soldier. Steve also learns Winter Soldier is Lead for the PP2 gang and is acting as an agent between an evil deal with Northern Irish Terroists . Captain America almost makes his way through fighting Northern Irish Terroists , but Winter Soldier was defeated by Captain America and Black Widow defeats Jason Lowe and Winter Soldier fell off the hellicarrier and the PP2 are defeated by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Everyone in America cheer for Captain America .

In The Post-Credits Scene, Clayton Rooney revives Winter Soldier and tells him to brings him to work for him after He lost the PP2 . .

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