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By Golly Comics: Edit

By Golly Comics is created by Jason Tierney of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Edit

In summer 2000, Jason created "By Golly Comics" . Edit

Jason meet talent Artist name Mike Valiquette who at time as work at Edit

Dynomight Cartoons in Ottawa. November 2001, Jason Tierney and Mike Valiquette signed a partnership to improved By Golly Comics and other By Edit

Golly ideas like future By Golly, The Animated Series. Edit

Unfortunately, thing came up and Mike had put By Golly Comics on hold until he straight out some issues he was dealing with. While Mike was away, Jason was in charge of By Golly Comics and produce few good comic strip which lot people like. Edit

One of my favorite By Golly Comic Strip, in this comic strip. Edit

Jason was visiting his family Dr. McBawk for his regular yearly check-up. Edit

== At end of this comic strip, Dr.McBawk ask Jason how is pay for his visit and Jason funny and very cute answer was send bill to Prime Minster Wesley Turkey.

Comic Strip -8

2015, Jason and his talent team which made of Jason Tierney, Tim McCarthy, Rhonda Wilson and Story Mouse. Edit

To Contact Jason Tierney, please contact Jason Tierney's Talent Agent at address below: Edit

Tim McCarthy Edit

== Suite 431, 532 Montreal Road.
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1N 4R4 ==

For Talent Agent: Edit

Mr.McCarthy will answer all mail request on behalf of Mr. Tierney. Edit

By Golly, The Animated Series: Edit

My Production staff are in discussion about how Season 1 of By Golly, The Animated Series may look like so stay tune everyone. Edit

Who is Jason Tierney? Edit

Jason Tierney was born on Sept. 22, 1979 in Ottawa, Canada. Edit

Jason is brain behind By Golly Series and By Golly Comics. Edit

He owns a 5 year male cat name Mario. Edit

Mr. Tierney is huge support of World Vision. Edit

[[1]] Edit

Santa Helpher and hiss asst.

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