Bomber B-Daman V also needs an english dub. It should be prouduce by Geneon (or Manga) and Viacom (the Nick company).

Cast Suggestions

  • Shirobon (White Bomber)-John Roberts
  • Aobon (Blue Bomber)-Jon Gaser
  • Kurobon (Black Bomber)-Dan Mintz
  • Akabon (Red Bomber)-Laura Bailey
  • Kiirobon (Yellow Bomber)-Larry Murphy
  • Midoribon (Green Bomber)-Travis Willingham
  • Graybon Hakase (Professor Gray Bomber)-Adam Reed
  • Mimitan-Dave Willis
  • Akumantle-Howard Kremer
  • Docdandy-Kate Higgins
  • Slinger-Paul F. Tomkins
  • Gestra-Patton Oswalt
  • King Vader-Charlies Adler


  • Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey are engage and both are the new voices of Knuckles the Echidna (Travis) and Blaze the Cat (Laura) in the new Sonic the Hedgehog games.
  • John Roberts and Dan Mintz voice the female characters of Linda (John) and Tina (Mintz) in Bob's Burgers

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