Bullet is a live action television series based on the EC comic', Boldbullet. The series depictes a teenager from Krpchitur as the main protagonist on his adventures around Earth. Chris Brown as Treyvon King aka Tourn Thorson. Stars as the main protagonis, the series premiere it's pilot in March 1, 2012 on Toon'in an on Nickeloden. The series is being developed by Alfred Gough and Bruce Timm,an Miles Millar. Fifty-two episodes have been ordered.


The series follows the adventures of 17 year old Treyvon King who is a Chiturans who will be the savoir of Earth to become Blackbullet the thunder superstrong superhero. An one day take over his familys alien copy Diamond Consolidated but for now he is the co-CEO. Also the show takes place after his ylot sink into the river an every one thinks there dead but they are not but Treyvon returns but his father does not until episode 19.

Series Overview:

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 TBA March 3,2014 TBA


  • Chris Brown as Treyvon Diamond - the main protagonist.
  • Matthew Kinght as Ganke - Treyvon's new friend and fellow teammate Driftshock.

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