This is a new Busch Gardens park that will be built somewhere in Massachussetts in 2017. All animals to be added in this park are from North America and northern Asia.

Attractions, Rides, and Shows:

  • Bear Country (includes large exhibits for American black bears and grizzly bears)
  • Wolf Woods (includes an exhibit for Northern gray wolves and Mexican gray wolves)
  • Curiosity Caverns (with exhibits for Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, Mexican beaded lizards, prairie rattlesnakes, Mexican red-knee tarantulas, giant horned lizards, American bullfrogs, pig frogs, greater sirens, vampire bats, Virginia oppossums, and cacomistles)
  • Eagle Canyon (includes exhibits for rehabilitated bald eagles and golden eagles)
  • Wild West (includes exhibits for prairie dogs, jackrabbits, roadrunners, coyotes, collared peccaries, and jaguars)
  • Rocky Mountains (includes exhibits for bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and cougars)
  • Yukon Woods (includes exhibits for barn owls, great horned owls, red-tailed hawks, wolverines, red foxes, striped skunks, American porcupines, American beavers, river otters, and white-tailed deer)
  • Gator Swamp (includes an exhibit for American alligators)
  • Crane Creek (includes exhibits for sandhill cranes and whooping cranes)
  • Wild America (a huge free-roam exhibit for American bison, pronghorns, Roosevelt elks, Texas longhorns, wild hogs, wild turkeys, woodland caribous, and moose)
  • Asian Highlands (includes exhibits for snow leopards, Siberian tigers, Amur leopards, Pallas' cats, Himalayan black bears, Japanese macaques, yaks, markhors, Chinese gorals, Japanese serows, and Sichuan takins)
  • Asian Steppe (includes a huge exhibit for Bactrian camels, onagers, and goitred gazelles)
  • Arctic Plains (includes exhibits for musk oxen, snowy owls, and Arctic foxes)
  • Native Bird Swamp Aviary (for mallards, wood ducks, Canada geese, mute swans, great blue herons, black-crowned night herons, white pelicans, and common moorhens)
  • Thunderbird (dive roller coaster similar to Sheikra in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Griffon in Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  • Yeti (roller coaster similar to Alpengeist in Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  • Bigfoot Tower (drop tower ride similar to the Mach Tower in Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Dr. Doom's Fearfall in Universal's Islands of Adventure)


  • IllumiNights
  • Halloween SpookTacular
  • Christmas Town

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