Despite a game with same name's failure, Bomberman Jetterz needs an english dub. It should be produced by Nelvana and Viacome.

Cast Suggestions

  • White Bomber-Dwayne Hill
  • Shout-Stacey Depass
  • Gangu-Scott McCord
  • Bongo-Jamie Watson
  • Birdy-Billy West
  • Mighty-Richard Yearwood
  • Dr. Ein-John Stocker
  • Virtual Bomber-Laurence Bynes
  • Louie/Mermaid Bomber-Denise Oliver
  • Pretty Bomber/Bombaasan/Momo-Rachel Wilson
  • Bagura/Silver Bomber/Bomber the Kid/Dark -Force Bomber-Jeff Bennett
  • Daibon-Robert Tinkler
  • Bomber Ninja-Mike Pollock
  • Mujoe/Mama/The Hige-Hige Bandits-Patrick McKenna
  • Bear Bomber/Flame Bomber/The Hige-Hige Bandits-David Berni
  • Dolphine Bomber-Martha MacIsaac
  • Bat Bomber/Grand Bomber-Johnathan Wilson
  • Thunder Bomber-Sean Cullen

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