Ginger, is a 23-year old girl who has to attend her best friend, Petunia's wedding.


November 27, 2013


  • Ginger Hale (Amanda Bynes) - in the end, apologizes to both Orson and Harold!
  • Petunia Price (Brooklyn Decker) - Ginger's best friend, in the end, drops the engagement with Trent!
  • Helga Blair (Vandssa Hudgens) - in the end, goes out with Leo!
  • Gina Torch (Emma Stone) - in the end, ends up going out with Jason!
  • Trish Boulger (Anne Hathaway) - in the end, Ends up going to Broadway!
  • Kath Rayne (Raven Symone) - in the end, goes to a night Club!
  • Orson Gale (Robert Pattinson) - Ginger's love interest, in the end, tells Ginger that her already has a Fiance!
  • Trent Blake (Andy Roddick) - Petunia's fiancé, in the end, loses Petunia, when revealed that he wanted Petunia's family fortune!
  • Leo Trey (Max Thieriot) - in the end, goes out with Helga in the end1
  • Jason Jock (Andrew Garfield) - The Football Player and Snyder's old rival!, in the end, goes for the finals!
  • Pierce Ray (James Franco) - in the end, leaves for South Dakota!
  • Big Daddy Joe (Ne Yo) - in the end, meets up with Jason Jock on his game!
  • Harold Snyder (Channing Tatum) - Ginger's ex-boyfriend, in the end reunites with Ginger!


it begins on a Saturday afternoon when Trent (Andy Roddick) proposes to Petunia (Brooklyn Decker)!

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