In 2014, Boomerang from Cartoon Network will rebrand with a brand new logo. The logo will get rid of the old Boomerang logo and replace it with the one used all over the world.. This will be the first ever logo change since the channel launched in April 1, 2000. There will also be an HD feed, But in the process, it will be just like all the other Turner networks that are in HD. 

The logo that's used in the UK, Austrailia, and all around the world. (Except Latin America.)

Reason for this rebrand: They were getting sick and tired of the 2000 branding.


  • It's all coming back to you! (2000-, only used on promos for certain shows.)
  • 100% cartoons. 100% awesome.
  • For Cartoon Lovers, By Cartoon Lovers.

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