Bo Tanaka a fictional character for the parody of the James Bond series created by Ian Fleming.


When a gas attendant Bo Tanaka who was gassing up cars when his manager Scratchy who tells Bo to get back to work but encountered by Betty Boop when Bo talks to her but Scratchy strangles him & throw him into the Boop's car & Scratchy checks the engine but Bo starts the engine's key & chops Scratchy's arm when Bo sets off the bomb & escapes with Boop when the bomb will go off & drives away. In Mahora Japan the two girls Asuna & Konoka where working in the swimming pool for their career. In MI6 Hong Kong Bo was given by M to search something that was relatedto terrorism in Mahora when Treevil gives Bo the Walther P99 & the Tomeda backpack with gadgets & a WA2000 sniper rifle & he's off to Mahora. Anime crossovers James Bond Movies

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