A new villain, Boris the Animal, is attacking the Palace of Evil! Only Fox Box/Optimus Prime, Channe/lHe-Man, and ToasterMan/Brave Little Toaster can stop him!

Darth Vader: "Intruder?!"

Darla Dimple "I recognize him! Boris the Animal from Men In Black 3!"

Megatron: "What?"

Overlord: "Surrender or pay the consequences, Boris!"

Grimlord: "Put your arms up!"

Boris the Animal attacks the villains.

Boris the Animal: "Gaaaahhhhh!!!"

Megatron: "The Palace of Evil is under attack! Scramble!"

Meanwhile, in FoxBase...

Optimus Prime: "We got a distress call from Evilland! Let's move and morph!"

All Heroes: "Right!!"

Meanwhile, in the Palace of Evil...

Vexor: "Black magic, do your stuff!"

King Haggard: "Attack!!!!"

Baron Dark: "Halt, beast!" (Boris the Animal chews Baorn Dark's guns)

Meowrice: "What's going on?"

Megatron: "The Palace of Evil is under attack! Summon Samhain!"

Meowrice: "Right! As I lay down to sleep, I pray my soul is mine to keep. And never step outside this bed, wish you all evil. Now back from the dead. Beware...!"

Samhain: "What is it, Meowrice?"

Meowrice: "An intruder is attacking the Palace of Evil."

Samhain: "What? You mean the traitorous Boris the Animal?"

Meowrice: "Yes, master of H-ween."

Samhain: "I'll use my Halloweeny Powers to conquer him!"

Meowrice: "But it's October 25th, we've 6 days to Halloween!"

Samhain: "Yes, Meowrice. Come, and we should get rid of this intruding traitor!"

Meowrice: "Right!"

Meanwhile, in the throne room...

Samhain: "Oh no!"

Megatron: "He bit my circuits!"

Queen Beryl: "He destroyed my scepter!"

Nightmare Moon: "Look at my mane! Ruined!"

All Villains: "All because of that traitor!"

Fox Box: "That is when you're right!"

Megatron: "Optimus Prime, aka Fox Box!"

Fox Box: "That's right, and knowing him is half the battle. He is a traitor to your nation!"

Discord: "I know!"

Blackwolf: "I too!"

Channel: "Do you have the power, Skeletor?"

Skeletor: "I know you! You're He-Man's true form, Channel!"

ToasterMan: "And may you remember me?"

Pizzazz: "Oh! The Brave Little Toaster! I recognize you as your true form ToasterMan!"

Fox Box: "Are you with me or are you not?"

All Villains and Heroes: "Aye!"

Fox Box: "Let's do it!"

Boris the Animal: "Ahhhhhhhh, what a peaceful-"

(Stand Up To The Victory)

Fox Box: "Attack him and arrest him!"

After a long battle, both sides captured Boris the Animal and put him to an Evilland jail forever, never to return.

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