Today, most bombs are detonated by a nuclear chain reaction or other explosive means. This can cause destruction of the landscape and not just military targets. Besides, innocent people can get radiation poisoning, and die. Fires created by the explosion could also set millions of acres of woodland on fire.

One alternative to this problem is to use what I call an air bomb. It uses just that, air, to create the most destructive force of a conventional bomb: a shock wave.

What is a shock wave?

A shock wave is anything that is above ~190 dB. At this level, "sound" is not sound anymore, instead, it is a mass of air travelling several hundred miles per hour. A shock wave can rip and dismember the human body apart, and make buildings collapse.

Design of the air bomb

File:Air-bomb demo.ogg

In an air bomb, a huge pocket with air inside is the main creator of the shock wave. The bag, or pocket would be made of high-durability plastic. The air inside of it would press enourmous pressure against the walls, almost to the point of bursting. A weight to pop the bag would be hooked on by bungee cords attached to the four corners of the bag. The weight would be sharp and pointy to pop the bag. The whole thing should be no bigger than an average sized room.

Upon detonation, the pointed weight would pierce the bag in such a way that the pressurized air inside forces itself out with tremendous energy, which creates a shock wave. The weight itself will be blown away, but it can be used as a dangerous shrapnel to impale enemy soldiers. The weight could split into many pointed objects designed to seek and destroy any remaining targets.


Air bombs can be literally created out of the blue. An airplane could carry a bag on the underside, and have a nozzle where air would be forced into the bag, inflating it. A sensor would tell the inflation when to stop. The weight comes pre-attached to this bag.

These air bombs are extremely safe, and will not cause the CO2 level to go up or cause fires or radiation poisoning. They are in effect all-natrual.


Once a plane fully inflates an air bomb, another plane could shoot the bag, piercing it. This would create a mid-air explosion, destroying the plane and the pilot. The air bomb would not be hard to shoot because of its size.

Carrying an air bomb the size of a room may be very clumsy for the plane and may even cause its aerodynamic properties to change. The plane could spiral out of control.

The bomb may not be as effective as a normal atomic bomb. The bomb will require a lot of forced air and even then, will need a huge space.

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